1999 Corvette - Jay Leno's Garage
sdfswords 21 саат мурун
Lucas, Prince of Darkness!
oldrlh 21 саат мурун
Beautiful little car. Cheers from Australia.
Gallery Tech
Gallery Tech 21 саат мурун
I'd buy that car body and rebuild it
TheHylianBatman 21 саат мурун
I've always liked British sports cars. They're the only decent-looking cars from the 70's.
682 70
682 70 21 саат мурун
Thanks Jay!
Mickey D
Mickey D 21 саат мурун
Alright Alright Alright 👌
Sam Sen
Sam Sen 21 саат мурун
When made, it had to be the 4 doors version, Lambo of France, or an alien road-ship from any other planet!
Quincee 33
Quincee 33 21 саат мурун
Nice! I liked these and also the Triumph TR6.
{LebahсукА} 21 саат мурун
But can you call in an airstrike tho?
Dennis P. Ginther
Dennis P. Ginther 21 саат мурун
Thanks, Stéphane for your service. Jay your awesome!
Bryan R.
Bryan R. 22 саат мурун
A friend of mine had a Jensen Healey in the mid 70's that died on him when the rear tail light burned out. The Lucas electrical system was designed by Merlin the magician.
John Burns
John Burns 20 саат мурун
I think you are making it up.
Jessica T
Jessica T 22 саат мурун
Harley Earl and Billy Mitchell were General Motors.
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 22 саат мурун
12:20 Didn't the LaFerrari weigh 2700 pounds ? 🧐
Steve Turpin
Steve Turpin 22 саат мурун
What a beast! The next Tesla will look and sound like that!........
Steve Lovegrove
Steve Lovegrove 22 саат мурун
Automotive quality in the 70s not nearly as bad as the Chinese junk parts sold by most these days
Ian James
Ian James 22 саат мурун
Sadly the B isn't an A!
sri.i.i 22 саат мурун
aaaaand I'm here after petrolicious made a video on Rünge cars and on this man's beautiful workk
jontg429 22 саат мурун
Always wanted an MGB, being 6 ft 5in I wonder if I would even fit in one
carlisle 22 саат мурун
Cool car. I like the CX too.
Sierra John
Sierra John 22 саат мурун
Good one! Do more MG videos--maybe an MGA.
John Burns
John Burns 20 саат мурун
No. Jay should not Amy more vids on British cars.
Tuomas Viertola
Tuomas Viertola 22 саат мурун
Looks like any other hairdryer.
Taregh Ahesterow
Taregh Ahesterow 22 саат мурун
I wish one time I drive this car😭
Tall Dude
Tall Dude 23 саат мурун
I had a cousin that bought a new one in like 72. Sorry to say, it was junk within three years, and sold it for around 200 dollars. So many problems with it. They were built so poorly. But it was still a kool car for three years.
Ric Caley
Ric Caley 23 саат мурун
And, for the cost of this MGB, Electric power is the only way to go for a classic MGB - kgglobal.info/phone/h2h_pZuktJe9oJg/video.html I would do this with one of mine, except I have decided to do a Triumph TR4A as an electric classic sports car - As ICE will likely be banned in our lifetimes, spending large on an ICE powered classic doesn't make sense - I will be building my electric TR4A for the next generation of classic car collectors when ICE becomes illegal to drive, and all such powered autos will become static displays or get E converted.
ice427 *
ice427 * 23 саат мурун
Jay I have a 1980 MGB with air condition and the air was working I would like to sell it hasn't ran in a few years but when I set it up it was running Need to restoring [email protected] glynn
Don Little
Don Little 23 саат мурун
At a dealership I worked at, we got our last brand new MGB. We put it in the showroom, and placed a large piece of cardboard under the engine/transmission so the leaks wouldn't ruin the floor. I remember we sold the last Mini in that town as well. I took it for a drive thinking $2300 wasn't too bad, and ended up disappointed. It was like the guy from Moss said - at that point in time they were trying to conform to pollution standards, and were having a hard time doing it. It was brown.
Ric Caley
Ric Caley 23 саат мурун
Worst sounding exhaust note since ... well, forever ! - Hasn't Moss motors listened to how bad this car sounds? My 2 MGB's, one with stock exhaust and one with Ansa exhaust and Plus Pack kit both sound far better than this one - when you gassed it across the bridge, it was really hideous sounding - bad, like dentist drill kind of bad... It took a lot of resolve (and a lifelong love of English automobiles) to bring myself to watch the whole video after the intro.
dougMs 23 саат мурун
Had a 3000 MKIII Healey. Stranded me on a San Diego street in 1971. Along came a 100/6 Healey. Gentleman got out, wearing a white lab coat, had the name of a local foreign auto repair shop on it.. Ask me the problem. said it just quit. He checked a few things, went back to his car and came back with a hammer and screwdriver. He pried up the rear seat, took the hammer and took a swing at something underneath. It was the Lucas fuelpump. Points would stick. Repair was made in short order.
