1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Car Mk2 - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay knows just how to shutdown road rage with his Ferret scout car!
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1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Car Mk2 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

daniel fox
daniel fox 4 күн мурун
Jay is covered in fine dirt at the end from following the camera vehicle with his windshield open. in viet nam all we had were 3/4 ton pickups in my unit(MACV). One of these would definitly solved a few problems(i.e.-small arms, ChiCom.,m79's etc.).Overandout.
T.W.A. Straight Outta Camp
T.W.A. Straight Outta Camp 5 күн мурун
I love the way this guy talks🤣🤣🤣love this channel
Christian Celis
Christian Celis 6 күн мурун
Jay leno think he in GTA online lol 😆
Terry Ainscough
Terry Ainscough 6 күн мурун
I used to drive one of these in Canada during live firing exercises. Also drove it’s big brother the Saracen in Northern Ireland. Fantastic vehicles.
Walter Davis
Walter Davis 7 күн мурун
Zombie apocalypse must have. Peg over at Zip ties and bias piles youtuber would love this.
Hell_Pike 8 күн мурун
You are a good guy Jay.
samain11 8 күн мурун
He is right about the speed as well, many people will tell you that they did 45mph, they did way more than that given a good runup and 60mph was not unusual.
samain11 8 күн мурун
Used to have to "pedal them up" by pumping the gear change pedal (GCP) several times to ensure the adjustment in the preselector was working, otherwise you could get a nasty kickback which drove your knee into either the steering wheel or your teeth. Needed lots and lots of grease for the propshafts and universal joints to a bevel box behind each compound epicyclic reduction hub. I love these old beasts, I was REME back in the day and did Stalwarts, Saracens, Chieftain, 430's, pretty much all the stuff still in service in the 70's and 80's.
Kieran Hartley
Kieran Hartley 8 күн мурун
Good man Jay 👍🇬🇧
Michael Horton
Michael Horton 9 күн мурун
“Road Hugging Weight”...descriptive enough.
GCND 11 күн мурун
I wonder how many of my Irish kin were killed by that vehicle
JustAnother IrishMan
JustAnother IrishMan 12 күн мурун
It's main duties were to shoot at civilians on Irish streets.
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer 13 күн мурун
Wow, that's a crazy thing to buy but thanks Jay always very interesting and informative, really love this show!
Joseph F-P
Joseph F-P 15 күн мурун
In california you can drive a tank on the road as long as it has rubber tires
john peck
john peck 15 күн мурун
Need this for driving in any blue city
SIMPLY Takuma 16 күн мурун
I love Jay how he makes jokes about the vehicle and still gets the theme very honest and serious at the end.
mashedpot8er 17 күн мурун
Nice sentiment in the final remarks Jay. Bravo.
mykel8 20 күн мурун
My Mrs. would say "tank and it doesn't look good in the driveway." -Poor guy issues
Peter Koning
Peter Koning 22 күн мурун
Love the little shows, and far as i know the H-drive system is first made bij Huub van Doorne, the same guy that made the DAF trucks:-)
kettleions 24 күн мурун
Ta! 😊
Richard Hall
Richard Hall 24 күн мурун
Drove one all over Germany in the 1970s
Didn’t I see that on an episode of The A Team? I always wanted one.
Bottle Aire
Bottle Aire 28 күн мурун
Seems a bit over the top for finding ferrets.
Eric Verhagen
Eric Verhagen 28 күн мурун
This thing has run-flat tires. So, why does it have a spare tire🧐😂?
Munkee Nevah Rong
Munkee Nevah Rong 29 күн мурун
I wanted to know how to get in and out of it. Just that hatch? Sheesh...
GodBlessAmerica &DonaldTrump
GodBlessAmerica &DonaldTrump 29 күн мурун
Jay you are my next write in POTUS
RockstarBruski Ай мурун
Very interesting. Please do more videos on military vehicles. I greatly appreciate your words for the military people who sacrificed their time and lives for our freedom! 👍👍
jamieklb Ай мурун
I used to drive my Royal Engineers armoured troop commander in one of those in Germany in the early 80s. Fantastic vehicle cross country with the fastest gear change. Fluid flywheel with a gear change pedal.
Paul Trigger
Paul Trigger Ай мурун
I'd want any rare vehicle in Jay's possession. He's a true custodian
Pete Fell
Pete Fell Ай мурун
I used to drive one in Germany in the 60’s don’t forget to pump up the bands in each gear the start of every day it’s something like 12. Good for the left leg. If you want something with a bigger armament look at the Saladin it’s a six-wheeled armoured car. Cheers
derrick felix
derrick felix Ай мурун
Jay, Brilliant you said they aren't made for fun, but we all would like to have seen you get in. I believe the fun! Cheers you fantastic Chap and American.
Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke Ай мурун
God bless American men and women... Oh and British ones too. That is all
Adam Adams
Adam Adams Ай мурун
Show that 4x4 system take that thing over some nasty stuff,a civic can go on the road you drove it on lol !
Robert Sprackland
Robert Sprackland Ай мурун
I drove Ferrets between 1978-81. The ferret was produced between 1952 - 71. In service between 1952 - 91 (UK) Very stressful to drive, Right, no, Left, Right, NO! LEFT. You have to drive one with the shields down and being directed by the commander to understand the left right comment. LOL
Mr Picky
Mr Picky Ай мурун
it's a bargain!
nathan sunnaa
nathan sunnaa Ай мурун
Anyone that is rich can have anything. It’s not amazing to me that he has all the rare car in his garage.
druidof thefang
druidof thefang Ай мурун
1959?? wow it looks so modern
Hardcore United
Hardcore United Ай мурун
Lot of British stuff lately, not complaining tho
Chris Sometimes
Chris Sometimes Ай мурун
I remember those gearboxes in the city buses we had in Belfast (NI) when I was kid. They fascinated me.
dylan scronce
dylan scronce Ай мурун
hey mr leno. you should pay me to drive all your vehicles at least once a month :) keep them from getting creaky old man joints
Framus Burns-Hagstrom III
Framus Burns-Hagstrom III Ай мурун
Ok...now I NEED one!!
trevor francis
trevor francis Ай мурун
a thick its about time he owned a champ
AmplarKarbine Ай мурун
Welcome to this episode of jay leno's garage, and THISSSS is a 1959 Ferret Armoured Scout Car
Derek Clement
Derek Clement Ай мурун
Be a good hunting rig ... lol
Justin Wold
Justin Wold Ай мурун
And yet he lectures people on global warming. Lol rules for thee and not for me I suppose. What a joke
VC YT Ай мурун
Suggestion Mr Leno - do a video on the Alvis Scorpion tank - as its the worlds fastest tank!
J Ked
J Ked Ай мурун
Great video. Thanks for showing respect to the people of the military. Not enough of that today.
Notonebuttwo Othman
Notonebuttwo Othman Ай мурун
When we were kids we used to buy bags full of Chinese made tiny plastic armored vehicles to play war games ,, This one was my favorite to play with ..
John Solnier
John Solnier Ай мурун
connann barbarin
connann barbarin Ай мурун
Me little Armalite disagree
pyrotechnick Ай мурун
Perfect for shopping
Louix X
Louix X Ай мурун
G.I Jay...Greatest American Car Owner!
ralikdiver Ай мурун
My Uncle was a crewman on one of these in the British Army. He was deployed to Cypress during the Cypress Crisis 1963-64.
Pete Rembranch
Pete Rembranch Ай мурун
If memory serves, the tyres aren't actually bullet-proof; they're foam-filled. So a bullet can go straight through and not flatten the tyre. I remember hearing this many years ago now when you needed stuff like that in Northern Ireland.
Georgy Boy
Georgy Boy Ай мурун
From 6 grand in the UK if you want one
Sanzo Ай мурун
When your miata comes back from boot camp.
Róbert Jónsson
Róbert Jónsson Ай мурун
Hi from Iceland. Nice show like always
Tim Ай мурун
carmageddon cosplay vehicle
Ernest Bamburg
Ernest Bamburg Ай мурун
Here, here
Drew Quirk
Drew Quirk Ай мурун
The word he was looking for at the beginning, "H drive", does he mean hydrostatic? He said fluid couplers which makes me think it's hydrostatic. Especially if it is also able to move the same speed in both forward and reverse "gears"
David Affleck
David Affleck Ай мурун
not being funny, you would not keep the shovel and pick axe handle on the front. somebody would only nick them to replace the ones stolen from his vehicle.
GeminiNES Ай мурун
3:19 hahaha that Arnie impersonation is spot on xD
Mike McGinley
Mike McGinley Ай мурун
What you ought to get is a M113 personnel carrier. They are tracked but not a tank. They can swim and are pretty fun to play with.
John Ashtone
John Ashtone Ай мурун
How many others over here in UK, built this as an Airfix plastic Model? 4:00 ~you've got all sorts of equipment axes, flamethrowers, smoke grenades~ :-))))))))))) 7:31 "Perfect for shopping", does Mrs. Leno get to drive, or does she machine gun anyone in the way tee, hee, hee. Brilliant Mr. Leno, and your end comments give serious food for thought, well said.
