2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

4 ай мурун

Jay is impressed by the precision handling and the launch control on Porsche’s latest Targa.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

kdm313 4 күн мурун
J is an old man
thedude abides
thedude abides 4 күн мурун
As a Porsche owner, Jay’s comparison to a high end shotgun is spot on. One word: precision.
David Ursini
David Ursini 4 күн мурун
My favorite car....would only want the manual transmission and Carrera S wheels however.
hater of wackness real talker
hater of wackness real talker 6 күн мурун
Mr Leno I have a very important question and I think it's a question that a lot of us that share your beliefs and old vehicles want answered rather sooner than later. We pride watching your show on one fact you drive the cars you drive them all the time you love them your kid in a candy store and you own the candy store now God forbid when you pass away who's going to drive your cars then? I think it should be a museum but also an enthusiast playground should let anybody that is took the time to study the car get a chance to drive it because no other museum no other place on Earth would let you do that even if it's just for a couple miles you know me people want to drive one of those old Stanley steamers or what are your mini sports cars or motorcycles something you might want to think about now instead of later. Thank you very much
Basement GP
Basement GP 8 күн мурун
In regards to the Targa vs Coupe, If you are spending enough time on track that the coupe makes a difference, you should be looking at the GT cars regardless.
Scott Will
Scott Will 9 күн мурун
Jay I have a Toyota mr2 spyder. YOU really need to go get a nice low mile 2004 ASAP. That targa is a joke btw. I love Porsche as much as the next guy. Just make it a proper convertible stick
Philippe Gadegbeku
Philippe Gadegbeku 10 күн мурун
The car is wonderful. One thing that I feel that is not an improvement are those '80s era door handles for which you have to rotate your wrist. Unnatural.
THE Grmcrckr
THE Grmcrckr 11 күн мурун
My dad wears coveralls all the time too. At what point do you start wearing these everday? When you get a motorhome? Hang in the garage? Super practical, but funny.
Robert Henley
Robert Henley 14 күн мурун
There was a new silver Targa GTS with manual transmission and red leather interior at my local dealer a year or so ago. Wish I could attach a picture, which I have. That's what you need.
Randy Bills
Randy Bills 14 күн мурун
i never have understood why people buy a nice car and dont drive it wheres the thrill thats what they are for i also like the 2 wheel drive i like hangin the rear end out love your channel keep it up !!!
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13
C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13 20 күн мурун
The manual transmission is the only no-cost option available in the Porsche range. The definitive "salesman saw you coming" company.
Gus Smedstad
Gus Smedstad 22 күн мурун
Jay says the "targa" covers up the engine, but that's true of any 911 these days, even the coupe. You pop the rear "hood" and all you see is a cover over the engine and the fluid intakes. You have to take an additional step and remove the cover, and even then it's hard to see anything because the engine's packed in about half the space of a front-engine sports car like a Mustang. The closest you can come to casually looking at the engine is to crouch behind it and look up.
Gus Smedstad
Gus Smedstad 22 күн мурун
I've come to appreciate AWD in a 911 on dry pavement. Jay mentions in passing that it's really stable, and that's exactly what I like about it. The car really wants to over-rotate due to the weight in the rear, and the AWD makes that a non-issue for a guy who isn't an expert race car driver. The car feels ridiculously planted and safe in a way that no that no previous sports car I've owned has felt.
Gus Smedstad
Gus Smedstad 22 күн мурун
Completely unrelated, but I couldn't help but notice the Citreon 2CV and DS in the background. My father was a Citreon fanatic and he owned copies of both cars. I never warmed to the 2CV personally, but the DS was a funky streamlined car in the 70's when you never saw cars with those sleek curves. He was getting 30 MPG on the highway in the 70's!
Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain 24 күн мурун
Great review. Great car! Just curious Jay, are you following project binky? She is back from pzint and looking smashing!
Errol Watson
Errol Watson 25 күн мурун
Nice review Mr. Leno. This is my favourite car, a big fan of the targa top! Red wold be perfect!
Mark Summers
Mark Summers 26 күн мурун
Good review & no blasphemy!
Kishore Sannidhanam
Kishore Sannidhanam 26 күн мурун
Love the targa roof. The engineering on the roof is a master piece.
John Saucedo
John Saucedo 27 күн мурун
Whoa man!!! Gimme, Gimme!!! I have a 4S and want a Turbo but I could be convinced to get this. And yes...this is the color!!!
goodfella7771 29 күн мурун
Still cheaper than my ex wife
Ziginox 29 күн мурун
1:16 email! 3:47 ringing email! As for the targa, I think I'd rather have a manually removable panel.