Jake Cotter
Jake Cotter 23 саат мурун
"Here's Jim. Jim was 17 when we started this project and now he's 28. You can see the toll its taken on him." 😅😅
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence 23 саат мурун
Liked small cars from a kid, the bolts were smaller and would not require cheater bar to break loose, Ha!
Allagí 23 саат мурун
I have to give respect to Jay Leno for riding a Kawasaki H2 in his mid 60s
Captain Bart
Captain Bart 23 саат мурун
...a Quinn Martin production........was the tag line to countless '70's TV shows....
Captain Bart
Captain Bart 23 саат мурун
must gross breakage
Mikey Boy
Mikey Boy Күн мурун
I have a 73 TR6. So much fun to drive provided you're willing to do the upgrades such as new wiring harnesses for reliability. Love all the British Roadsters.
Bob Olive
Bob Olive Күн мурун
Anybody know the history of Moss Motors? I had a friend in Boston who bought the parts inventory from an MG dealer who was going out of business and he called his company Moss Motors. Any connection?
Davis Lane
Davis Lane Күн мурун
This is my third time watching this video
William Stone
William Stone Күн мурун
My 75 B was my daily driver for 25 years. My license plate frame reads "I'D NEVER BUY A CAR / FROM AN AXIS POWER"
Just Mingled
Just Mingled Күн мурун
"In England doesn't get that hot!" Says Jay, *while I sit here 4am baking my arse off and fan on me- every night- for 3! weeks straight!*
Just Mingled
Just Mingled Күн мурун
I hate the American spec indicators- their disgusting!
jeff bauer
jeff bauer Күн мурун
We had a Sunbeam Alpine... 67? . And a 69 MBG Gt in the early 70s. I was just 10 years old , so never drove either. But in 82 I bought a Triumph gt 6.....till the transmission went .
Marc René Yvon
Marc René Yvon Күн мурун
The epitome sporst car of my youth. In BRG of course. Then, my older cousin's BRG TR4. Followed by his awesome TR6, with it's unique Brit straight six sound and in that special mid-green. OMG ! Then it was all for Japenese car. I bought my very first wheels, a Datsun 2 door 510 ! THE car to have then after John Morton's BRE wins ! Sweet memories.
Duke Viking
Duke Viking Күн мурун
The GET SMART vehicle?
jeff bauer
jeff bauer Күн мурун
No. He had a Sunbeam Alpine Tiger (V6). We had the 4 cylinder Sunbeam.
mcroadracer1 Күн мурун
Thanks Jay. That looked fun. 👍
Clesarie Күн мурун
Man 14" wheels these days are just awful. Theres just no quality performance tires offered. Its probably why you instantly on NA miatas look for a 15" wheel or grab NB wheels.
Jeff Refuerzo
Jeff Refuerzo Күн мурун
My neighbor taught me to drive in a 1971 MGB. Later my brother bought it from him and I would drive it. It was a great car to drive.
ADPTraining Күн мурун
Another great video from Jay Leno’s Garage. I once had a Triumph TR 7. One day I was rear ended and it bent in half at the chassis. The next day I joined the Navy. Stuff like that from memory makes this channel JLG so much fun to watch.
NickShl Күн мурун
MPG of this car remain unknown after watching video...
The Constant Xplorer
The Constant Xplorer Күн мурун
The Constant Xplorer
The Constant Xplorer Күн мурун
Geoff Bousquet
Geoff Bousquet Күн мурун
My buddy has one of these. I've driven it twice. It showed me that a car doesn't have to be fast to be fun. My daily is a cammed and lowered Camaro. These MGBs are great cars.
Tom Schmidt
Tom Schmidt Күн мурун
I bought a 1970 MGB roadster with the fiberglass removable hardtop when I got out of the military. Had a lot of fun with it.
break shit n cuss
break shit n cuss Күн мурун
So. Much. Denim.
ForbinColossus Күн мурун
@12:19 Does he have stock in Pertronix ?? *Points ignition is better in an old car* because it gives you a warning for MONTHS that it needs replacement. But *electronic fails instantly* with no warning.
Barrett Benton
Barrett Benton Күн мурун
"…not a show-car under the hood…" Could've fooled me.
watchman on the wall
watchman on the wall Күн мурун
I had two of them. Brings back lots of memories. A tuned up B with the top down on a country road allows one to feel the road and the entire experience.
Michael Haverty
Michael Haverty Күн мурун
Unfortunately it’s still a Chevy.
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones Күн мурун
When back and checked the original photos and it was a generator.
JOHN Gallati
JOHN Gallati Күн мурун
Please tell us your not "wome"???
Clyde Blair
Clyde Blair Күн мурун
A friend had an MGB-GT. I didn't start in the rain.
jeff bauer
jeff bauer Күн мурун
Matto 5000
Matto 5000 Күн мурун
Wow I did not expect him to put Leno through that. Wow. Nice video.
