Enjoy Pastoral Smells In The 1955 Bristol 403 - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

2 ай мурун

The Bristol 403 is an understated yet proper motor car that is appointed with superleggera construction, aircraft styling, aerodynamic shape, and is the most British car of all the British cars.
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
Enjoy Pastoral Smells In The 1955 Bristol 403 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Gratz Buck
Gratz Buck 2 саат мурун
Jay, your comment that it wouldn't be British if there weren't some oil leaks, reminded me of a joke a friend, who was a classic MG sports car enthusiast & restorer told me, "Do you know why the British never made a watch?, they never figured out how to make it leak oil."
Pax Humana
Pax Humana 14 саат мурун
I wonder if the more modern Bristol car, namely, the Dodge/Chrysler derived Bristol Fighter, will be covered on this channel?
Paul Horton
Paul Horton 18 саат мурун
Nice that Jay is keeping the name of LJK Setright alive
Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf 3 күн мурун
So this car is basically a 1930s German BMW (like the 326 Sedan) with a very British interiour design. Truly an interesting mixture but not really the peak of innovation in 1950s automobile industry. No wonder this company has ceased to exist.
skinhead82 4 күн мурун
Only meant to watch the Bentley Mulliner vid, 2 hours laters still watching lol
skinhead82 4 күн мурун
Lovely car to look at.
Christopher Batty
Christopher Batty 6 күн мурун
QUART FROM A PINT POT: I owned two B400 - x 3 baby side draught SU @ 85HP. For F1 & LeMan, 160 reliable horsepower was realised...all this from PRE-WW11 engine. Beautiul, smooth ...amazing steering two-finger steering. Brilliant in cross wind at speed. As aircraft engineer, particularly with the 400, you would see aircraft engineering applications - later models utilised the first aircraft - developed mulitple-skin panels.
John Nightingale
John Nightingale 8 күн мурун
Truly beautiful car. Well done Brits.
noggin48 8 күн мурун
The name Bristol, was also a Bus, Coach and Truck builder, the most famous coach operator was Royal Blue Coach Services, they almost always operated Bristol's, although the bodywork was nearly always by Eastern Coach Works of Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Bristol Buses, were not normally built for London, they had more important things to do, like help keep the rest of the country operating. One bus operator with the largest operating areas, was Crosville, North and Mid Wales, up to Liverpool, Cheshire, Staffordshire and the Midlands, operating with a nearly 100% Bristol fleet. Crosville was a Thomas Tilling Company, so much of the other operators were the most famous bus operators, mostly all operating Bristol's, Southern National, Western National, Red & White, Thames Valley Traction, South Midland, United Counties, Eastern National, Lincolnshire, Western Welsh, Trent, Northwestern, Ribble, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire Woolens, United, East Kent, Cumberland, Aldershot & District and that was just the Tilling Companies. So you can see, that the name Bristol and their sounds, were in every young boy's local town!
Matt Mohrman
Matt Mohrman 10 күн мурун
This reminds me of my old 1967 SAAB 96 v4
Enwin's Motors
Enwin's Motors 11 күн мурун
Magnificent cars. I managed to persuade Tony Crooks, the owner of Bristol to let me film their updated saloon when I produced motoring programmes. At the time they famously NEVER let journalists near their cars. Every Bristol has a story. Magnificent cars.
NIc Fewer
NIc Fewer 11 күн мурун
Our family doctor here in Waterford, Ireland had one and a later model, a rare car in Ireland. The actor Stewart Granger bought a pair of convertible 403's, one for himself and one for his then wife, actress Jean Simmons. Her one still exists in England his may be hidden away in Hollywood somewhere.
firemonkey zodiac
firemonkey zodiac 12 күн мурун
100 hp from a 2 litre engine was a lot back in the day when they had low octane fuel. The average 2 litre would be a 4 banger with an output of 65 hp.
tridbant 13 күн мурун
That's how you know it's alive by the oil leaks.
Tommy Thärning
Tommy Thärning 14 күн мурун
Bristol went under in 2020
ISTP 196
ISTP 196 15 күн мурун
The steering part is called a "yoke". 😉
Jourwalis -
Jourwalis - 15 күн мурун
Freewheel. Just like on the first Saab:s.
