2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

3 ай мурун

Jay accepted this car as payment and he found that this high-performance variant was one of the best Firebirds ever made!
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2002 Pontiac Firebird WS6 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Conner Broeker
Conner Broeker 9 саат мурун
I've never heard any controversy over the Ram Air Hood. Everyone I've ever met has loved it
ParShuffle 11 саат мурун
means Wheel Spinning 6 speed
dick van niggz
dick van niggz 15 саат мурун
I’m not surprised a man with a collection like jay leno has still appreciates the ws6, hope I never have to part ways with mine!
pooswah dontbotherme
pooswah dontbotherme 19 саат мурун
My grampa bought hiss wife a sunset orange 02 firebird, and had 99 Camaro bwith the same engine and even the monsoon sound system.... Two years later we raced em inches away from each other in his back yard 😂, coolest Grandpa ever!!! We never bumped each other but we were closer than most of these drift competitions, he later took it to the street races at the dirt track the Camaro where he burnt up an alternator, he replaced second almost won 500 bucks LOL lost to a Dodge ram with four wheel drive sure he probably didn't have it in four wheel, but for V6 he did damn good 😂 and I burnt up an alternator in his Camaro in my dads backyard in first and second gear, f****** 23,000 in 02 now you can find them on marketplace for 150o -2 Grand, you got to put $200 parts on them 😂 I don't get any phone calls about my car's extended warranty LOL never have never will
Matthew McMasters
Matthew McMasters Күн мурун
kgglobal.info/phone/o2iChK-qtKPVfo4/video.html I think this bird is one of the best from the factory. Not that I don't love this one, but just looking at the numbers the 92 firehawk is the best.
Hank Scorpio
Hank Scorpio Күн мурун
Jay doesn't know what WS6 stands for?! Well let me tell ya.. WILDLY SEXY 6 SPEED! Now don't you forget it.. :.))
Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson Күн мурун
Just pay me with a new car....????? Man, that is for four laps and about 15 minutes of his time....seriously? 60k car for 15 minutes...
joseph graham
joseph graham Күн мурун
Best firebird ever jay is a True Car Guy
Gary Michael Flanagan
Gary Michael Flanagan 2 күн мурун
Haha I had a 93 Camaro, red z28 that got me more girls interested in my 20s than a newly formed boy band lol. I loved the car and it really stood out in those days for this young punk. Funny story also, my boss had a black WS6 and when I saw her car in the parking lot, I knew I had to quit goofing off. Good times!!
q zorn
q zorn 2 күн мурун
gee jay, if it was my car i would drive it... every day..... thanks a lot...:) oh, is there a round tail light kit for the new 20-21 corvettes, that has to be coming.
Stereo Death
Stereo Death 2 күн мурун
I have the base version 1998 in black. Very nice condition love the car its just gorgeous to look at.
Carlos 2 күн мурун
“It still looks brand new” Well, when it’s only driven a couple hundred miles a year...maybe, it’ll stay looking new. Beautiful car
iforc 2 күн мурун
This episode came off as sad already and then he talks about not having children. Poor guy. What a depressing episode. Sounds like he’s talking to the few people left behind because they didn’t die from the shot.
Thumper 3 күн мурун
69 firebird with 400 ram air iv was conservatively rated 345hp and 430 torque. It was way better then the 455 smog dog in the 70’s
Thumper 3 күн мурун
First generation firebird best ones
Trace Chmielewski
Trace Chmielewski 3 күн мурун
I have a 02 Firebird TA WS6 and I love it. Mine is Sunset Orange with Tan interior. My dad has the complement Camaro. His is an 02 Camaro SS and it’s the same color. We’ve loved F body cars, he’s had other Camaros and these 2 are some of the best. Truly a great send off to the Firebird and the Camaro.
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 3 күн мурун
Are these usually hard to find?
Trebor 757704
Trebor 757704 3 күн мурун
I absolutely love Jay. True car guy to the core. God bless.
Thomas Mazzola
Thomas Mazzola 3 күн мурун
Jay, the 1989 trans am had a turbo motor from the Buick grand national. It was the quickest
Lockemeister 4 күн мурун
It's a crying shame that GM killed off Pontiac and also Oldsmobile. GM killed off Pontiac by having them make crap like their minivans, Sunbird's and Aztec's. This Trans AM is obviously a great car. GM had and still has incredibly poor management. Oh yeah, they can't even make things like ignition switches that don't shut off in mid drive. Good luck to them (joke) when they come out with their autonomous electric vehicles.
