Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

16 күн мурун

Sherlock Holmes described electricity as "the high priestess of false security" and that aptly describes the wonder of how this Owen Magnetic generates electricity using a gas engine.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
Hybrid From 1916: The Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Martin Hague
Martin Hague 47 мүнөт мурун
it would be realy cool to see jay leno do a BBC top gear segment on clasic cars
laika25 2 саат мурун
So basicaly a hybrid, right?
nightlightabcd 2 саат мурун
It sounds like a turbine winding down, when you put it in neutral and engage the electric brake.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 3 саат мурун
You’re absolutely right. Engineers should be celebrated. They are the silent creators of our world and we let these crazy people spit all over everything that we’ve been able to accomplish with phony ideology. Very very very very sad.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 3 саат мурун
But I will say, to this day, 99% of electricity comes from some energy source spinning magnets or spinning something around magnets. Nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, coal, gas. All magnetic. Electromagnetic but in these cases they all use magnets. The only one I can think of that doesn’t use magnets is solar and that’s just about the worst one.
scottnyc 3 саат мурун
If in 1916 we had a magnetically propelled automobile yet chastised by the same people holding back the technology thanks to big oil.imagine how advanced we could’ve worked on improving this technology.Seems it was never meant to be because people at the top calling the shots.
MegaTapdog 3 саат мурун
thanks Mr Leno. that is cool. shared with my millennial kids to get their thoughts. Gonna be interesting to hear back from them. they think they are the innovators.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 3 саат мурун
That animation is ground breaking. That was full 3 dimensional 2d animation back in 1916? You’ve got to appreciate that. How old is this video? It’s not a strange concept to power an electric vehicle with a chemical engine. You know... you’ve heard of diesel trains right? I’m pretty sure you have. They power an electric motor. Essentially hybrids work that way. This video must have come out before hybrids and diesel trains. That’s it.
Joey Mormann
Joey Mormann 3 саат мурун
I apologize for this comment. By 25 minutes into the video everything I mentioned was addressed. My apologies.
Thomas Guthrie
Thomas Guthrie 4 саат мурун
Fascinating! Beautiful automobile.
Jim W
Jim W 4 саат мурун
Add me to the list of those who had never heard of an Owen Magnetic. Fascinating technology for 1916. The only other early hybrid car I've read about is the Woods Dual-Power. Runs very similar to my Ford C-Max hybrid, except driving/charging is handled with levers and switches rather than the "black box" in the Ford.
jvolstad 5 саат мурун
Now this is a Hybrid.
Craig-michael Kierce
Craig-michael Kierce 5 саат мурун
Outstanding job. Thank you, Mr Leno. Cheers...
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison 5 саат мурун
So enjoy this car, open my mind up to electric Transmissions and possible overdrive's and add on electric kits, I guess there was a fight between Steam, gasoline, diesel, and Electric as far as who's automobile what's going to be the one
Jeremy Stahl
Jeremy Stahl 6 саат мурун
Fascinating car! Knowing this design goes back to pre twentieth century makes it more so. Thanks Jay!
Mott theHoople
Mott theHoople 6 саат мурун
so why isn't something like this being built with modern technology ?
josh mcdonald
josh mcdonald 6 саат мурун
more of a tesla than a volt
Bill Steinmetz
Bill Steinmetz 7 саат мурун
Jay , you have impressed me with this car. It shows that not all hollywood dudes are duds. Love the cars man if i had the money I'd be doing the same.
M Redmond
M Redmond 7 саат мурун
It’s epic we can use 3D printing now to preserve our historic automobiles,.
John Naik
John Naik 7 саат мурун
Amazing to see this technology existed so many years ago. The Chinese has an EV car using gas generator to charge the battery powered EV car called Li One, what was old is now new again.
SJ 8 саат мурун
southerneruk south
southerneruk south 8 саат мурун
Jay that's one beautiful car, would love to run around the shows with that, the power plant is basically the same has the old stream-electric ships and later diesel-electric, the ship that I was on. It was built in the early 1950s, that was a diesel-electric, the engineers on the way home use to keep hitting the exciters just to get another 1/2 knot out of the ship
badreality2 9 саат мурун
You should rescan that film. 4K film scanners are semi-common. Post the 4K version online, and print a Blu-Ray version for yourself.
Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo 9 саат мурун
fantastic J iam a fan of n Tesla i teach electromagnetism volunteering at pub.schcs since 70s( my childhood hero )Tesla , it must have an alternator which produces alternating current (a/c)..great collection,,,,,!!!!. l.o.l...
q zorn
q zorn 10 саат мурун
Gee, when jay left the tonight show i thought that was it... this is great with youtube and all the car clip-vids, now add a funny monolog and we will have the "Jay's way show" Oh and invite some retired local coffee shop tv/movie stars for a cameo ride around town...:/ it would be interesting and fun.... thanks for the Hybrid 1916 Owen Magnetic video, Tesla is not a new idea... I love this video because i have worked on industrial DC motor motion controls and some still in use Edison equipment for 50 years. Jay describes the electrical controls to the tee, Mr. Jay has the makings of an engineer...:D Oh and Mr. Bill ha ha
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit 10 саат мурун
legit i have a great idea.
Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit 10 саат мурун
so much better then the news today,. thank you Jay, such a soothing voice at this point lets all relax and enjoy 420
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers 11 саат мурун
Unreal, I didn't know this vehicle even existed. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, every video is an absolute pleasure and I learn something new every single time. You and your team are legends for preserving these pieces of history.
John Cool
John Cool 11 саат мурун
I am in awe Mr Leno..this car is a masterpiece as you are.
Joachim Horner
Joachim Horner 12 саат мурун
Very interesting technology I m very impressed
Bob Eden
Bob Eden 12 саат мурун
does the ICE engine run at a constant speed?
kibukun 12 саат мурун
A porous valve cover? I wonder what engineer had that bright idea?
Boomer 1941
Boomer 1941 13 саат мурун
Great Video Jay, we had some great engineers back in the day.
Steve k
Steve k 13 саат мурун
What is the fuel economy MPG on that car since the engine is mostly idling?
Steve k
Steve k 14 саат мурун
Would be nice to see an American company build one of these with modern engines, regenerative modern brakes, and batteries.
juarez69 14 саат мурун
Fascinating Jay! Thanks
Ralph Wirth
Ralph Wirth 14 саат мурун
Our Chevy Volt has a gas engine that runs an electric generator that similarly powers the car but uses batteries to store energy. It's amazing to see a vehicle from the early 1900's that pioneered the same technology minus the battery storage. I grew up in the Antique Car Club of America but never heard of this car before.
Oldin Mariner
Oldin Mariner 14 саат мурун
Thank you Jay for saving something so unique. A DIY from "Mother Earth" Mag. many years ago was build your own electric car with a diesel generator for range. I similar idea but 50 years after this design. Now you can buy or build a sailboat with an electric drive with regen. Add solar and/or wind generator and you can go anywhere on the ocean with no fuel used.
Benjamin GENENDER JR. 14 саат мурун
Those of us that hate to admit they Know Mr. Bill thank you for sharing what a great machine
Paul K
Paul K 17 саат мурун
Thanks Jay. Very Cool!! : )
Hector Collazo
Hector Collazo 17 саат мурун
That is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen. Thank you Sir.
dadigitechman 17 саат мурун
Basically every train on the track these days.
Scott Scrufari
Scott Scrufari 17 саат мурун
Jay Leno has this show because his hobby now becomes a big tax wright off, which is totally legitimate. Great show.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins 18 саат мурун
It's great that Jay saves, keeps, and runs the most unusual, significant cars. He should get a national award for all his efforts if he hasn't already.
1SLUGGO1 18 саат мурун
So this guy invented an electric hybrid engine concept while the Scott brothers were learning how to market their amazing invention of toilet paper on a roll.
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins 18 саат мурун
Like an early diesel electric engine but with gasoline instead.
Jay McMullan
Jay McMullan 19 саат мурун
This is one of your best videos yet. WHAT KIND OF GAS MILEAGE DOES IT GET?
Bass Player
Bass Player 21 саат мурун
Always good these pandemic editions...
Joesph Pittinger
Joesph Pittinger 21 саат мурун
Jay Thank you so much for having such a wonderful program. I was raised in Loudonville Ohio home of Charles Kettering Inventor of the electric starter,now wondering if that is true. Would like to hear some comments. Jay you are a stimulating genius.
diggerop Күн мурун
Diesel Electric locomotives can be just a varied. A.C. current direct, or D.C. with a variety of circuitry for speed/torque control. I liked the old SW-12 switchers and the MP-15's used in the yards. Get rolling, when enough momentum was gained, switch the circuits for more speed ("making transition"). Those big Detroit's were usually at full throttle by then, and when the load hit them, it would really make them cry. I loved it, it was like riding thunder. The harder they worked, the hotter they got, the hotter they got, the better they performed. Helping a coal train over a hill, at night, always had the potential for a fireworks display, with six feet of flame past the spark arrester screens and a 4th of July fountain of smaller sparks out of each stack. Little wonder why I have hearing problems these days ...