Jourwalis -
Jourwalis - 15 күн мурун
By the way, the DS didn´t have vent windows either. It was the first car to have special ventilation outlets in the dashboard. The DS also had frameless windows on all four doors!
Jourwalis -
Jourwalis - 15 күн мурун
Classic Michelin X tyres!!
Jourwalis -
Jourwalis - 15 күн мурун
A bit like the Swedish aeroplane manufacturer SAAB.....
Jourwalis -
Jourwalis - 15 күн мурун
In 1955 the most french of all french cars was also introduced: The Citroen DS! Say no more!
SIMPLY Takuma 15 күн мурун
Very nice Bristol, i like it the Fighter, sad that they dont make cars anymore.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 17 күн мурун
Beautiful Car thank you very much for sharing it with us
jay morris
jay morris 17 күн мурун
It's a stunning machine, something Carry Grant or Barnes Wallace would or should drive.
kathy guinto
kathy guinto 18 күн мурун
Cool car,I wouldn't mind having that one myself.John Guinto
Михаил Категов
Михаил Категов 19 күн мурун
In my opinion, this car looks like a mix of jaguar mark 1/ mark 2 and BMW of those years (because of radiator grill). It just my oppinion.
Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry 20 күн мурун
Imagine if a 1955 Citroen DS has this amazing 6 cylinder 3 carbie 2 litre engine... Of the flat 6 that was originally intended for it...??
Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey 20 күн мурун
27:20 The speedometer would read in miles Jay, not kilometres.
Axiom Atik
Axiom Atik 20 күн мурун
Looks like some weird torsion bar set up on the rear suspension lower arm there.
Sailfire1 22 күн мурун
A Bristol 403 used to be parked one street away from in the 1970s - a white one with a red interior. . As kids we kept looking at it, sort of figuring it out, as it didn't look like anything else. Nice to know more about the car. I remember the Bristol showroom on Kensington High Street too. It had an air about it that purchasing a car was by invitation only. I hope Bristol can come back one day. They made one of my favourite planes of WW2 - the Beaufighter - a great night fighter, sub and tank--killer and convoy-buster.
qwa dpj
qwa dpj 23 күн мурун
I miss Johnny Carson. I'm so glad that Jay Leno is doing well and having fun driving his cool cars around.
Varoluşsal Sancılar
Varoluşsal Sancılar 23 күн мурун
one of the best looking cars ive ever seen.
Phil May
Phil May 24 күн мурун
My favourite part is when Jay puts the car on the lift. I find it very therapeutic listing to him affectionately explain all the intricacies of the process undercarriage. It’s like taking a verbal Valium, the way it relaxes me.
Tom Collins
Tom Collins 26 күн мурун
"The most british of british cars" *Engine and front grill derived from BMW.*
jwmc41 26 күн мурун
Did he mention the body is made aluminum?
Mac Cat
Mac Cat 27 күн мурун
I've listened to Jay, who is from Italian stock mispronounce "leggera" to often to not say something. The 'gg' in "leggera", which means light weight, should sound like the 'j' in Jay not 'g' as in Gary. I hope that helps when you go to buy another Italian designed or made or named super car 😁
Darren Golay
Darren Golay 28 күн мурун
I regularly see a very tatty 403 driving around the local area. Bodywork unpolished and seats torn. Sounds great though, so must be mechanically good. I only live 25 miles south of Bristol and I’ve never seen another. A very rare car indeed.
ole christiansen
ole christiansen 28 күн мурун
Hi Jay, thanks for your magnificent videos. I think the Bristol has similarities to the Saab 1958, which was also made by flight engineers.
Jay! How LONG is that muffler?
Porter John
Porter John 29 күн мурун
I just love the sound of that engine. I wish there was cut outs on the exhaust so I could hear that 2 liter bark.
That engine sounds beautiful. Beautifully balanced. It sounds stout without being excessive I have seen one. And I read about this car years ago. Than you for satisfying my curiosity.
paul hardy
paul hardy 29 күн мурун
Bristol all so built trucks and buses
Paul Hitchcock
Paul Hitchcock 28 күн мурун
Different organisation It's a bit awkward to set out!
John Smith
John Smith 29 күн мурун
I wonder why the speedometer is in kilometres? a beautiful wooden dashboard and buttons you just have to press.