Scott Burt
Scott Burt 4 күн мурун
Optima in my Tacoma died after a year. Never again.
Endless Infinity
Endless Infinity 5 күн мурун
This was my dream car in high school. I had the chance to finally drive one a few years ago and it was amazing! It's too bad they've shot up in value so much recently. I'd love to have been able to own one.
Shop Class
Shop Class 5 күн мурун
Does jay own optima batteries?
Bill Bull
Bill Bull 6 күн мурун
General motors hated J Z delorean and anyone who worked closed to him, after John's death GM began to focus on Pontiac, reason why the firebird is dead
10 10
10 10 7 күн мурун
Please don’t do any chin ups you’ll bend sway bar
Chad Helms
Chad Helms 9 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing, Jay. A couple years ago I had a 97 Formula convertible and sold it. I missed it and bought a 97 Z28 convertible last year - both were automatics. I just traded the Z28 on a 2001 Vette with the 6speed and it's a lot of fun. I'm nostalgic for the F-bodys but I really like the Vette.
Ben 9 күн мурун
I've worked on so many of these Firebirds and camaros..... Jay's description is spot on. They're not amazing in any way, but they're really good in just about all ways. A few small mods on these customers cars and they're solid in the 12's. Basically gears, exhaust (because you just have to 😉) torque arm, tires. Pretty hard to beat when you can get in the 12's and still get over 20mpg.
Arthur Wagoner
Arthur Wagoner 10 күн мурун
Do the 2003-2004 cobra terminator.
Alan Greenwood
Alan Greenwood 10 күн мурун
My favorite car...
Eric Lipetzky
Eric Lipetzky 10 күн мурун
The J Z Edition !
Caleb Orvik
Caleb Orvik 11 күн мурун
Correct, Bunkie knudson was before Delorean
michael boggs
michael boggs 11 күн мурун
its easy to keep a car clean when it probably never sees the changes in weather outside, nice car
Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer 11 күн мурун
I'm a Ford guy but.... The Trans AM is where my heart is.
Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer 11 күн мурун
That's one happy Bird! Very Clean and looks brand new! 👌
Dark Lord
Dark Lord 12 күн мурун
I like how Jay keeps saying ita bit in the best condition underneath and im like "ive seen cars from 2017/2018 that look like they where made in 1990 because underneath the car things really are bad"
Gianny Carrera
Gianny Carrera 12 күн мурун
I had the same car in the same color Midnight Blue!....... Man, no car has given me the amount of smiles per gallon as this car! BEST MUSCLE CAR / DAILY DRIVER EVER! Jay, you're the man.
the Thomas J
the Thomas J 12 күн мурун
I love everything about this generation FireBird/Transam!
Rea X
Rea X 12 күн мурун
"Looks good for 18 years of ownership" hahahahah. The guy has 200 cars, he probably drove it for 22 seconds total in all of 18 years,,,;)
TheMM360 12 күн мурун
You don't have a son? I'll be your son. And if you think I just want you to adopt me for the car collection, you're absolutely right.
Oscar Palacios-Flores
Oscar Palacios-Flores 13 күн мурун
I was 11 when this car was brand new. Back then I was a Chevy guy but I knew this was superior than any Camaro on the road just from the sound and looks.
Bosingr 13 күн мурун
I always loved those cars. Still do. Including the nose.
B M 13 күн мурун
Optima batteries use to last 10 years, now they last about 3 1/2 to 4.
Ricardo Landgrave
Ricardo Landgrave 13 күн мурун
Let's not forget Layne Staley had one in black.
Jeremy p
Jeremy p 13 күн мурун
Jay lenos garage i need a car will you sell me that car i like it
The Long Khan
The Long Khan 13 күн мурун
Where's your Mechum trans am, bro?
