America's Most Radical Pickup Truck - Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

11 ай мурун

Independent suspension? Air-cooled? Engine in the back? What were they thinking?
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.
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America's Most Radical Pickup Truck - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Big Red
Big Red 5 саат мурун
It is strange to me that this corvair wasn't popular given that it must have been inspired the VW Kombi, which had multiple variants over many years including one like this one, and a delivery van and family movers with three rows of seats and a camper with pop up tops etc. They were rear engined, had a higher section in the rear to fit the engine in (lost carrying capacity), but were as popular as can be, still being popular to own now and rake in huge sums to purchase.
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist 9 саат мурун
Yeah you know what might have a girlfriend that had a Volkswagen beetle and it used to freak me out cuz she drove crazy and you looked out the windshield the front windshield and it was nothing there and like you're saying with the car the Corvette nothing there just a thin thin piece of sheet metal with the trunk was in the front and that thing was was death trap if you got into a collision with that especially back in the day when the car's way you know 4000 lb or more you know I had a lot of cars most of my cars they weighed 5000 Plus I don't know I don't remember what the weight of the Mark 4 was or the for the 65 t-bird landau or the 82 El Dorado or the 57 Ford ranch wagon that was a trip to drive that out of three on a tree and I thought that was the the bee's knees hey I'm not that old I don't know why that phrase came in but yeah and that had like you were saying it had a steel dashboard I don't think it has seat belts it might have wrap around windshield I don't know if 57 if they had safety glass yet that car was pure steel every part of that car was steel or Chrome steel crazy I was a real cool car the first time I drove it my boss used it to deliver fish and no I know how to drive a clutch never drove at three on a tree and it wasn't San Francisco and I ended up having to call him he had to have the car I told her because I burnt the clutch out on the hills but you learn to adapt for that and I never had a problem with my motorcycles or the I bought the car from him for a dollar I was driving and the cost of shaking like like it was going to fall apart he had just put a new they had a brand new rebuilt engine and it had a brand new rebuilt transmission in it and he had enough of putting money in it he thought it was the transmission so I left it on the side of the road and it was told to a parking to a a car a dump and holding facility and he sold it to me for a dollar and what it was is he had retreads on it and the retread came off so I got this like 57 Ford ranch wagon two door which is pretty rare and cost me a dollar I drove the car till it die actually it was it was a stolen I made a trip back to New York to visit my family I came back the car was gone anyway loved cars love cars love motorcycles anything with a motor those days I I wish I could I haven't been able to drive or ride a bike and 30 years 28 30 years long time I miss it very much not just for the independence but for the thrill of it sincerely yours, Bob the blind bedroom guitar
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist
Bob the blind bedroom guitarist guitarist 9 саат мурун
You know I love the the little fact that's so true that I never really thought of how you don't bond with cars today because they're so maintenance free that you don't have to do anything except drive it and they actually drive themselves now and you're right you know you work on an automobile or a motorcycle and you do little changes here and there maybe you know you do something you know tighten the linkage or motorcycle or truck I never owned a truck just motorcycles and cars and I did most of the work myself on those except any kind of machining or welding I didn't couldn't do that I had a friend help me with that stuff when I was customizing a motorcycle I was building sincerely was, Bob the blind bedroom guitars
ourtime-downhere 12 саат мурун
I've always wanted one purely for motorcycle hauling. If I ever find a decent deal I'll pick one up. It would make track days pretty easy.
David Carpenter
David Carpenter 15 саат мурун
Jay's a real car guy
Up2NoGood Күн мурун
As if NBC was not caught, Using Dynamite... To blowup Chevy Trucks... To show how "Un Safe" they were from a side impact...
Troy Crowder
Troy Crowder Күн мурун
i like the way you roll you give credit to the great people thatmade things happen nice right on
Fred Carter
Fred Carter Күн мурун
Great Job J!
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Күн мурун
I drove through deep slush in Minnesota in my VW Beetle which was not fun - with no weight in the front. I imagine this car would have had similar problems, unless of course you had Bubba riding with you that day.
JMD Outdoors
JMD Outdoors 2 күн мурун
Great truck Jay. You are my hero. Thank you very much for all you do.
T Holmes
T Holmes 2 күн мурун
Just looking at the interior of his garage gives me chills. So many stories and history in there.
Chris Guidi
Chris Guidi 3 күн мурун
My Dad had one of these. Very unique engine sound.
