Jay Leno Puts Storm-Chaser Reed Timmer's "Dominator" Stormproof Vehicle To The Test

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Jay Leno's Garage

5 ай мурун

Jay looks back at a classic episode celebrating tough American cars and people. In tonight's episode, Jay Leno puts Storm-chaser Reed Timmer's "Dominator" stormproof vehicle to the test. Catch the sneak peek, and don't miss "Jay Leno's Garage America's Toughest" Wednesdays at 10P ET on CNBC.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the new eight-episode hour-long primetime series, covers all things automotive including classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.
Jay Leno Puts Storm-Chaser Reed Timmer's "Dominator" Stormproof Vehicle To The Test
Jay Leno's Garage

FEDOR TV 5 күн мурун
Great car!👍
Heather Wadland
Heather Wadland 6 күн мурун
I did this with a bounce house blower
this guy
this guy 7 күн мурун
A "one of a kind" ripoff of the original TIV
one irishman
one irishman 12 күн мурун
I would replace the spikes that go in the road with auger bits that go at least 2 ft in the road
Chris Santora
Chris Santora Ай мурун
Reed is a wild man
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters Ай мурун
🔗 Thank You!
Koko Han
Koko Han Ай мурун
alien car, hahaha
Lost and Found
Lost and Found Ай мурун
Wow..Reed Timmers Dominator on Jay Leno's Garage. This deserves the recognition no doubt. Such an impressive vehicle and Team! I wish that i could ride along sometime. Ill sign anything that you want me to. 😆😆😆
Miles B
Miles B Ай мурун
Jay: how much does it weigh? Reed: *5.5 tons* Jay: mm ok
Márcio Souza da Silva
Márcio Souza da Silva 2 ай мурун
RaytheonGaming ☑
RaytheonGaming ☑ 2 ай мурун
*Woman-What the hell are you doing?* *Reed- I've got this under control* 😂😂
V1Gibby 2 ай мурун
Electric powertrain would be best for storm chasers. Doesn’t require air, heavy, low center of gravity, and fast.
Doug Huffman
Doug Huffman 2 ай мурун
In person because robots are too smart. Hollywierdo.
Ben Harris
Ben Harris 2 ай мурун
This is so American
SW Kohn
SW Kohn 2 ай мурун
Wow reed doesn't look like he just woke up and passed out after 30 situps in gym at the same time for once
Killian Kelly
Killian Kelly 3 ай мурун
What about dom1 and dom2
governmentjuice 3 ай мурун
i lost it when he accidentally shot his spikes into the runway lolol
Hat Man
Hat Man 3 ай мурун
Those shots of the exhaust when it's supposedly whirling up are actually when the engine's off. Source? I'm a jet engine mechanic. There is no air disturbance, and the turbine is clearly standing still. Pointing a camera down the exhaust would've been difficult with it actually running.
Thesecret Flamingo
Thesecret Flamingo 3 ай мурун
Love you Jay.. that was awesome!!!
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly 3 ай мурун
This reed guy is super annoying
HyundaiYang1987 4 ай мурун
You know the Dominator is a Rip-off of TIV2
BJ Jac1988
BJ Jac1988 4 ай мурун
i wonder what if a wrecking ball was headed for the dominator's direction during a storm
FullMentalAutism 4 ай мурун
Anyone else notice the same exact sounding “woah”?
Speed Of The Moment
Speed Of The Moment 4 ай мурун
Jay: “So how much would this weigh?!” Whether man: 11,000 pounds. Jay: ok. in the most not impressed way possible 😂
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 4 ай мурун
The storm chaser guys are bad dudes, they killed a lot of people crashing those things
Jackie Aponte
Jackie Aponte 4 ай мурун
Someone needs to make a storm chasing car with a supercar chassis
kyle bernard
kyle bernard 4 ай мурун
You could get 10 z06 for that and have 11 out of 10 break down
Vadim Kaygorodov
Vadim Kaygorodov 4 ай мурун
гавно какое то
Arnulfo B
Arnulfo B 4 ай мурун
Only Jays star power can make a fake tornado with a Czech war bird
Glenn Shivar
Glenn Shivar 4 ай мурун
Jay Leno is still the man!!!!!
