2021 Ferrari SF90 - Jay Leno's Garage
1999 Corvette - Jay Leno's Garage
Seven Costanza
Seven Costanza 22 саат мурун
I wish I could go back in the day (1960's) to California L.A. area. Sounds magical. I was born in the 1970's.
Joe Aldeguer
Joe Aldeguer 22 саат мурун
Everything but the sound
Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton 22 саат мурун
Sounds like it has a misfire?
Lew Scagnetti
Lew Scagnetti 22 саат мурун
I want to come back in my next life as Jay Leno !! Lol
hARmOny GRitZ
hARmOny GRitZ 22 саат мурун
It brings out the George Jetson in me!
hARmOny GRitZ
hARmOny GRitZ 22 саат мурун
All they needed to add was full afterburner mode, and a parachute pack!
Slick One
Slick One 22 саат мурун
The stance on this is perfect.
JPethers 22 саат мурун
Love this episode Jay! Thanks to you and the team for sharing! Can't believe how quiet that steam engine was.
Eloso Gonzalez
Eloso Gonzalez 22 саат мурун
Could you imagine a " La Beastioni" type vehicle with an engine from a WWII Bomber?! So cool what a little Marijuana can do with some talent! Build on Gary!
Tim Mitzlaff
Tim Mitzlaff 22 саат мурун
I had a 78 back in 1980. Next to my 85 Corvette it was the best handling car I ever had. It was an auto. It had an Olds 406? Mine was Myan red, chicken delete, black velour seats. No T-Tops. Personally I liked the 77/78 nose better than the 79.
GlowUrbanX 22 саат мурун
I love your channel J and your so knowledgeable and a beautiful narrator!!
Mandylon Official
Mandylon Official 22 саат мурун
Beautiful, great car!!
Johnny James
Johnny James 22 саат мурун
I am stuck with a floor jack and wood blocks, the curse of being poor! Jay's good fortune allows him to have the finest equipment and craftsmen.
LifeLongStrong 22 саат мурун
I prefer the manual for reliability and that you (anyone) can drive hard without abusing the vehicle.
jim quigley
jim quigley 22 саат мурун
Thanks Jay , that was great. Love the way you show us around and talked about the history of each piece of equipment. Makes me want to get out and work on that old mustang. sitting on blocks inside from 83 to now. yes it is a 65
Clarence Jones
Clarence Jones 22 саат мурун
no oil was changed in the making of this video 🤨🙄
Jeff Hooper
Jeff Hooper 22 саат мурун
Thank you Jay i have a 1970 MANIC G T it is also a french car built on a RENAULT R 10 platform, the Manic was made in Quebec CANADA and is 1 of 160 made , there is only less then 30 left i am trying to restore it for CANADA DAY BUT WHO KNOWS WHEN?
grateberk 22 саат мурун
Import duty. They were built in Italy
Clarence Jones
Clarence Jones 22 саат мурун
😆🤣🤣😅too funny
Christopher Hale
Christopher Hale 23 саат мурун
Love the old technology...real craftsman back then...but i wonder how u get discouraged about a project when u have a huge shop ...and 400 million in the bank....hahaha
ORLANDO Gomez 23 саат мурун
Yes the colors on the 442 emblem are correct.
RJ Scott
RJ Scott 23 саат мурун
I'm guessing it used to be a Corvette. That said, it's a beautiful piece of design.
RJ Scott
RJ Scott 23 саат мурун
I was wrong. Fabricated tube chassis. Impressive.
Marc 23 саат мурун
Lotus have sprinkled their magic dust on that Toyota V6.
BulletNoseBetty 23 саат мурун
I had an image in my mind of Jay taking it through the drive through.
milo blue
milo blue Күн мурун
Its a shame it only got 30mpg. I would have liked them to have hit a more competitive number for clear sales potential. I wonder if they had estimated higher in advance.
mrcaps1971 Күн мурун
"It's Mopar or no car". Sadly in this case it was no car. I can't help but imagine the difference of modern motor vehicles of today had this car been put into production. 😔. Thank you for preserving such a priceless piece of history. 🙏
Rumnhammer Күн мурун
Note to self. Always contact Jay Leno before trashing old car parts....