Julian adams
Julian adams 29 күн мурун
As a UK viewer a Bristol has a special place in our automotive history. Wonderful review of an equally wonderful car. I just love Jay's anecdotes from his Tonight show days.
Alan Houston
Alan Houston Ай мурун
Great show, Jay: You explain the mystery of the Bristol brilliantly and the fact that even in England very few people knew of it. This video brings back memories of my college friend Rob, whose family had Bristols in the late 60's which they drove daily as well as taking on hill climbing races at the weekends. Keep posting your great classic cars: such an antidote to the dreariness of pandemic lockdown!
RockstarBruski Ай мурун
Beautiful body design! 600k mile engine life is impressive for that age of car! I always think those tubes are innovative for weight savings.
Deane Bristow
Deane Bristow Ай мурун
Thanks for the view under the vehicle! The bones of the "carcass" are well worth viewing.
NSXTypeRGTRLM Ай мурун
No need to apologize for the content, you're doing fine! We appreciate you doing reviews on your collection even without a full film crew.
Grrgory Armitage
Grrgory Armitage Ай мурун
Love Lenos garage,coffee for me please.👍♨😊
Christo Guichard
Christo Guichard Ай мурун
Never realised Jay was half Scots? Just like Trump. 🤣
Paul Cummins
Paul Cummins Ай мурун
Thank you Jay, this profile did bring back some great memories for me. As a young Australian mechanic working in London in the early 1980's I had a good friend whose cars I helped look after. My favourite was his Bristol Zagato 406. It had the same engine (with three single barrel Solex carburettors) mated to Salisbury 4 speed box with a Laycock overdrive. The overdrive was operated by a toggle on the dash and worked very well. It had Dunlop disc brakes, like several of his other British classics; all of which I had to overhaul as they didn't fare well on the salted roads. Although I did a lot of work on it I only had one opportunity to drive it - but what a drive! My friend wanted me to inspect an Aston Martin DB2 which was located in Southampton. We drove down in the Bristol, I inspected the Aston, gave my friend the nod, he handed over the dosh and threw me the Aston keys suggesting I follow him back to London. The Aston was so cramped for my 6'2" frame that I feared that I would never keep up with my friend who was a good and fast driver. Reluctantly, he took over the DB2 and I followed in the 406. My friend was not one to dawdle and what followed on that summer evening was one of the most satisfying drives of my life as we headed back to London at full noise. The Bristol engine really is a little magical - if I hadn't known better I would have sworn it was four litres. In essence, it was such a refined and balanced car on the open road. Phoning the Bristol dealer in London was always pretty hilarious too. I had wanted to order a workshop manual but was informed that there was no such thing. I was assured that this was not a problem as I could phone the workshop manager at any time for any specification or procedure and he would be able to assist. This indeed was true; any requested specification - no matter how obscure e.g. overdrive clearances - would be provided without hesitation on the phone. (I hope he wasn't making it up.) My friend also had a beautiful Jensen 541S (long wheelbase) and a CV8, but for me, the Zagato bodied 406 was the car I'll never forget driving.
Thomas Pelley
Thomas Pelley Ай мурун
I love the sound of that inline six!
Peregrine McCauley
Peregrine McCauley Ай мурун
The British Bristol has leapt from the pages of an John Le Carre spy novel , into the lap of one Jay Leno .
Carl Cushman Hybels
Carl Cushman Hybels Ай мурун
Great,. I've heard of but never seen a Bristol. Wonderful sounding engine. Q; with no door handles, how do you open the door from outside? -- Ahah, a button.
samson3000 Ай мурун
I definitely prefer the "one man show / pandemic edition" format to this multi-cam version. This video could have used some more editing -- Jay repeats himself, sometimes more than once. I find this car quite beautiful from all views except straight on front -- The front end is too "busy" with all the disparate lights and other pieces. I also do not care for the split front bumper. Overall, a lovely car, especially in that mahogany color.