Brian Kirkland
Brian Kirkland 13 күн мурун
Great video and fantastic looking car - thanks! I still have my red WS6 and I recall the meaning is: W= Wheels ( chrome rims ) S= suspension 6= 6 speed manual It always annoyed me when dealers put a WS6 emblem on an automatic.
infidel900rr 13 күн мурун
Cool car, thanks for sharing. As a pre-driver in the early 90's I used to build model trans-ams and read everything I could find on them. Never did get one, but after watching this, who knows, might be worth looking into.
Freedom Gunsmithing
Freedom Gunsmithing 15 күн мурун
My absolute favorite. And yes I love the hood.
Albert Menendez
Albert Menendez 15 күн мурун
Great Car, Such a Beautiful Bird
FinKelDrinKer 15 күн мурун
Isn't firehawk even more packed than the WS6? Or maybe it doesn't count or how is it?
Dan Horton
Dan Horton 15 күн мурун
WS-6 is just an order code, details what needs to be put in the car, in this case, performance parts.
Dan Horton
Dan Horton 13 күн мурун
@burnzillablue Yes, it is absolutely correct. In the same vein as a Z28, Z06, ZL1, etc. All order codes for particular options. All manufacturers do it. I know this because I used to order the vehicles for a local Ford and Chevy store. If you don't believe me, try to order a new car from any dealership, and ask about the order codes.
burnzillablue 14 күн мурун
SeanPerrin 16 күн мурун
Jay those things in the back of the sunshades for the T roof, I’m surprised you don’t know that, it’s clear you don’t really drive this car LOL
tomato paste#
tomato paste# 16 күн мурун
Jay Leno is a type of guy that doesn't need to modify a car lol
mitchtavio 17 күн мурун
Hahaha Jay I can relate. I have a 98 Trans Am and Mustangs, BMWs and every teenager in a Honda with a fart can will try and race you.
BoZaK 17 күн мурун
The only thing I'd say he should mod on it it to make it a true dual exhaust.
AlexL 18 күн мурун
The front looks like a c5 corvette and a cobra had a baby
steve brule
steve brule 18 күн мурун
I miss my 02 Collectors Edition.
Matthew Meakin
Matthew Meakin 18 күн мурун
It’s a sweet car. Stock is best ! Ws6
todd redwine
todd redwine 18 күн мурун
Very cool jay, you should find a low mile y87 rpo'd car same color and snatch it up while their still out there. Be cool to have a matched pair.
Isaac Cervantes
Isaac Cervantes 18 күн мурун
Love those Gm Trans Ams and Camaros
J Strick
J Strick 18 күн мурун
That must be an old Optima the new one’s are junk!!! Go Northstar AGM
Oakie 18 күн мурун
I had the 2000 Camaro SS version, factory Borla, hurst shifter, etc. of this, and not only could the TA hook up better, the functionally ram air and the comfortable seats, these were the best. My friend had a regular TA, non WS6 and beat me off the line every time. Beautiful car! I live in NY and my Camaro was a busy car when I was in law enforcement and sat down at ground zero on several occasions during recovery efforts. My Camaro had a sentimental history.
Travis Finney
Travis Finney 19 күн мурун
Pontiac baby. Miss that car company 😪😪
NANDO R/T 19 күн мурун
Born2xceler8 19 күн мурун
Well. Youll probably never see this, but my lady's dad has a 01' anniversary model fully loaded with every option (yes even with the chicken lol) it's yellow with the black wheels t-top 6spd WS6 325hp motor and all that he's been mentioning to me about selling. The special thing with this car is it only has alittle under 700miles on the clock and is 105% stock. Its spent it's entire life in a temperature controlled garage with dryer sheets everywhere under the hood and in the car. I don't know if your people will ever see this, but maybe they can shoot me an email @ dickotine@aol.com. He's an anesthesiologist and never have time to drive any of his rides. He has a small collection of nice old school american rides to include a yellow H1 hummer fastback that was like 1 of 3 of that year with the turbo diesel back in 01' with a few other options as far as OEM goodies go. He's never said anything about selling that, but he's mentioned selling the trans am a few times in the last almost 9yrs. If I had it my way, I'd love to see it go to a collector like yourself or anyone else who would really take care of it. If I wasn't already paying for a zl1 and taking care of 5 vehicles myself I'd look at buying it just so I could preserve it's beauty and originality. But yes. dickotine@aol.com is my email so if you're interested you can shoot me an email and subject it as "35 anniversary firebird" so it doesn't get lost in spam and after verification I'd put you in touch with him. After watching your video, I thought maybe you could have the anniversary model as a collector and continue to pull your beautiful blue one out and drive it with no reserve knowing you have an prestine anniversary model in your collection. -JM
Karen Fyhr
Karen Fyhr 19 күн мурун
Thanks Jay, I love the car and appreciate you keeping it in pristine condition. My first car was a 70- 1/2 Firebird that I converted into a VSE Herb Adams stage 2 Fire Am Daytona 24 hour racer repowered by a 1970 Buick stage 1 455 (bored to a 468 ci). My 2nd Pontiac car was a 1974 Trans Am, 400 with the Muncie 4-speed, in Buccaneer red which I kept factory stock and was my daily driver for several years. I absolutely loved both of my Trans Am's because of the way they handled. Which for those of you that don't know, Herb Adams was the Pontiac engineer who designed the Trans Am handling package , so he's the one we should all thank. So Jay, look him up, you won't regret it.