That Porsche Girl
That Porsche Girl 29 күн мурун
That smile on launch control. Love it!
Nathan Stoesz
Nathan Stoesz Ай мурун
Targa is perfect for someone who likes the thought of having a convertible, but doesn’t like being so exposed and on display. The introverts convertible! And it’s really a Grand Tourer instead of a pure Sports car, imho
Scott S
Scott S Ай мурун
I want to slap Jay Leno. He looks drugged and hopeless, despite all of his success. What a waste.
antoine mortier
antoine mortier Ай мурун
Love Porsche in yellow, looks sick!! And all German will aggree aparently! :)
JM Carbone
JM Carbone Ай мурун
Simply said, Leno and a Targa; Two classics.
Michael Vuong
Michael Vuong Ай мурун
He either looks very satisfied with cars or just tired of driving everything, can’t tell 🤔
Ross Peeler
Ross Peeler 29 күн мурун
The man is 70 years old. Give him a break. 👍
Phil Lehmkuhl
Phil Lehmkuhl Ай мурун
i like the real 911's for 20 years now it''s been "the blob" i guess there are good things about the newer models but at the end of the day....it's "the blob"
Sal Walker
Sal Walker Ай мурун
Awesome review Jay!!
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors Ай мурун
Great review, great car!
Ernesto Uscis
Ernesto Uscis Ай мурун
Luv the Targa..esp with your gray hair in the wind...lol
Crazy Head Garage
Crazy Head Garage Ай мурун
Can you see the engine if the targa is up? I like the Targa, reminds me of the 60's and 70's 911s.
J Vincente
J Vincente Ай мурун
Not into the newer all turbo porsches. I like the 991 and before. Naturally aspirated with the turbo choice. I love my gt3. Ill always keep one. Great drivers car
Jamie E
Jamie E Ай мурун
Jay’s the coolest guy ever. I like the look of the targa, but I’d probably go for a RWD manual coupe, if I had 911 $. I love that yellow. It looks gorgeous in the dark blue.
André Guérin
André Guérin Ай мурун
What I think about the Targa Monsieur Jay The Targa is built to attract Tonga girl! Seriously it's my European dream car! Thank you for the video always weel done in this pandemic time! Happy New Year's long life!
tombannonus Ай мурун
Love the Targa Jay. Thanks for all the content you provide to us petrol heads
Fred Cook
Fred Cook Ай мурун
One of my favorite car reviews- Jays raw impressions, without all the tech details. Excellent
Larkinchance Ай мурун
Decker Canyon?
Stefan Tank
Stefan Tank Ай мурун
Jay. Please check your mirrors before doing a U turn. @ 20:15. Seen too many nasty T bone crashes happen just like that.
Quang Lam
Quang Lam 2 ай мурун
They are expensive cars.
Shaun Hilliard
Shaun Hilliard 2 ай мурун
The new Tiagra is super cool I agree w/ Jay it's needs a stick shift
Dustin Sanders
Dustin Sanders 2 ай мурун
I love the classic hard top 911, but the targa is the look I fell in love with when I was a kid in the 80’s.
Pascal Hermans
Pascal Hermans 2 ай мурун
How about delivering this one on my adress in Holland.
mjv1967 2 ай мурун
The Braun shaver style PDK shifter is a fail. No idea why did that... :(
Peder Hansen
Peder Hansen 2 ай мурун
today, leno is taking his mao outfit for a drive
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia 2 ай мурун
I love it, thanks alot to Porsche for letting us see it with Leno
Becker Inal
Becker Inal 2 ай мурун
I leased one for 3 years and drove for 45,000 miles - winter, summer, fall or spring did not matter.
Timothy Parker
Timothy Parker 2 ай мурун
Jay ,,, do you have a 914 porcshe ?
c s j
c s j 2 ай мурун
911 is the first car I remember really making a big impression on me as a young lad. I'm not a fan of the "targa" top because the roofline is a big part of what makes 911s look so awesome.
Tracey Baker
Tracey Baker 2 ай мурун
I like a solid top. Even Corvettes, The solid feel gives me a racer attitude. Like the car actually cuts through the air and gets more speed. Thanks Jay. Love your show!!!
Martin Sage
Martin Sage 2 ай мурун
Triumph does the same with the Speed Triple. They just make the motorcycle better and better.