Hormazd Irani
Hormazd Irani Күн мурун
This car is not old, it is futuristic. I certainly appreciate how you have continued the passion of the creator of this fine automobile by bringing it to life and actually slightly improving upon it. Great effort Jay! God bless you.❤️
Danny Hampton
Danny Hampton Күн мурун
I think this is my favorite old car of yours Jay. I'm wondering why there are not more generator based hybrids. Been a thought of mine for a while. But when you mentioned trains then I though why don't road tractors use the same set up, I mean they do the same job, pull heavy loads. A train engine is just a tractor on rails.
chriscat85 Күн мурун
Fisher Karma of 2012
Sheldon Harvey
Sheldon Harvey Күн мурун
Geometrically, a very pretty car. It has good lines. I would love to attempt to build something like that from scratch. Thank you very much for sharing, and keep up the good work.
It's really pretty kooool
Steve Savage
Steve Savage Күн мурун
Interesting, I presume the magnet is iron? I wonder how well it would work with modern neodymium magnets?
Isn't that more a capacitor than a resistor
Brien Berglund
Brien Berglund Күн мурун
25:52. That guy just got a compliment from Jay. That would be such a cool feeling.
Silverstars14u Күн мурун
I think this is the best car you own Jay.Its Gorgeous.
Michael Kullas
Michael Kullas Күн мурун
Thanks Jay
Electric Poliville
Electric Poliville Күн мурун
Wow that a hugh resistor they are normally ceramic.
Mshojat Күн мурун
Why does it have that cracked dry belt? does it still work fine? even if it does, doesn't it still make sense to replace the darn thing?it's probably noisy and might break.
Mshojat Күн мурун
Sheesh, 9000$ in the 1910s? That's so expensive!
william o payne
william o payne Күн мурун
That freakin car is beautiful! I love blue cars!
omegaman1971 Күн мурун
That is a real fantastic piece of history. Great restoration & nice work salvaging the past.
David Wolf
David Wolf Күн мурун
that is the kewlest car ever ... thanks jay ... wow ...
CAPTMAHI Күн мурун
Jay, love ya bud. I live in Maine and own an 07 Xterra I bought new and garaged, and shows a lot more rust. Thanks for helping me stay sane during this crazy time. Speaking of crazy, would you consider a trade? I've wanted a 66 Corvair Corsa since I was a boy. I believe you have the Yenko Stinger version. It's not exactly what I want but it'll do. Get back to me.
king james488
king james488 Күн мурун
I hasn't considered how useful 3D printing could be for this sort of application.
Andrew Lohmann
Andrew Lohmann Күн мурун
Interesting car, as Jay says, like a diesel train locomotive. internal combustion engine driving a generator (in this case a dynamo) the power to run a motor. The batteries to tide over load changes, resistor part of the field winding speed control field winding tapping setting, like gears, for different speed ranges. I guess? The resistor may also waste power when braking, if the batteries are fully charged. I will look it up later.
Jamie White
Jamie White Күн мурун
Fantastic video thanks, it was so interesting to see a 120 year old hybrid, I can see why they didn't drive it in the war though, every time you brake you'd be looking for the dive bomber 😜
1SLUGGO1 18 саат мурун
The US and Germany actually developed electric hybrids for tanks during WW2, as it would solve the issues early tanks had with underpowered engines and torque transfer. Germans gave up after they kept setting fire to their prototypes, and both gave up because trying to develop an electric-driven vehicle when there was a massive metal shortage and an unknown element of maintenance costs just wasn't feasible.
masakari Күн мурун
That magnetic braking is called Dynamic Braking on a locomotive. Pretty efficient and no parts wear.
Mr. Atrophy
Mr. Atrophy Күн мурун
still cannot go long distances with electrics
Christopher Күн мурун
I wonder what that beauty is worth.
James Lary
James Lary Күн мурун
Great looking car Mr. Leno .
OolTube02 Күн мурун
I want the Tesla to do a _"weeeeooooo"_ sound whenever I do regenerative braking.
Gw Builder
Gw Builder Күн мурун
Oh No it's Mr. Bill! Haha... Awesome car Jay, Thank You for sharing.
dale carpenter
dale carpenter Күн мурун
Tiny Turbine electric ?
dale carpenter
dale carpenter Күн мурун
Tesla's car ?