Ye Olde Salty Dog
Ye Olde Salty Dog 4 күн мурун
Mr. Leno, we met on the USS Stennis back in the early 2000's.. My Uncle Louie who was a shop teacher at the SDA Private school in Carmichael, Ca. back in the day (70's-early 90's) had one in his back yard and when I was real young I played in it any chance I could. I wanted it so bad I told him "Uncle Louie, when I am of age can I buy it from you?" of course the family laughed, thought I was cute.. When we returned from OEF (2001-2002) on board the USS Stennis CVN-74, I went back and asked can I buy the truck now? He frowned and said Chris, I took that to the junk yard a while ago. Here the thing had been in the back all my life! I nearly cried knowing they were rare. Well, I moved on. I now am finishing up a Late 1957 Chrysler Saratoga 4DHT. I recently found a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere 2DHT so she is next. No, not doing Christine out of her.. But I do love the Corvair concepts too bad they couldn't have continued on despite someone's bias opinion about "Safety" They could have redesigned it.. with the exotic functions we see here. Just my 2 cents. Love your documentaries here Mr. Leno :) Thank you!!
Dray B
Dray B 4 күн мурун
Leno sux
Mud Head
Mud Head 5 күн мурун
Thanks, Jay.
traumajock 6 күн мурун
It looks like a pickup truck that a French company would make. "I'm here to repair your fyunne."
Craig Littlefield
Craig Littlefield 6 күн мурун
Jay it all does you no good and you keep giving in to Satan except Jesus as God and save your soul and start over or you will regret it before you die
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers 6 күн мурун
I'm a VW guy, and I love that this vehicle exists, and is aircooled! Great video!
PHOTOGRASPER 7 күн мурун
Jeep forward control came out on 56! I caught Jay!
JAMES KONET 7 күн мурун
Thank you for sharing your Corvair, just awesome. If only I could drive one, one time...
Clifton Painter
Clifton Painter 7 күн мурун
I'm not even a car enthusiast but your show is fantastic and educational. Thanks Jay!
33 Bear
33 Bear 8 күн мурун
My grandfather had an orange and white on. Ramp on the side. Used it for his golf cart.
Robert NES816
Robert NES816 8 күн мурун
When Jay says "People aren't so bright when it comes to cars, they believe whatever you tell them" that applies to allot more then just cars.
Dave Bell
Dave Bell 9 күн мурун
I got 12.5k right here Jay! Lol
supercompdad5362 10 күн мурун
My Dad had one. If I drove it, it overheated. If he drove, it nope. I tried different speeds, no change.
supercompdad5362 10 күн мурун
If you leave the engine cover loose, don't throw a log chain in the back. Just FYI.
Rich Ott
Rich Ott 11 күн мурун
Having been born in 1958, I loved your video. 1958 stuff is hard to find.
Mike Barton
Mike Barton 12 күн мурун
Love this Video Jay. My Dad came home with one of these. He said he won it in a poker game! LOL Keep doing the "Oldies", more relatable to us "Common Folk" :-)
Neal Ramsey
Neal Ramsey 13 күн мурун
I liked the "It's your fart".
MediaFilter 14 күн мурун
"You have an accident... you're the first one on the scene" LOL. Sounds like my Mercedes Benz 508d.
System Analyst
System Analyst 15 күн мурун
You forgot the air quotes every time you utter the word 'pandemic'
BunzeeBear 15 күн мурун
Reminded me of my dad's VW truck. First he had an open box like your stepside(but access is only by letting down a side I believe) Then he traded it off for a new to him 1959 VW window van which was more suitable for his "TRADE"(house painter) than the open vw pickup truck. VW may have had a 4 cylinder engine but the suspension could carry 2200lb(European tonne) Maybe never had that much paint, but my dad also laid ceramic tile for the bathroom. Bought in bulk on the coast and carried the tile over the west coast mountains. There was adequate heat even in the snow of winter. I have not seen ANY Corvair vans, I see the cars and that is all I noticed.
immrnoidall 15 күн мурун
I love the way that lift only goes under the wheels to leave every area open for work.
Richard Sharp
Richard Sharp 16 күн мурун
Thank you, I really liked you being so relaxed and informative
Paul West
Paul West 16 күн мурун
Nice! That's as rare as my 1965 Ford Ranger F100! Even you don't have one!
tv10morehead 17 күн мурун
THANKS for a nice distraction from all the Clown Act Covid19 mess :
Robert Kohen
Robert Kohen 17 күн мурун
My stepdad had the corvair in 63. I felt like I was in a sardine in the back seat. Waiting for someone to pour olive on me. Any air cooled vechile is not for me . I like heat in the cold weather.
BILLY CONLIN 17 күн мурун
Excellent video! Well done !
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 17 күн мурун
Johnny Cash, I will use this to bury your remains with. Is that alright with you, Garth Brooks?