Seek Truth
Seek Truth Күн мурун
The car is automotive artwork, the dashboard is a masterpiece! Everywhere on this car looks perfect, tasteful and expensive. Everything looks appropriate for an air cooled era car.
Tasteapiana Күн мурун
Drug money.
Red Arrows MK3
Red Arrows MK3 Күн мурун
I currently drive a '70 Triumph Spitfire, MG's competing sports car company, as my first car! I'm 19 and love reviving her to glory :))) Thanks Jay, for sharing! I use Moss and Rimmerbros ALL THE TIME.
Clifton Torrence
Clifton Torrence Күн мурун
A delightful couple of clowns re-living 'back in the day' with the foot on the gas. Just Great .
Bob Smithers
Bob Smithers Күн мурун
I have a '79 MGB 1.8L Engine and 4 speed transmission for sale. Engine is fully rebuilt .30 over. Ready to be installed and driven. Stromberg carb & alternator attached. Great video Jay!
Billy Pater
Billy Pater Күн мурун
Jay Leno you said a month full unberlable fucing SWEETER THEN SWEET U R THE MAN
Billy Pater
Billy Pater Күн мурун
Dont talk to me
Dont talk to me Күн мурун
I love serape paint jobs. Especially on racked out sportster harleys.
My Brain is nuttier than a squirrel turd
My Brain is nuttier than a squirrel turd Күн мурун
I absolutely love Jay’s channel. A true automotive thespian if you will.... I learned how to drive stick in my fathers 1979 Mazda RX-7. My first car was a 1977 Toyota Celica GT. Could you feature one of those cars?
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Күн мурун
Ever now and then....l see an MG still going....l really like this one for sure.....Thanks young man Jay....!
Foolish Mortal
Foolish Mortal Күн мурун
New life goal; designated Singer Breaker inner
Barry Ervin
Barry Ervin Күн мурун
Here in PA I very rarely see one of these cars anymore, or any of the old British sports cars for that matter. I guess the road salt in the winters has killed them all. Back in the day I had a 61 Bug-Eye Sprite, a 62 Mini Cooper, and a 64 Sunbeam Alpine. Also a 66 Volvo 1800S, years later. Now I'm driving a Kia Rio, it's faster than any of them, has great A/C, and never breaks down.
Hayden Hutchison
Hayden Hutchison Күн мурун
I bought my first classic car in September. It is a 1978 MGB and I have loved every second of it, even if she is a little rough!
Damian DeLapp
Damian DeLapp Күн мурун
I think the biggest problem MGB had was Toyota and Nissan in my family we had a love for the British cars but man it was all about commitment to fiddling around i had immaculate Jensen i picked up for next to nothing with a blown engine from a friend of my moms I completely rewired it and due to cost i ended up tossing a ford engine in it, got lots of trouble free miles out of it with staggering power.
zapfanzapfan Күн мурун
Nice burnout! Can you even get new tires for it?
Tasteapiana Күн мурун
Fun to look at, drive and ride in but owning one - nope, way too many things were so idiot designed that living with one was a nightmare. Looking back, I can't believe how many hours I and my brother spent working on one and finding problem after problem that were simply based in the fact that MG didn't give a sh t. I'm not sad that they are over because they weren't worth it, ever. You got your hopes up from how cute it was and then it's just a torture device from that moment forward. Cold starts, endless electrical issues, rust, I could go on for well over a 10,000 word essay about how absolutely flippant MG was in selling total trash 100% designed to just rip your heart out and waste several thousand hours slaving over one to keep it on the road. If you like the body of one you find cheap - gut it, remove EVERYTHING under the shell and build it back with anything but MG original parts. There's an electric conversion company in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, have them spec out a complete job for you and pay the price. Trust me, you DO NOT want to attempt fixing all the little things that MG dropped the ball on, you'll never be done and it will never be a satisfying thing to own. These guys who sell replacement parts are in it because they know you will be a lifelong customer. It's not just a few ''key'' things that need replaced - it's everything. You will go broke in that rabbit hole and your heart will get broken there. My advice is look elsewhere - Mazda, Fiat, even old Triumphs if you are a masochist but leave the MGs alone. It's like they went way out of their way to intentionally design sh t that would leave you grease covered, exhausted, and dumbfounded as you creep closer to the point of ''fixing'' it all with a sledgehammer. The people who designed cars for MG were evil mthrfkrs, period.
Cqwt Күн мурун
I got a good idea. Let's paint an anchor on the front, said noone ever
Dave Edson
Dave Edson Күн мурун
My band teacher had a TR3A. I always wanted one. Do a drive of your TR3, please!
KingStormy Күн мурун
Talking about the roof: I bought my ‘78 (in a similar shade of blue) in February and drove her home with the top down! 🤣
Harold Godwinson
Harold Godwinson Күн мурун
Almost a timeless design. Just beautiful. NB. would have been nice to get a HP figure for the SC version on display. Strange omission.