1950 Mercedes Benz Racecar Transporter - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

5 жыл мурун

With a top speed of 108 mph in 1950, this was the world's fastest car transporter and the one vehicle Jay lusted over as a kid, the Mercedes-Benz Racecar Transporter.
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1950 Mercedes Benz Racecar Transporter - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

James Jackson
James Jackson 3 күн мурун
Coolest car you have Jay hands down!!!!
John Estupido
John Estupido 8 күн мурун
He has no kids, made a ton of money, and is enjoying life.
Tim Hitt
Tim Hitt 12 күн мурун
wow what a cool "set" of vehicles
Ken Moeltner
Ken Moeltner 16 күн мурун
My Grandfather was race crew for his employer in NJ and he drove the same rig. So I'm wondering about the "there was only one built". Wish I knew more... (Tried to include a picture, but it won't paste) Did some Google research and it seems the Mercedes sent the Schnelltransport along with a couple of special SL's to George Tilp, who ran the SL's in SCCA class D racing. So my Grandfather did drive the one and only original. Thanks Jay. I probably would never have investigated this had it not been for this video.
Oiseau Denuit
Oiseau Denuit 17 күн мурун
I live Jay Leno! 🥰😍 Thank you for sharing your passion with us!
fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered
fritzdaddy-135mm get staggered 17 күн мурун
I love cars with over hanging Cabs and love mercedes ..but this car is kinda ugly ..not the type of ugly you hate ... but ugly as in weird but ugly weird ...okay its just ugly
Lotus cola
Lotus cola 20 күн мурун
one transporter was sold with a w196 for £19.6 million.
Nathaniel Neveryman
Nathaniel Neveryman 24 күн мурун
He talks about Hollywood so much but when he's showing you his stuff he reminds me of the old rural grampas on my paper route in the '80s.
jesus redondo barrena
jesus redondo barrena 25 күн мурун
they just put a couple of big dents in a million dollar jewel,and Jay is ``who careeeeees?´´.I love this show
Will Foster
Will Foster 25 күн мурун
Wondering if not dropping the front shocks will help create a better angle to load and unload?
Sharif Hamida
Sharif Hamida 27 күн мурун
So that’s the first Mercedes sprinter
Perica Benic
Perica Benic Ай мурун
This combination is a pure show.
rick white
rick white Ай мурун
Jay is too Kool like him more now than I ever did
Pier G.
Pier G. Ай мурун
I like this guy so much !!! I did not have a chance to know him as a show man, only as a car collector ! And I could listen to him talking about his collection non stop for hours !
Oscar Vilche
Oscar Vilche Ай мурун
I would love to see this in Forza Horizon and/or as a Hot Wheels Team Transport set
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Ай мурун
Jay looking sleepy in this video. Screw the paint job. Jay has trimmed down and looks rested in the Corvair truck video made later during Covid ridiculousness.
ourtime-downhere Ай мурун
"Race cars weigh between 1800-3500 pounds, it's not meant to haul a ton of bricks..." that line made me laugh. I knows it's a phrase, not literal but that was funny.
Eric Kona Peper
Eric Kona Peper Ай мурун
Drives like a Fire Engine 🚒🖖🏼🇺🇸
They we build and drive for love of game
Cheryl Ostrow
Cheryl Ostrow Ай мурун
He lived off his stand up for all his career in comedy so obviously had lots of extra money invested. He doesn’t get enough credit for his brilliance and emotional intelligence. He has truly lived out his passions and interests and doesn’t sweat the small stuff - like a scratch on a car. How many people in every century have done this? Johnny Carson was a natural at what he did but not great at the rest of the pieces of his life. Jay’s passion is infectious. I’m a big fan of Newport, RI and he even went full circle when he bought the estate in New England. Hope to return there this summer with my toddler granddaughters. I facilitated anger. control and domestic violence groups for almost 30 years and witnessed people losing their minds and lives over nothing. If I was still doing groups I would add Jay to my curriculum examples of someone with emotional health.
BigDogTwenny9niny2 Ай мурун
i could tell that ramp was subject to collapse when that dummy put it perpendicular to the ramp like it would be laid flat. But Jay as classy as ever shrugs it off.
Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal
Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal Ай мурун
one of my favourite cars love it jay
Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns Ай мурун
Jay Leno's Garage and the Vice Grip Garage are the two best shows on KGglobal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns Ай мурун
Jay's videos never disappoint!
filthy animal
filthy animal Ай мурун
How does it go up a driveway?
DrLeroyGreen Ай мурун
Crummy paint job or no, Jay could not have been happy about scraping that rocker panel.
Cracked Emerald
Cracked Emerald Ай мурун
If it was any more cab forward it wouldn't have front wheels.
Lord Frazer Irwin
Lord Frazer Irwin Ай мурун
Awesome I think is the word these days! Was there a specific reason for the very forward forward control? The world would be a lesser place without folk like Jay and his fantastic crew. Thank you again for another visit to your garage of surprises.