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov 17 күн мурун
Chevrolet used to be really an engineering company. Another nice example. Interesting car, very European, far away from all usual American...
MrPoodleguy 18 күн мурун
I’ve noticed, each time I see Jay’s Garage there are a couple Panhards in the background. I bought one new in Cali in 1960. Fantastic little car. FWD w/an air cooled 850 cc opposed twin. I drove it to NY & shipped it to Germany in 1961 when I was deployed during the 1961 Berlin Crisis. Btw, I owned 8 Corvairs!!
Afro Dieter
Afro Dieter 18 күн мурун
This car looks so Fallout.
KNITE081778 19 күн мурун
Just a feel good video. I felt Like I was in the Corvair 95 with him. Like hanging with an old buddy.
Steve Roe
Steve Roe 19 күн мурун
He always looks like he just woke up from a long drunk
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson 19 күн мурун
lol chef boy r d lmao👍
Wanye Best
Wanye Best 20 күн мурун
Love the Corvair all specs
Don Draper
Don Draper 20 күн мурун
I'd rather watch these quirky old vehicles than see yet another exotic....
brutusbn76 20 күн мурун
Paul Scofield
Paul Scofield 20 күн мурун
Boy does this take me back to the 60s and early 70s. We had a blue Greenbriar for nearly 10 years. Fun car for dates, the shift lever was always between the girls knees. Dad put planks in the side door and loaded it up with gravel for the driveway. Our first Corvair was a 61 4 door with no rear seat belts. Dad bought a kit and installed them. When he was drilling one of the mounting holes he hit the wire to the started solenoid and it started cranking and he had to pull the battery cable. Living in Missouri the only time our cars look as pristine as that is when they're on the show room floor.
Bobby Butler
Bobby Butler 21 күн мурун
Oh, to have been in the rampside that day riding around with Jay - the stories, the sunshine - perfect :) !
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 22 күн мурун
I had a 65 corvair convertible..loved it..traded it for a 74 VW thing.. Love this cool..
John Owens
John Owens 23 күн мурун
The early Corvairs came with generators, my 1963 Monza had one. It also had the gas tank in front of the firewall, making it a true fire wall. Didn't care about safety but had seat belts. Also had oil seals that would drip oil into the shrouding and heater boxes causing the cabin to fill with smoke once it got hot, the heater did produce ample heat on its own. Only saw gas heaters on VW beetles.
Manjaro Max
Manjaro Max 23 күн мурун
To everyone still believing, he does NOT film the videos by himself Like those videos, but not true At 17:38 is a guy in the left mirror with a mask, Jay doesn't wear one
Manjaro Max
Manjaro Max 23 күн мурун
So it's basically a VW Bus pickup?
Steven Veltrie
Steven Veltrie 24 күн мурун
Love it. Would love to see something on the Willy's cab over.
LiquidBlackWolf 24 күн мурун
its an American VW Transporter xD
Richard TheLion
Richard TheLion 25 күн мурун
Thanks Jay, you're a real friend. Really enjoy your company. Started off with my foster dad's 55 Chevy Bel Air with the best engine I've ever had, the 265, 3 speed on the column with a 2 speed rear-end which gave me 28 to 30 MPG. But I needed a van to take me to Mexico and Guatemala for my import biz and bought a 1962 Corvair Van. Designed a bed for a 6 foot person, a little closet with book-self and water storage, and bolted a large footlocker under the bed to act as a storage trunk. The van took me to Central America & back many times, put over 550,000 miles, changed oil every 3,000 miles, as well as some fan belts along with a couple head jobs. She gave me the same mileage as the Chevy, 28 to 30 mpg. Lost my storage space in Cal (I live in Hawaii) so I had to sell it not knowing what a great mistake that was. On my next trip I bought a 1964 VW van with a 1600 engine and drove it some 400,000 miles over the years, replaced 4 new engines at the Queretaro VW factory, always adjusting valves, changing oil, and driving in a gutless, dangerous tin-can. What a piece of crap. I tried many times to find another Corvair van, but thanks to Ralph Nader, no one wanted to let go of their Corvair van that was in any descent shape. How the hell did they take the Corvair out of circulation and let the VW tin can on the road??? Thank you for sharing your Corvair with us. Aloha
Joe Rich
Joe Rich 25 күн мурун
Thank you Mr. Leno, your presentation is great as is the photography. Love the way you explain what we are looking at. Great memories of "back in my day, 40's 50's & since". You are stiil the best thing on TV.