john o'neill
john o'neill 20 күн мурун
Nose is Controversial? The nose is what made that car. I still get kids staring at my car every day
Michael Canadezo
Michael Canadezo 20 күн мурун
Weird question but how many miles does it have?
jordan Hayes
jordan Hayes 20 күн мурун
Jay, I had a 2002 WS6 that was black, I had to replace the rear end a few times before I went with a Ford 9" with 4.11 gears in it. I put QTP longtube headers on it, SLP O/R Y pipe, SLP loudmouth 2 cat back exhaust, all of this was dyno tuned by Mike Norris back when he was in Winter Garden, FL. It was such a special car to me, but I ended up trading it for a truck and I've missed it so much ever since. I've also had faster cars, 2004 SVT Cobra (The Terminator), Lancer Evo X, but I forgot all of those, I still remember my 2002 Trans Am WS6.
J McKay
J McKay 20 күн мурун
I have a Collector Edition TA with 4300m completely stock. Never driven in the rain and all the special CE documentation from the factory. I love this car and it handles. The main feel you get with WS-6 package is the suspension is more compliant than non-WS-6 models. This allows it to perform on curves better due to the softer compliant suspension. Going through the gears is a blast with that short throw Hurst Shifter, and red line comes up fast with that 3.42 rear axle. I have always owned a TA but this last generation was the finest GM ever produced. WS.6 was simply the RPO code for the Trans Am Handling and Appearance Package.
MaximumGAME 20 күн мурун
These interiors from that time period were so bad. The plastics were not good quality
Rockee Rockey
Rockee Rockey 20 күн мурун
Key, can I come work in your shop? Seriously!
FedUp Gamer
FedUp Gamer 21 күн мурун
I like the reaction you got from the Mustang driver. I have a 2002 WS6 and a 2006 GTO. I like how most people these days don't even know what a Trans Am is, but you get that reaction from the Mustang, Charger and Challenger drivers. Nice car Jay!
Bonifacio Rocha [Gragson ES]
Bonifacio Rocha [Gragson ES] 21 күн мурун
Trust me these cars are not 325 horse power they were underrated from the factory. I would say a little more than 350 hp add a cam and headers and your at 400 hp oh and those is what makes the car I love it.
Bonifacio Rocha [Gragson ES]
Bonifacio Rocha [Gragson ES] 21 күн мурун
I own one of these babys same color and mine is in super great shape.I love mine and they will bury me in it lol!
Danny Fought
Danny Fought 21 күн мурун
Wheels, suspension, 6 speed. WS6
Azerina M.