Jasmine Morales
Jasmine Morales Күн мурун
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Joe Momma
Joe Momma Күн мурун
Leno is a rich doofus
fft2020 Күн мурун
I think not even Cristiano Ronaldo has a "bugatti room" in his garage
harold Күн мурун
Another amazing video. The steam engines are awesome. Thanks Jay.
noche te ipsum
noche te ipsum Күн мурун
Thanks Jay!
Jasmine Morales
Jasmine Morales Күн мурун
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MrMeoow91 Күн мурун
This thing is super cool.
Eric Kollmansberger
Eric Kollmansberger Күн мурун
Thats beautiful
computer_1_guy Күн мурун
Alternate title; "An act of congress made it possible for Jay Leno to buy this car"
Greg Mark
Greg Mark Күн мурун
It's just a magnetic transmission, Jay. It's not generating any electricity.
Saabspeedmaniac2k6 Күн мурун
Thank you for the Saab love!
Seaker24 Күн мурун
I loved the story of him restoring the LaSalle for his dad. That’s what life is all about!
King David
King David Күн мурун
I need some help and enlightenment understanding: What's the difference between the 911 turbo S 2021 and the 911 GT3 2022 ? Which one is better ? And in what aspect or how is it better than the other ? Thank you.🙏🏽
Paul Edelstein Studio & Gallery
Paul Edelstein Studio & Gallery Күн мурун
Got from Orly to Paris very fast. The back of the raised upwards --!’ Freaked out at 21 in 1977!
Roberto DeBeers
Roberto DeBeers Күн мурун
Thanks for keeping the steam engines alive and working!!!
Bryan Edwards
Bryan Edwards Күн мурун
Love the steam engines!!!!
too tall
too tall Күн мурун
Was in my early 20's we took a low level race car to a shop. There were three birds in the shop, two superbirds and one Daytona.
St C
St C Күн мурун
Being a turban car, they should have made it a rag top.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Күн мурун
Not one republican voted for the American rescue plan which provided 1400.00 dollars to most Americans while many of them took credit for it! Now some republicans are saying the January 6th storming of the Capitol did not happen! Meanwhile Jay states the fact that this Ferrari costs an insane amount of money, but its an improvement so that's nice. Fart sound.
Rodney Duda
Rodney Duda Күн мурун
Thanks Jay. Not the tonight show, but love these restorations. My son and I restored model T’s as drivers and antique farm engines. He is an electrical engineer today. I credit those early projects with his success today. Your videos are very inspirational.
Tamás Dohy
Tamás Dohy Күн мурун
I dont understand if Mr Leno has such a big name in the autoindustry why does he not make someone build a car like this? I would tottaly buy one. Its a discrace what the auto industry is now
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Күн мурун
Our frat house owned one, needed engine work, beyond my skill set way back then. Could make it hum now 48 years later.
Shane Black Lord
Shane Black Lord Күн мурун
Hello Jay, do you have a child that can run your collection after you have passed away? Please may provisions for your collection to continue after you have passed. Machines such as this form a history that would be a huge detriment to lose. They are gorgeous to behold. As for the other transmission as you say you can put it back to what it was. Putting new transmission in was a great idea. It shift and drives and the Maserati is now useful. The Black Shadow was a stroke of luck to to find. Very early bike indeed!
Fabio Bellini
Fabio Bellini Күн мурун
Matej matej
Matej matej Күн мурун
Jay Leno looks better with years just like classic cars 👍🤪😜🇸🇮 love his white hair wish i have hair like him. Stay safe and stay healthy and awesome 😎
Mots Күн мурун
Thanks Mr Leno for your life. You've been a great example in every aspect of your life. I love the fact that you said you always worked two jobs, one paid the bills and the other you saved the money and put it away. Your car collecting is unmatched and knowledge base is immense. You treat people with respect and have built a great team of restoration experts who bring back to life and preserve what so many of us love and covet. God Bless you and your team Mr Leno, hope we get many more years out of you and these shows.
Dave Borchard
Dave Borchard Күн мурун
Is there a powered car mover made that could be used in a situation where there is a two car overhead door that is too narrow to easily fit two cars? My objective is to drive into the garage, then move the car perpendicular to the overhead door. Then the second car fits in easily. This is a common problem in Florida, where the dual overhead garage doors are really too narrow to fit two larger cars. It’s not possible to increase the width of the overhead door, because the overhead door was narrower to make the house stronger for the possible hurricane winds. The house would have to be re-engineered, which would be cost prohibitive. As a result, many people only park one vehicle in the two car garage, and the other vehicle must park on the driveway. Do products exist that could be installed in the garage floor, so the car can be moved perpendicular to the overhead door electrically?