George Henry
George Henry 25 күн мурун
They made a lot of different models of these . My Mom had one that was a window van called a Greenbriar what was strange about it was it had 8 doors 2 in back and 3 on each side. The doors would also open wide enough to go flat against the sides. I can't remember seeing one that didnt have oil all over the back though.
news 25 күн мурун
Did you say 22 mpg ?
Craig Moorhouse
Craig Moorhouse 26 күн мурун
"some deposed dictator's idiot son." Classic.
physics77guy 26 күн мурун
in india there were no airbags in the car till 2000 and even after that.... to get airbags you have to shell more money and the max you got was 2
PeterT1981 27 күн мурун
Your thighs would be the crumple-zone. Yikes!
Phone Mail
Phone Mail 27 күн мурун
Yes the mighty Corvair.. : ) My dad had like 3 different ones. (car version). One day were were headed to the junkyard for parts in one and he floored it and at top speed the rear axle broke and tire hit the fender.. He didn't panic and slam on the brakes, we just coasted to a stop.. We pulled out the toolbox and walked the rest of the way to the junkyard... Couple hours we later headed back to the car with another axle, threw on the spare, and off we went. Those were the good old days! : ) I used to love those trips to the junkyard, nothing like the discoveries made there!
Joseph DuPont
Joseph DuPont 27 күн мурун
we need to find the 1949 Buick Sedan which the Brinks Robbers were caught in in 1950 in Towanda, pa
CAPTMAHI 27 күн мурун
Anyone else notice the shifter isn't connected to the floor?
CAPTMAHI 27 күн мурун
"caused a big ruckus" lmao
Kevin Robert
Kevin Robert 27 күн мурун
I absolutely love this episode! Have always admired the Rampside since I was a kid. Had a plastic toy one. So great to see Jay admire this vehicle. I hate to say it, but this is my favourite car of his. Not sure if Jay reads this, but we have a car guy in our area, and we heard George Barris had been trying to get you up to Canada to see his collection. he's known for his collection of V-16 Caddies, but, like you, also has a Rampside. His was a movie car from My Girl 2. Haven't seen it in a few years, but it was my favourite of all his cars. Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane!
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan 28 күн мурун
My uncle had one of those weirdo pickups. Always felt weird riding in it.
Rick Saunders
Rick Saunders 29 күн мурун
This has to be the best Jay Leno's Garage I've watched. An honest discussion about an honest vehicle.
Никола Ђокић
Никола Ђокић Ай мурун
28:02 good luck shifting with 3 people at the front
EmesiS Ай мурун
Three on the tree. I haven't heard that phrase in
Forever Pink F.
Forever Pink F. Ай мурун
Nice looking car but I don´t want to sit in with a frontal crash. I like the "pure" Leno much more than with a guest, a camera man and a sound guy.
Aqua Fever
Aqua Fever Ай мурун
ls swap?
RedRider Ай мурун
I swear that catbird is following him around.
Eric Ingvardsen
Eric Ingvardsen Ай мурун
Really would love some shots of the interior and dash too - all part of the package with the great Host!
Brian Glass
Brian Glass Ай мурун
How can you not love a guy that loves driving a 180hp Corvair pickup as much as a 700hp Lamborghini?
Dan Wilsey
Dan Wilsey Ай мурун
Had the 63' Ford econoline jay. It was a blast . great show! Thanks.
David Goff
David Goff Ай мурун
Would love to see your workshop and restoration process! Does he got zinc spray the bodies?
David Goff
David Goff Ай мурун
Fantastic channel!
Mamadou van Leijen
Mamadou van Leijen Ай мурун
The round subway secondarily peel because babies univariately own with a acrid cheque. somber, aromatic confirmation
Kreb Gurfson
Kreb Gurfson Ай мурун
it's so like america to innovate then not use the innovation while everyone else does.