90 bpm and chillin
90 bpm and chillin 2 ай мурун
These cars that are low to the ground and I'm talking in general even other cars that are low to the ground are becoming increasingly DANGEROUS because your head these days are at the same height of someone else's bumper because of the huge popularity of the SUV and Jeeps were they love to lift them even higher than factory so good luck with that.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 2 ай мурун
Beautiful car, just fabulous
Brian Joyce
Brian Joyce 2 ай мурун
Yellow/black, perfect
Jim Trucksis
Jim Trucksis 2 ай мурун
Best car in the world for the reason's stated Jay, and the Targa is the most elegant looking model. Nice choice!
Supercharged Steve
Supercharged Steve 2 ай мурун
I love the Targa top 911. I'm not a convertible guy at all, but I love how unique it looks and different it is than anything else out there. I am also a Porsche fanatic and owner of a 997 911 turbo s which is absolutely incredible and a joy to drive every single time. Great video Jay and thank you for all you do for car enthusiasts 🙏
Bill 2 ай мурун
A beautifully created dinosaur
Yo Ma Ma
Yo Ma Ma 2 ай мурун
When I first saw him presenting, I thought he was wearing a blue bathrobe. That would have been hilarious for a pandemic edition.
86BBUB 2 ай мурун
I think much of the engine weight is over or in front of the rear axle on these new cars.
Johnny Gogo
Johnny Gogo 2 ай мурун
Regarding the Hard Top Convertible (HTC): I've had a C5 and C6 and rarely took off the targa top. I now own a 2020 MX5 RF and love the HTC! Any sunny day (Huntsville, AL) Winter or Summer I'll hold the HTC button and 15 seconds later it's up or down. I also have a 2021 C8 HTC on order which should be here in a couple of weeks and from what I can tell the 911 HTC, MX5 RF and the C8 HTC all pretty much use a similar multi-motor HTC mechanism. At 6'1" I found that you really had to try and look at the C8 coupe engine, i.e. a good lean over the side w/o touching the side was required. Given that you're looking at a plastic intake manifold along with the fact that the glass (it's an engine compartment) gets grimy fast I don't feel like I'm going to miss much not seeing the engine. As long as it sounds good I'll be happy! lol
Zitronenpresse 2 ай мурун
I am in love with my 987 Cayman. Even with 245hp the mid-engine car gives you a thrill you expect from a Porsche. Much more fascinating than the BMW 325 Coupe from my brother.
Cars & Coffey
Cars & Coffey 2 ай мурун
Jay.....love your work. Thank you. The targa is my favorite, bar none. Lots of people talk about weight, etc. but, the targa is just he perfect balance between sport, convertible and fun.
Scott Shand
Scott Shand 2 ай мурун
I can enjoy a Targa but not at the compromise of being able to easily get at the engine. An older air cooled 911 Targa would be my druther. As with any new Porsche 911 that is one sweet ride!
Uncle Duck Productions
Uncle Duck Productions 2 ай мурун
Loved the Porsche Experience in Atlanta... kgglobal.info/phone/h6x2o4GVr66nqHo/video.html
Svetoslav Popov
Svetoslav Popov 2 ай мурун
I prefer pure convertible. This is just a way too complicated sunroof :)
Wooden Furnace
Wooden Furnace 2 ай мурун
"If you've never driven a car like this , you don't know what you're missing." Sry Mr. Leno I'm broke man...
Ken Nielsen
Ken Nielsen 2 ай мурун
I couldn’t watch this whole video. For one, I’m cheap, and two, I might buy this car. Three, I regret getting the PDK on my 2016 Boxster. I do still love my car, but I miss my 2003’s 5 speed. By the time I’m ready for a new Porsche, they probably will all be electric!
The Kaiser
The Kaiser 2 ай мурун
Alan Weller
Alan Weller 2 ай мурун
I factory ordered a 2019 Carrera 2 with only ONE option- the multifunction steering wheel. It came with a 7 speed manual standard. This is the purest version I could get and is like a fine watch. Very light and agile.
Chris Bires
Chris Bires 2 ай мурун
Jay always makes me smile and laugh a little bit with his car reviews, keep up the good work Jay!
Danny Dillard
Danny Dillard 2 ай мурун
Thank you!
Dino Kall
Dino Kall 2 ай мурун
overpriced ugly and overrated
robert upton
robert upton 2 ай мурун
Love his 911T!!!
Robert Jonsson
Robert Jonsson 2 ай мурун
I love Porsche all the time and that was my biggest dream I ever had and one day I can buy one exakly you drive this Targa 4 S
The Guitar Guru Network
The Guitar Guru Network 2 ай мурун
Love the targa Jay. That’s the one I’d get Great job as always.
Mash Rien
Mash Rien 2 ай мурун
Ah yes, Porsche.. The Paul Walker killer. Though to be fair, the one that killed him was a Carerra GT.