Random Stuff In Oregon
Random Stuff In Oregon 4 ай мурун
That vehicle weighs as much as my motorhome but it's half the size!
brianok100 4 ай мурун
Good to see Reed Timmer is still chasing tornadoes. I forgot all about him since his tv show ended in 2011. Also nice to hear his vehicles are still called "Dominator" and bad storms that are experienced inside the Dominator are "intense". Lol.
Yon Fanga
Yon Fanga 4 ай мурун
God Bless us all
Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins 4 ай мурун
Jay sucks Conan rules
snowycat403 4 ай мурун
Everyone gangsta till you see the Dominator coming down your street during a thunderstorm
HURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose
HURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose 4 ай мурун
You'd think that jet blast would def take care of those ever present ChemTrailz in the wide shot?!...Ha!...;) "Just A Contrail"... At least the voices in my head tell me whats what it is....
TheAverage Blitzer
TheAverage Blitzer 4 ай мурун
Just buy a tank at that point it's heavier it's better armored and as long as you have rubber tracks completely road-legal
Craig Ryan
Craig Ryan 4 ай мурун
The saddest most disappointing video on KGglobal ... It's like a comedy sketch without the comedy
Надзиратель Вселенной
Надзиратель Вселенной 4 ай мурун
fake tornado )))
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 4 ай мурун
And with the power of handbrake and parking twice the distance away... Typical overproduced and overdramatized mainstream media BS
tommy 4 ай мурун
I wanted to see the Spike damage to the runway after the vehicle was moved.
Vishpala 4 ай мурун
Stupid thing would have been blown away too if it wasnt in park. The car was clearly in neutral and was there even an engine in it? This pointless test didn't prove anything.... Also I bet those spikes barely do anything.
tanforce_alt 4 ай мурун
DOMINATOR 3 love it!
Miguel Romano
Miguel Romano 4 ай мурун
jondrew55 4 ай мурун
"Extreme Meteorologist"? I thought that was Tex Antoine
michael 4 ай мурун
i would twin turbo that ish
lars bevers
lars bevers 4 ай мурун
Jay laughing 7:31 funny as hell
Driveway STAR
Driveway STAR 4 ай мурун
That "beater" was nicer than what I drive.
Ned Studios
Ned Studios 4 ай мурун
SI its an F350 underneath all that armor> Thought it would've been Bigger lol
payden branch
payden branch 4 ай мурун
Jay: Wow it’s good for dodging basketballs Other guy : where is the mask?!? **breaks neck** We NeEd To PuT On ThE OxyGen MaSks!!!! Jay: stfu
Matthew Lawson
Matthew Lawson 4 ай мурун
"I'm gonna find that tornado that killed my Pa."
KnightDriveTV 4 ай мурун
Miss watchin Reed and Sean in TIV go head to head. Was a fun show. Crazy a few folks from that show aren't with us anymore...dangerous game to play.
Deadguy2 4 ай мурун
Get it under a spaceX Rocket then I’ll be impressed, wish they still had storm chasers going, was a nice show
mack1541 4 ай мурун
It doesn't matter what he builds he'll always be second best to the TIV
Alfonso Hernandez Barraza
Alfonso Hernandez Barraza Ай мурун
You do know that d1 and d3 been in stronger tornadoes and d2 was inside of el reno right?
Rafael Flores
Rafael Flores 4 ай мурун
pizza mech man
pizza mech man 4 ай мурун
It looks like a metal guinea pig
Sean kozwãck
Sean kozwãck 4 ай мурун
This thing need turbo stutttuttututu
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans 4 ай мурун
Poor Turkey was used only for this test :(
Jefff 4 ай мурун
Ok guys, just make sure you're cleaning up after yourselves. I'm not doing a FOD walk to clean up your mess.
jordan Silva
jordan Silva 4 ай мурун
Fake hollywood bs all just a fake shaker on car side nonsense.
Rolando Crisostomo
Rolando Crisostomo 4 ай мурун
Why the guys on the lift didnt drop a few bowling balls?
Wooscoos 4 ай мурун
😱where is Jay's denim shirt?