S-B Ай мурун
Classy finish to the video
mickd6942 Ай мурун
Get the scorpion , road friendly tracks 70 mph in forward and reverse
Raffini Ай мурун
2:32 Hah, maybe you need to move town Jay!
Neil Brogan
Neil Brogan Ай мурун
For the record, this was still being used in the 1980's, we had them as troopy's vehicle in my squadron in 1987, through until about 1989 and I know some went to the Gulf during the first lot of shenanigans out there.
Wesley Piss
Wesley Piss 20 күн мурун
01DA05 served in the gulf and belongs to a friend of mine
1776TwoPointOh Ай мурун
Price has gone up in the last couple years. It wasn't that long ago you could get a running Ferret for $10,000. The one he's driving looks like it's near mint.
mgtf bluestreak
mgtf bluestreak Ай мурун
I love the respect at the end of that video..great bit of kit..like to see the shoppers avoid that on a car park.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee Ай мурун
I appreciate the final words. 🇬🇧👍
The Underground Lair of the Squankum
The Underground Lair of the Squankum Ай мурун
Five gears in reverse? You needed to invite Elvis Costello for this one!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Ай мурун
Mr Leno if your worried about wrecking road the French Tank uses wheels instead of treads.
Laserbrain777 Ай мурун
A rhinemetal weisel also weighs about 4 tons and has protection from radiation and biological weapons. .50 bmg will tear either a weasel or a ferret to shreds though. don't underestimate the power of bullets and explosives.
Charles Partrick
Charles Partrick Ай мурун
So it's road legal in Cali?
Mike Vincent
Mike Vincent Ай мурун
A Z Ай мурун
2021 your going to need it.
J C Ай мурун
Thank you for a great video
Dan Didnot
Dan Didnot Ай мурун
When you tell her you'll pick her up in your rolls Royce 🤣
Koito rob
Koito rob Ай мурун
Flame throwers Jay? REALLY???? A don't think so! Do you have records of it's military history?
John Hodgkiss
John Hodgkiss Ай мурун
i got to have a go in one when i was a kid. My Dad was a tank driver in the 14/20th Kings Hussar in the UK.
Baron of Livonia.
Baron of Livonia. Ай мурун
I was looking forward to views on lift and a few shots of engine compartment. Covid limited video :(
Joe Oliver
Joe Oliver Ай мурун
10:41 thank you Jay for giving recognition to those who served in these vehicles! It is something that needs to be remembered, thank you.
antsolja Ай мурун
was driving behind a ferret a while ago
rob the elder
rob the elder Ай мурун
Nice vid. Having spent ten plus years in tanks, that is not a tank. A tank has firepower, mobility and protection. Armored cars have plenty of mobility, not much protection and no gun.
ThePowerbloke Ай мурун
Great footage, great little vehicle, thanks for sharing Jay.
The Note Doctor
The Note Doctor Ай мурун
Perfect for shopping....
Mrs Doyle
Mrs Doyle Ай мурун
Jay a great video thankyou. For a tarmac acceptable tank try the cvrt scimitar with 30mm high velocity rarden cannon. Kick Arnies butt at 70 mph. Jaguar XK engine included.
Steven Crabtree
Steven Crabtree Ай мурун
Drove mine 74/76 in NI great fun got blown up 75 minor injuries
Ant Ай мурун
Hey Jay, study some history about the use of these in northern Ireland. Then see if you still want to pay your respects. Americans back then didn't agree with how we were treated by the Brits and neither should you.
Kede Vantaa
Kede Vantaa Ай мурун
Very good for visiting the local supermarket, you don't need to be too concerned if somebody parked next to you carelessly slams their door against your vehicle!
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Ай мурун
I could see the Queen driving this. And knowing how to work on it as well. 😂
mereclander Ай мурун
Coooool!!!! I want one of these!
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud Ай мурун
A vehicle used to oppress unarmed civilians by a dying empire.
A i GOD Ай мурун
Ooh ah
J Fred Knobloch
J Fred Knobloch Ай мурун
I hope that someday we develop as a species and we don’t need stuff like this anymore....
Jorn41 Ай мурун
The Arnold impression at 3:20 is just faantastick!
soco13466 Ай мурун
Shopping in that thing: Drive into Costco, with the gun manned. Stock up. Leave.
Eva G
Eva G Ай мурун
This video is why I can never get work done at home. It's too damn interesting.
Eva G
Eva G Ай мурун
I have to ask, is this even road legal (anywhere?)
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