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov Ай мурун
This thing exist, at the Mercedes museum in Stuttgart. But Jay also having one is impressive )
Bimo Setyo Budi
Bimo Setyo Budi Ай мурун
Hotwheels should add to team transport :)
KNITE081778 Ай мурун
I like the non pomp and loudness with Jay just doing these imtimate videos of his collection by himself. I feel like I'm just hanging out with an old friend talking to me about his car. Very refreshing.
Do you own a Tesla? Bad news of tesla accidents and service in China..
Awesome. Love ❤ from India. It's great to hear you explaining of the vehicle.
cat637d Ай мурун
sergio 2 ай мурун
Great video Jay. Thank you very much.
Amir Kazemi
Amir Kazemi 2 ай мурун
over engineered tow truck
Amir Kazemi
Amir Kazemi 2 ай мурун
13:40 he totally scraped the car unloading it
Dennis D. Cherry Sr.
Dennis D. Cherry Sr. 2 ай мурун
I must say that jay gets his taxpayers worth of use of the roads because he even uses the lanes he isn't supposed to be in. jk
Montara 2 ай мурун
I frikin love this truck
port nut
port nut 2 ай мурун
That dash is amazing, what talent!! You just dont see that today .
3.r.d eye
3.r.d eye 2 ай мурун
The only elitest that is extremely down to earth and could talk for hours about some of the greatest and innovative vehicles ever built stays keeping it real man
Richard Carew
Richard Carew 2 ай мурун
looks like driving a trailer down the road with no actual trailer... I love this machine Mr Leno... thanks for sharing.. if you need a good home for it.. jest let me know bro.. no worries mate
David DeBergh
David DeBergh 2 ай мурун
“There’s no power steering” Bodybuilders : “MY TIME HAS COME!!!”
7980flh 2 ай мурун
Cool truck Never seen before
Bruce MacGlynn
Bruce MacGlynn 2 ай мурун
At first glance I was expecting some kind of articulating steering. I don't remember this vehicle at all. Not that I should I suppose, but it is interesting. Having driven Cab Overs and Cab Forwards this looks as scary as some of the Autocar and Mack trucks back in the day. Of course you can still find some firetrucks that have a bit of this configuration but it just seems implausible. I remember a day attempting to turn to the right in a cab forward bus having to get past the curb so I had to stick so far out so I could clear, turning so hard and feeling like I wasn't part of the vehicle because my turn was behind me. I also came here after you referenced this in your discussion about the Chevy Corvair 95 Rampside. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Jarrett Fayer
Jarrett Fayer 2 ай мурун
those crappy ramps need an upgrade before the rear plastic turns to glass I like transport trucks too, you should fund a transport truck videogame. Everyone loves good physics, and we need more no gun games.
AH AH 2 ай мурун
I never manage to finish these videos....i get so depressed considering how boring todays cars are i have to turn the video off...
Lance Grey
Lance Grey 2 ай мурун
Thanks for sharing your collection and knowledge with us Jay! . . Much appreciated!
Manga Aholic
Manga Aholic 2 ай мурун
That's soo cool. Thanks for sharing
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy 2 ай мурун
This man just DESTROYED a multi million dollar car and kept on filming like nothing happened. Lol.
Crusader1815 3 ай мурун
Thanks for sharing this with us, Jay. Your love for all this rubs off.
Patches Cessna
Patches Cessna 3 ай мурун
I think I’d start barfing after an hour of the ride control in the truck or maybe its the Burbank streets....
Coin Snatcher
Coin Snatcher 3 ай мурун
Brilliant video. Amazing truck 🚚 !
James Bambury
James Bambury 3 ай мурун
I wonder what a modern version of this would look like based on the SLS AMG
Roger That
Roger That 3 ай мурун
That is so cool
James Harrison
James Harrison 3 ай мурун
They forgot the front axle
Pablo Ramirez de Arellano
Pablo Ramirez de Arellano 3 ай мурун
Love the show
Curtis Krawczyk
Curtis Krawczyk 3 ай мурун
The hot huge hub retrospectively groan because cuban outstandingly occur apropos a toothsome armenian. mute, exotic drill
Rocky Slay
Rocky Slay 3 ай мурун
I also buy almost every car that I like... but then from Lego. Go Leno!
Christerart 3 ай мурун
The Pictures are in English... Bilderna är på Engelska...:)
Salat_CZ 3 ай мурун
18:20 Pure True 👍
Steve AnacortesWA
Steve AnacortesWA 3 ай мурун
How much is that scratch going to cost?
Steve AnacortesWA
Steve AnacortesWA 3 ай мурун
That thing floats like a boat, just keeps bouncing.
Matt's Garage
Matt's Garage 3 ай мурун
Very cool build Jay, thanks for sharing!
Bruce Caldwell
Bruce Caldwell 3 ай мурун
I'd rather listen to Jay talk about cars & bikes than the crap like Counting Cars or Orange County Choppers any day of the week. So much more substance to Mr. Lenos approach.
richis65 3 ай мурун
I really enjoy going back and viewing the past episodes. Wonderful vehicle. Jay is AWESOME.