Vethursan1 4 ай мурун
1:58 In case you didn't know what a laptop was
M Wing
M Wing 4 ай мурун
I have seen Reeds Monster running around Norman Ok. Pretty cool. :O)
Anger Tone
Anger Tone 4 ай мурун
wtf happened to jay
Ant hill mob 2758
Ant hill mob 2758 4 ай мурун
Hey guys I just bought a custom truck for $750,000 wanna heave watermelons at it? How about a turkey dinner lol
koenigscat 4 ай мурун
Missed opportunity to use a Panavia Tornado as the jet in front.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 4 ай мурун
Mum i want a killdozer We have a killdozer at home The killdozer at home
Jordan Blodgett Productions
Jordan Blodgett Productions 4 ай мурун
Cool to see that Bear Claw Casino ad on there. Stayed there recently, nice place!
Six Ply Maple
Six Ply Maple 4 ай мурун
Looks like an ISIS VBIED lol.
Wayne Coulter
Wayne Coulter 4 ай мурун
Corona Cure
Corona Cure 4 ай мурун
Jay leans against window... "So here's the window lift system" *cuts jay's hand off*
Peter Lau
Peter Lau 4 ай мурун
The car had no motor
Marley Lyshem
Marley Lyshem 4 ай мурун
Now chick a house
Khairil Mustafa
Khairil Mustafa 4 ай мурун
he's the one who created it, and he's the one who asked for the oxygen?
Todd Karrick
Todd Karrick 4 ай мурун
Love ya Jay BUT you should've given some credit to the guy who actually made the 1st T.I.V. Tornado Intercept Vehicle
Yeeeyeee Shewww
Yeeeyeee Shewww 4 ай мурун
That FOD walk is going to be fun
deez nuts gaming
deez nuts gaming 4 ай мурун
what i wanna know is how did they keep the plane in one place
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe 4 ай мурун
Sean Casey did it better with TIV 2.
Smokey Magpot
Smokey Magpot 4 ай мурун
cool setup....but its not gonna stop a chunk of steel the size of a tractor from dislodgeing it.
Test Account
Test Account 4 ай мурун
So when they put that test car behind the jet, did anyone think of putting the handbrake on or to put it in first?
William Fan
William Fan 4 ай мурун
I'm disappointed that he didn't use a Thinkpad or something weatherproof for that lol
Cedric Lee
Cedric Lee 4 ай мурун
Imagine trying to get that thing insured.
Jaime M
Jaime M 4 ай мурун
Funny how jay ask to take people's vehicles for a spin, yet he don't offer the same people to drive his vehicles.
threetwosev 4 ай мурун
this is way over produced
Fluffy fullbox
Fluffy fullbox 4 ай мурун
F.O.D. on the runway.
Stuck in Paradise
Stuck in Paradise 4 ай мурун
jEtPoWeR 4:03
Stuck in Paradise
Stuck in Paradise 4 ай мурун
Jay, Thank you for everything you do... you are an American treasure and one of the best in the world!
Luther Elness
Luther Elness 4 ай мурун
I got a chance to look under the dash, the wiring was a disaster! I've seen high school boys put stereos in better.
expired twinkie
expired twinkie 4 ай мурун
how many side mirrors does he go through in a month?
TikiShootah 4 ай мурун
TFW the poor unsuspecting old beater car, is newer than your current car...
TheRada797 4 ай мурун
Too bad that “beater” didn’t have an engine in it way to show a fake representation lol
Rick te Kronnie
Rick te Kronnie 4 ай мурун
0:14 can not get over how cool that radiator looks
Kolben Zylinder
Kolben Zylinder 4 ай мурун
some played to much GTA5 Online
tobbex larsson
tobbex larsson 4 ай мурун
it's all fun and games until Knoxville takes off his shoes
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 4 ай мурун
I saw an older looking version that looked like a steel reinforced VW beetle with a dome on the ceiling.
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography
Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography 4 ай мурун
Mythbusters did the same experiment with TIV 2 and Dominator 2 they put them behind a jet and launched things at them. The test always begins with a junked car to prove what will happen if you are in these types of winds. TIV 1 and 2 have been put through their paces so has Dominator 1 and 2 now it is Dominator 3s turn and it passed this vehicle is ready for storm season.
K FOR KHANNAGE 4 ай мурун
How did that cost 750k
Seth Pidgeon
Seth Pidgeon 4 ай мурун
You know its fake for the Ford because it can drive that fast
Santa Clause
Santa Clause 4 ай мурун
they dominator was like twice the distance from the arse of the plain. shows just how FAKE reality youtube is!
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