3.r.d eye
3.r.d eye Ай мурун
Just started watching Leno's Garage couple weeks ago. I love it when you says 3 on the tree I love it practicing trained on a lot of GM's to become the mechanic I am now I got a lot of my knowledge from these vehicles but unfortunately GM went down the tubes Volkswagens coming up Toyota's coming up with the fully green trucks and Japan and China. Hydrogen fuel cells and some of the other countries becoming the top dogs in automotives probably in the next couple years. My guest from being in my line of work GM in American Automotive is only going to be around for a couple more years and they're going to get bought out by other countries wanted to give Jay Leno a big big UPS because it's interesting to watch these do definitely knows what he's talking about he's not just a showman with a bunch of money in a bunch of cars. Go to damn shame because I do love the old at the office when I get a chance to test drive them especially the Chevy Caprice has the older do some quarters love it. Got an OBD1 if anybody has the motor vehicles in want to bring by my shop my tool has the compatibility of OBD and OBD1 couple months ago somebody bought a 1984 Lincoln by Lincoln Continental. Kind of clown the guy because he was trying to give it to me for a long time no more than $50 I told him if you go online keep his car in good condition as it was in I didn't even want to get out of it LOL pearl white interior with a jet black paint nice metallic paint with silver chrome wire cap rims and on the back it has fender skirts all the way down the back tire that were detachable. That's why I kind of clown the guy just because he's too much in gas mileage and it's a polluter SMH Andy was getting a Tesla and I told them to put that call online 125,000 you probably get for it. Don't know what ended up happening to it but I know this guy did not understand the quality and Specialty in which these cars have. Just wanted to tell that story didn't mean to leave six paragraphs in the comment. It's a breath of fresh air for mechanic like me to CJ showing off all these cars with the passion and you know interest that he has in his collection he's not just trying to make extra money on TV with all these cars and he actually has knowledge which is very hard to find. I know God forbid and I mean this with all due respect when Jay Leno goes I'm the first one in the yard. TWC some of these guys in my backyard being taken care of I said that jokingly everybody have a good one. Go to see Jay Leno keep making these and keep showing us these beauties. 61 van up is it very interesting and not as weird and complicated as they say that design is. And the bed which is an oddball design to say the least if you wanted Tuesday prevent things from going falling down the steps in that pickup bed. You can install a belt that goes across the back of it would happen. Either way she can actually keep it from falling down and going to the back of the bed. Another great Peace J.
Martin Sander
Martin Sander Ай мурун
Beautiful. Ours was Purple with a silver stripe. Haha 😄
John Klevinsky
John Klevinsky Ай мурун
I almost bust a gut when Jay says there was an optional gas heater. Fun stuff thx Jay, and or the dude / dudette whom runs the channel
Accidental Relevance
Accidental Relevance Ай мурун
I think I remember a toy version of this vehicle that came with stock-racks and a horse
Brad hoffman
Brad hoffman Ай мурун
anyone interested three corvairs coming up on auction...i believe they run...kieffer oil company going out of business...has a convertible...and a pickup like this one...april 12th
Brad hoffman
Brad hoffman Ай мурун
fedora sd
rick gattone
rick gattone Ай мурун
No way can Todays engineer come up with Corvair. Sedan..2 door..performance Truck..station wagon. Impossible.
Jason Menius
Jason Menius Ай мурун
I've watched many videos of you with all different cars. I'm astonished by the vast knowledge you have on all types of cars. One viewer referred to you as a national treasure. I must agree with the up most respect. Keep up the great work.
Markus Fuchs
Markus Fuchs Ай мурун
I really enjoy watching these videos. I'm by no means a car guy. But I like learning about the history and specs of the old vehicles. Jay does it in a way that even I as a lay person understands.
Javier Escamilla
Javier Escamilla Ай мурун
min 6:13 generator
rebelboy 77 Collins
rebelboy 77 Collins Ай мурун
How could people dislike this video
Prjndigo Ай мурун
This is probably my #3 vehicle ever. That list includes submarines and spaceships.
chevelle68100 Ай мурун
I love these pandemic videos. It’s so intimate and I feel like I’m right there and you’re talking to me actually. I’d like to see you keep the format and keep some of these in the catalog of videos.
Chris Lemaster
Chris Lemaster Ай мурун
Unsafe at any Speed?
Dixie Farmboy
Dixie Farmboy Ай мурун
i uh, i thought it was an IH thing by the thumbnail
Lary Mayotte
Lary Mayotte Ай мурун
The first car I ever bought fo4 myself was a 63 Corsair Monza Spider, with a Paxton Turbo charger in maroon metal-flake with white walls and baby moon hubcaps! ..... I'm 71 now and wish I still had it!
Bobby K
Bobby K Ай мурун
A guy I went to High School, his first "car" was a Corvair Van.
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn Ай мурун
Got rid of my library in 1990 and as much clutter as I accumulate, I'm much better for it. Been interested in cab forward and in some oblique way cab overs for several years now. I want to tell you how much I enjoy these presentations. I like that you went over the exaggerated dangers of vehicles of this era. It's so much like people saying how dangerous riding a motorcycle is, when most accidents are caused by the motorcycle but those that hit them. Once bad publicity hits a particular vehicle, it seems it's the end for that car, Fiero, Monza, Jeep and as you said Pinto, the never ending death knell.
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn Ай мурун
CC capable thank you. Perhaps a minor review of the CC before it is released though. Your conversation is quite different sometimes from the transcript listing 05:29 - 06:24 - 07:12 - 15:41
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