Jon Blondell
Jon Blondell 3 ай мурун
It's obvious this a build means more to you than most of your others. And the beautiful gift of that trophy! Thank you for sharing this!
ExternalInputs 3 ай мурун
Jay's childhood would apear to have been an endless succession of vehicle lusts.
J D 3 ай мурун
Jay , you've shown many of us another amazing vehicle we never heard of ! You've gone the extra mile with this one. Thanks for all you do
norweeg 4 ай мурун
7:21 KGglobal Auto Captions: “Goddamn” it looks kind of cool going down the road. I mean they’re incorrect but they’re not wrong. LMAO
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage 4 ай мурун
UH MAZING! I love this. Thats one of the coolest thing ive ever seen.
Purple Chrissy
Purple Chrissy 4 ай мурун
I love that truck!!! To me it would be fun to drive!
Mira Ajan
Mira Ajan 4 ай мурун
All this best car's 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mira Ajan
Mira Ajan 4 ай мурун
Wow wonderfull classic cars I lake it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bender & Xing - Abel Adventures
Bender & Xing - Abel Adventures 4 ай мурун
You know it’s a good video when the least interesting part of it is a 300SL. God, imagine hammering along at 160kmh in that thing with a race car on the back. What’s German for ‘boing boing boing’? ;-)
John Hatchell
John Hatchell 4 ай мурун
The helpers faces when they just scratched a multi million dollar car with the original race paint job. 😶😲😱 jay beheaded them off camera and rightfully so.
Alan 4 ай мурун
Great video Len, 2 out of 3 for effort 🙌🏼🙌🏼🎬
Brian Herndon
Brian Herndon 4 ай мурун
First time I've heard Jay say something being crazy expensive
William Jones
William Jones 4 ай мурун
It would be the perfect juxtaposition to put a 64 VW Beetle on it.
Garry metts
Garry metts 4 ай мурун
Good job Jay
James Ford
James Ford 4 ай мурун
When you are out front like that, it gives you the feeling you are on a carnival ride.
Fun hobbyist
Fun hobbyist 4 ай мурун
Very nice car👍
Ready72000 4 ай мурун
That transporter is just so cool!
James O'Connor
James O'Connor 5 ай мурун
Great stuff Jay , sounds a bit mad but I only recently came across your channel . Some great car and you’re a lovely guy too! 👍👍👍
Midas Mike
Midas Mike 5 ай мурун
Mercedes has an odd way off doing stuff like that .just crush it boys.
Chev_man _13
Chev_man _13 5 ай мурун
And jayleno scratched it so it went up 150 bucks in value
Neal LaRoy
Neal LaRoy 5 ай мурун
Leno Probably had The Sickest Car Collection out of all The Celebrities 💯💯💯
XtraSpecialMango 5 ай мурун
I bet that beautiful Mercedes Benz always stays on top 😂 👍
Uriel Sarmiento
Uriel Sarmiento 5 ай мурун
Qafi Islam
Qafi Islam 6 ай мурун
Jay Leno should do a video about the Shelby American race car transporter with the Cobra and the Daytona Coupe.
lukespack 6 ай мурун
Jay there is a car right on your tail.
john carrington
john carrington 6 ай мурун
3 people to off load it and it still got damaged and a near ramp collapse oh dear bad day Jay.
Jimf 6 ай мурун
Great vehicle. I have seen the one in the Mercedes Museum and thought it was the coolest truck.
nightlightabcd 6 ай мурун
For most guys, having such a gull winged Mercedes in their garage would be their pride and joy, but for Jay, it's just a prop for the Mercedes transporter replica! I was in disbelief when they slashed a two foot streak in his gull wing Mercedes. But I'm sure these guys won';t have any trouble fixing that!
tonysshadow 6 ай мурун
Rich guys dont bother me in the least...I just say good for them. But when I see rich guys that use their money to enhance their skills, their talents, their love for the same in other people.....I just feel pride and admiration. I also feel as rich
Doak Bettis
Doak Bettis 6 ай мурун
Thanks for sharing Jay !! That is an awesome vehicle 😉👍
Laurie Cook
Laurie Cook 6 ай мурун
I get the feeling Jay is specifically using these videos as a future preservation tool. One day sadly Jay will be gone, and his cars auctioned off (hopefully on many decades). You KNOW that each of these videos will be played with the car, and will be treasured by the future owner. It's almost like Jay is speaking directly into the future.
Loulovesspeed 6 ай мурун
I'm a bit surprised that Jay didn't explain the reason for the extreme overhang, which is the signature feature of this transporter. Mercedes wanted a short as practical wheelbase to facilitate handling in the crowded paddock areas they needed to maneuver in. Oh well, even Jay's not perfect! Lol
Swamp Rat
Swamp Rat 6 ай мурун
There isn't a lot of leg room for you.
Armand WolfGang
Armand WolfGang 7 ай мурун
Jays a stand up guy, good to have him in this pandemic keeping us from going nutz from boredom
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