Hakkanity Di Fikiano
Hakkanity Di Fikiano 21 күн мурун
He was not killed by the car. He was killed by a driver who underestimated a 600+ hp racecar, with no electronic helpers, traction controll, etc.. Driving too fast in the city with racing tires way too old too beat them.
Chris C.
Chris C. 2 ай мурун
I love the Targas!
Brian Mattingly
Brian Mattingly 2 ай мурун
Typical German engineering. Over engineering everything and over complicating everything.
roynell Morris
roynell Morris 2 ай мурун
Awesome ride
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak 2 ай мурун
This channel is obviously of interest to men and so is HAIR LOSS, so I post this important notice here because lucky JAY has a beautiful head of hair. Conventional medicine has FAILED to solve HAIR LOSS because it has focused only on blocking DHT. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a NEW method described at www.BornAgainHair.com which explains why the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS is not DHT but a reduction in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp due to a tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA and shows how to cure hair loss with no drugs, no lotions and no surgery. Get the book and learn how to cure your hair loss...it cost almost nothing.
Alejandro Vega
Alejandro Vega 2 ай мурун
My dream car, a 2021 Porsche Targa 4S, with a manual transmission. White The target top and the interior in red, the same red. All full stitched in leather... it is just the perfect car...
Ekku Hyppönen
Ekku Hyppönen 2 ай мурун
I think targa is the most beautiful 911 out there.
damnatio memoriae
damnatio memoriae 2 ай мурун
Red Army tanks sure turned Porsche tanks into flaming junk
Donald Reach
Donald Reach 2 ай мурун
Great description, Jay. I learned to shift a stick in a Corvair Monza convertible, during a snowy winter no less. That rear weight taught me a healthy respect to maintain traction while turning. Then I was given a rear drive 911 Targa with 5 speed gearbox. An entirely new experience of power to weight ratio and handling. I was so spoiled.
hater of wackness real talker
hater of wackness real talker 2 ай мурун
That's basically just a nice GT car and the target top is really cool
hater of wackness real talker
hater of wackness real talker 2 ай мурун
If you want the real unbridled power of a Porsche you have to buy a GT3 RS
Dale Andrews
Dale Andrews 3 ай мурун
Yellow would not be my pick of colors, but it looks great on the new 911. In fact, ANY color would be great on the royal, mighty 911. Since I've been in my twenties, I guess(and I just turned 68), when I really came it understanding cars and how they rank among each other, one thing which has been on my bucket list has been owning a 911. A friend of mine in Lafayette, LA in the early '80's bought a slightly used Targa as a "toy" car. He told me that the performance of that thing was just so powerful it was beyond belief. Being an inexperienced driver(at least for that level of performance), he said he almost lost control of it under hard acceleration. He also confided in me that he had never completely "aired it out". i.e. like "launched" it from a dead start on any stretch of road up to and just beyond 1/4 mile. He confessed to me that he was SCARED of it!
Mike A
Mike A 3 ай мурун
why do people keep their turn signals on in the DESIGNATED TURNING LANE?? Seems redundant and stupid. Then when someone switches lanes 2 inches from your bumper....nothin. Gotta love California and their idiot drivers.
Rene Stanneveld
Rene Stanneveld 3 ай мурун
Cool a yellow Ferrari.........
Nicool333 3 ай мурун
My dream car is and always has been a targa. I WILL get it one day.
BSG1982 3 ай мурун
Jay please run for president
Rumple 3 ай мурун
Check the panel gaps at 2.07. Not as precise as suggested....
Abhishek Ramakrishnan
Abhishek Ramakrishnan 3 ай мурун
That sport response pull at 17:26 tho
Andres Ponce
Andres Ponce 3 ай мурун
Porsche is the greatest car manufacturer in the history of the automobile. No question.
Armando Guajardo
Armando Guajardo 3 ай мурун
Looks good
Zissouhere 3 ай мурун
Jay loves Porsches. I do too - Side note: I just watch the videos. Jay drives them
hongo mania
hongo mania 3 ай мурун
The analysis and thought processes of jay, with regards to his cars is fascinating. Need to do a team up with Harry Metcalfe
Seymore Hynee
Seymore Hynee 3 ай мурун
A Porsche is like an F-16 ... In the right hands it will beat anybody ...
anotae 3 ай мурун
You should push the boost full throttle in motion... I guess...
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 3 ай мурун
I don't like the elaborate acrobatics for the new Targa. The type 997 Targa was much better. More like a sunroof, which I prefer. 👌 Also, if it's gonna be a manual, make it a 718 GTS.😁
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