Azerina M. 21 күн мурун
My 97 is prettier. ❤️❤️
Pandemic 🤫
fatty mcfatterson
fatty mcfatterson 22 күн мурун
I love when the mustang flew by Jay. The kid in Jay first comes out initially with a smile and a snicker. Then the older man comes out with disappointment saying he will get nailed. LOL
Milo Jackson
Milo Jackson 22 күн мурун
My 02 ws6 is loaded including the factory Hurst shift kit, I'll never sell it 👍👍
Mister Jones
Mister Jones 22 күн мурун
Couldn't agree more on the comparison to the Smoky and the Bandit era TAs. I've got the 2000 WS6, and could have bought a nice 70's era model for the same money, but I like the style of these a lot more, and there's no way the older models are performing or handling like these. I always heard WS6 was wheels, suspension, 6 speed manual. It's got 17" wheels compared to 16 for the standard Trans Am, upgraded suspension, but you could obviously get an automatic. But why would you? Jay, do that car a favor and upgrade those rear gears. The only mods I had done was the SLP lid, SLP long tube headers, and Borla 3 inch exhaust which did make me love the car even more. But when I put the 4.10 gears in the rear it turned it into a completely different car. Upgrade the clutch while you're at it. The stock clutch is good, but wasn't enough to handle the stouter rear gears long term. Even with the 4.10s with the 6 speed I'm still at like 2000 RPM at 80. Thanks for showing, I love mine. BTW, although I know it's controversial, personally I think the huge nostrils on the ram air hood are awesome. Somebody looks in their rearview and sees that they know it's time to go or move out of the way.
Joshua Miller
Joshua Miller 23 күн мурун
It feels odd to see Leno featuring this car, but I remember this version from when I was in high school & I thought it was one of the coolest cars at the time. Good to see it has aged well.
Daniel Swancigerjr
Daniel Swancigerjr 23 күн мурун
It's a trans am though
Vince Galliano
Vince Galliano 23 күн мурун
have same car different dealership engine (ls2) replaced under warranty in great britain. all documents including port slips and pics. would love for jay to tell the story, of a military womens first major buy with military salary. shipped to great britain from gm factory, all boxes checked.
Eddie Rags
Eddie Rags 23 күн мурун
Wow nice sound!
James Jones
James Jones 23 күн мурун
No offense but it’s certainly a lot easier to keep a car your whole life when it lives in a climate controlled museum and it’s maintained by a crew of professionals. Not to mention duty cycling almost 200 other cars. Now I might sound jealous and must admit at some level that would be true. Envious would better define my feelings. It sure is great to be a celebrity who not only gets to drive the pace car but get paid to do it. I guess anyone with goals, a good work ethic and a bit of luck could do the same. Love the videos Jay.
Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson 24 күн мурун
Best line in the whole video.. " It helps to have 198 other cars" lolz hahahaha Great and memorable line jay!!!
ReCycle Spinning
ReCycle Spinning 24 күн мурун
What is a trans am like that going for now. ? "At Pontiac we build excitement ". Great review.
Bobby 24 күн мурун
I have a 1996 firebird convertible and they are fun cars
777RocketS 24 күн мурун
This car was a high school dream!
Steven Bergeron
Steven Bergeron 24 күн мурун
I can’t watch anymore of this! He knows nothing about the car. “Yellow and green” “I decided not to get the bird on the hood” SMH
superbeeblaze 24 күн мурун
man it would be the coolest thing ever to have Jay give a personal tour of his collection in person.
T Holmes
T Holmes 24 күн мурун
Next to the 70 to 73 Formula hood, the 98 to 02 ram air hood is one of the best ever fitted to a car.
DPX 24 күн мурун
Bro not even gonna lie I've been looking for a firebird that is similar to what he has and I can't find it anywhere if someone has any suggestions on what website or location I'm all ears haha
John Dorough
John Dorough 24 күн мурун
My favorite car I have ever owned was a 2001 Firebird. It wasnt the WS6 but it had a mild cam, headers and exhaust. I miss that car. Might be time to track down a 2002 WS6 though.
Rob Ormiston
Rob Ormiston 24 күн мурун
I detailed cars because I love them and got to drive one across town on a sunny day. Even whooped another car on the way lol. I was 18 then and only worked there because I got to drive every car I detailed. I was the top detailer and got all the nice cars and did 3 or 4 a day. I'm like you Jay a true car lover.
Rob Ormiston
Rob Ormiston 24 күн мурун
I didn't know they used the touque tunnel like in the Corvette with the standard rear end as opposed to the independent on the Corvette from the same years.
Abriel 24 күн мурун
It’s as old as me.
Benny T
Benny T 25 күн мурун
I'd rather have this than pay $50k+ for new Chev or ford
Benny T
Benny T 25 күн мурун
I like the car allot, even the nose. The honey comb rear is weird but i like it too. Great car.
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