Edward Evans
Edward Evans Күн мурун
Is it possible to obtain a copy of the patent?
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Күн мурун
Awesome! It’s like a diesel-electric locomotive. I always wondered how many miles I could get on a tank if my 3/4-ton ran that way.
Preet S
Preet S Күн мурун
America is greatest country on the planet earth. Who lives in America are lucky people. Specially who lived in 70s 80s 90s that era was very nice. No mobile only telephones and classic cars.
Preet S
Preet S Күн мурун
I always wanted to this kind of technology but companies don't make this system these days except trains.
arajoaina Күн мурун
This just shows how far electric cars could have been improved if they kept improving electric vehicles from more than 100 years ago
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson Күн мурун
Thanks for sharing this unique auto with us, Jay.
Roope Tapiola
Roope Tapiola Күн мурун
Dear Mr Leno I think you made me fall in love with cars again, it helps truly in these times and i truly wish to someday see not though video or live stream a real Owen magnetic or a Hispano suiza or even a roaring Dusenberg. These videos remind me from all those times i went to a museum or a car show with my grandpa (not dead) and to give me hope, thank you.
chris craft
chris craft Күн мурун
Great car. I think I read that Porsche or Audi had something similar around the period of this car. Some very creative people back then.
Pittsburgh Flip
Pittsburgh Flip Күн мурун
It's a beauty! Wonder what kind of MPG it gets?
Ferenc Gobor
Ferenc Gobor Күн мурун
Diesel electric road train :D
Roy Rice
Roy Rice Күн мурун
Leno’s Garage Coloseum of 286 cars! 👍👍👍
flywelder Күн мурун
Yeah how do you drop it down in gear, there are none, but how do you increase torque that part I don't follow? Can you follow up on that too thanks!
flywelder Күн мурун
You said you had a volt for 7 years, that means you don't have it anymore? And why not? I really don't know.
David Brelin
David Brelin Күн мурун
Jay, you are a national treasure! Thank you for sharing this piece of automotive history. I and my entire family have deep roots in the Detroit area in both the automotive industry and in education.
flywelder Күн мурун
The quietness of this car, it's fantastic! I had not ever realized how nice it would be to travel in a car that was so quiet and you can hear the world around you and the conversations even in a car easier! I'm also amazed about the acceleration how fast is it off from a stop light, well watching the video it seems kind of sluggish is that how it is actually?
flywelder Күн мурун
Another awesome video Jay thank you! Just had a thought, and would take some more editing I understand, but because of covid, but what if Isaac on this vehicle they were areas you weren't familiar with or sure why it was there like that resistor and all, what if you had your shop foreman if he knows or whoever might be that knows, do a video on the car also that you could insert into your video so their video would add to yours and explain those things that you're unsure of or they could go into those details that would make fantastic super fantastic video!
noah8877 Күн мурун
Oohhhhh nooooo mr bill
Brian Halberg
Brian Halberg Күн мурун
I wonder who, in future, will go to the same trouble and detail to preserve and restore cars as Jay Leno? On top of that, how many "collectors" would know as much about their cars as him? Absolutely love that as he drives and explains the intricacies of a 105 year old car, he's monitoring his speed via an app on his Apple watch.
James Cohen
James Cohen Күн мурун
Love your show and I love you. I am sorry to see you have fallen to apologize to these "woke" aholes for you wonderful comedy in the past. Please never try to suck up to these people. you can never be good enough for them. stay the course you will always hove your sane fans.
BigRalphSmith Күн мурун
Cars are meant to be driven and I'm glad that Jay recognizes this. These old cars would actually deteriorate faster if they are put on a shelf just for display.
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell Күн мурун
It's been a LONG time since SNL had anything funny. They are now known worldwide and a SJW sketch show that lacks true comedy. They started their down fall when they fired Norm Macdonald. If they brought back Chevy Chase, Farley, Spade, Sandler, lovitz, Nealon, Hartman, other weekend update guy before Norm took over and I can't remember his name), tina fey , Akroyd (I think he was a cast member) and brought back the Mall Girls, Weekend Update with Norm, Mr Subliminal and farley's characters it would get more than 500k viewers a night. It would get 10mil a night. Buy nope. SNL is just another arm of the left
dangerouslytalented Күн мурун
Old timey Prius
Rob Scodova
Rob Scodova Күн мурун
I know how Mr Bill is Jay! Lol
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