Matej matej
Matej matej Күн мурун
It's fast but still not as fast as amazing rimac C2 from Croatia 😜🤪👍 greetings to our brothers and neighbors from sLOVEnia 👍🇸🇮
Jacob Lundström
Jacob Lundström Күн мурун
Amazing Jay Leno and Porsche! Sharing these with all us fans!
Jacob Lundström
Jacob Lundström Күн мурун
I am an carinspector in Sweden, every year I inspect a couple of Porsches and I really enjoy it! The age of a Porsche doesn’t mather I think, they are enjoyable! Some days ago I drove a GT3 from maybe 2005 and it was in very good condition. We have a 400 m drive around the building so it’s short but a privilege to get a small taste of these cars. There is a lot of Porsche’s in Sweden.
Moskiito Күн мурун
If that engine would come out today i would sa "TAKE MY MONEY!!"
Mark Orchard
Mark Orchard Күн мурун
I WANT that car!!!!
I C Күн мурун
Wish I could come and visit. Jays place looks amazing. What a guy.
bongo bob
bongo bob Күн мурун
I was getting worried he would not mention his F1 but right near the end Jay does it. Thanks Jay you almost had me there.
Peter Forner
Peter Forner Күн мурун
I'm driving my Dads ( now past) 1985 Diesel, 200k kms ( 130k miles) . Love it Dad...
ap Күн мурун
I have one on order! I will be sure to enjoy the heck out of mine as much as possible...
Martin Strang
Martin Strang Күн мурун
To people in India, Enfields are like a beloved relative, they are part of their culture and they aré extremely proud of them and for good reasons. I had a classic 500, loved that thing so damn much, still remember how it made me smile every time I was riding or looking at it. People always stared and started conversations about it. Had to sell it cause I moved to a different country. Its hard to explain until you ride one, they have a soul of their own. My next bike will be an interceptor.
Plaztic Күн мурун
The way my mom’s car has a faster 0-60 lmaoshsha
MR10 Күн мурун
incredible content
Hansel Anderson
Hansel Anderson Күн мурун
I vividly remember seeing one of these cars. I'm from Arlington, VA and was standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Wilson Blvd & N. Jachson Street when this red car pulled up to the red light. I immediately noticed that it was almost silent. Then the light changed and the car pulled away with the coolest whooosh. I was truely amazed. That was the one and only time I ever saw one of those beauties.
Eric jones
Eric jones Күн мурун
All of these supercars all look the same to me. Now throw in the new corvette.
Keith Leeuwen
Keith Leeuwen Күн мурун
Cool !
Kit Carson
Kit Carson Күн мурун
Crossovers are not station-wagons…
John Stevens
John Stevens Күн мурун
That car is so beautiful.
Nick Weiss
Nick Weiss Күн мурун
I could get down with that car, but it seems I have no man.
jvolstad Күн мурун
Cute girl with spiked shoes. The car is nice as well.
Matthew McMasters
Matthew McMasters Күн мурун
kgglobal.info/phone/o2iChK-qtKPVfo4/video.html I think this bird is one of the best from the factory. Not that I don't love this one, but just looking at the numbers the 92 firehawk is the best.
waqqashanafi Күн мурун
The right turn blinker was on.
Kushal Sapare
Kushal Sapare Күн мурун
Wooow soo many memories of your relieved Jay❤️❤️❤️🔥
TREV HODGE Күн мурун
Same same, can’t really say the gt3 has changed in around 12 years. Porsche need to up their game as they are running out of ideas now. 1 second ago
Cody Clark
Cody Clark Күн мурун
I laughed way too hard at Jay screaming at the fighter jet lmao
On Location Kat the Kal Kat show
On Location Kat the Kal Kat show Күн мурун
That old car is sweet. The term Hudson Hornet would not be known to kids xcept through the Doc in Cars, which was a Hudson Hornet. Ha.
Brian Truck ✌️
Brian Truck ✌️ Күн мурун
[email protected] how much did it go for