Z-Twinturbo Ай мурун
when do we get to know about that black car coming from france at 17:20 ?! :D
tuberesu Ай мурун
Three days ago my car had to have its annual test (known in the UK as the MOT). I took it to a place just twenty minutes from my home , the Hayne's Motor Museum Based in Sparkford, Somerset (home of the Hayne's workshop manuals) . I thought of you while I while waiting for my 2005 Focus C Max, was given a strict checkover; I spent the time looking enviously at an immaculate 1935 Alvis that was waiting for a wash and brush up. The museum itself is full of cars of all nationalities from 1900 onward. They also have great mechanics and body men; I'm sure you could spend hours there! Of course, geographically, Bristol is not too far away and is known as the gateway to the West Country and once you find the A303 road, you follow it to the Sparkford roundabout and the museum is just off there. I like your videos, always full of in depth knowledge and enthusiasm thanks for a look at the immaculate Bristol. The C Max passed, by the way!
MilesBellas Ай мурун
24:41 The UK is generally cool .....cars never used to have AC. Buildings and houses don't generally. Hospitals unfortunately don't have AC with UVC allowing the virus to mass infect hospitals patients etc.... Nobody really understands what it is......like burritos, Gilligan's Island etv ....
marcus lambert
marcus lambert Ай мурун
so she's a luxury car witha trippy motor & a sand rail frame & the gorgeous lines .& a luxury aircraft interior.
Bristol Rich
Bristol Rich Ай мурун
I went to college across the road from where these were originally built and later restored and it always was always great to see them on the road. A regular spot was an aerodynamic prototype being used as a daily which was hanging on for dear life...
george waite
george waite Ай мурун
thank you for your comments re the British people/character. I worked for the Bristol Aircraft co and I can vouch for your comments re their attitude to quality and craftsmanship
Ken Demers
Ken Demers Ай мурун
This was a very enjoyable video. I knew nothing about Bristol automobiles until watching this video. I have a 1974 MGB which is certainly not in the same league as this Bristol, but I understand Jay's appreciation for classic British cars. It's just hard to explain what makes them so special, but Jay did a good job of explaining his experience with owning and driving this car.
Dana Helmheckel
Dana Helmheckel Ай мурун
that is a sexy car!
monzadh Ай мурун
Jay may want to rethink the editing here, I literally thought I was talking to my 85 year old grandfather who keeps repeating himself over and over.....
Josh Mills
Josh Mills Ай мурун
Jay i think you brilliant at conveying the emotion of the experience.
lwtrans07 Ай мурун
What type of suspension spring used for rear axle?
harry eisermann
harry eisermann Ай мурун
Aluminium body? well it was stolen from BMW, yes haha , whats left of British cars ? today hmmm Brexit will kill the last of it, g bye
James Stewart
James Stewart Ай мурун
Ah..splendid ;)) regards uk.
haydne Ай мурун
As an English man I have to say, what a great car!!!!
vic bauwens
vic bauwens Ай мурун
It’s so British that it actually needed German technology, nothing changed 😅
David Hudson
David Hudson Ай мурун
Setright! The man, the myth, the legend. No one could write about cars half as well.
Noe Schmoe
Noe Schmoe Ай мурун
In 1955 I'm sure every American automotive engine had an automatic oil pump. This thing has a manual foot peddle powered oil pump? I must have misunderstood...confused here lol. Perhaps that one shot of oil was to make sure the top end had oil at start-up, and the internal oil pump took care of business thereafter? Oh, I listened to the rest of video and it lubes the chassis. Der!
Charles van der Hoog
Charles van der Hoog Ай мурун
I am so happy that there is Jay Leno who is American but acts like a real car lover and in spite of being American does not turn everything into gross types of machocars.
David Roxburgh
David Roxburgh Ай мурун
I own a 401 - almost the same - the 403 had better brakes and slightly more power. Things that Jay didn't mention: not only can you open the bonnet from either side, you can also remove it entirely for ease of access by simply undoing one nut; the fuel filler flap opens from inside the car by pressing a button hidden in the rear passenger side armrest; Bristol only built 920 of the 401/403 from 1948-1955, Jay's is one of the last ones built; many were butchered for their engines which were used in a number of other sportscars notably the AC Ace; the body is all aluminium for lightness, just like the aircraft; no Bristol ever had the after-market blingy chromed wheels that Jay's has - very un-British! They were originally painted steel wheels with chrome hubcaps. Jay is correct, LJK Setright was the most informed, erudite and opinionated motoring journalist ever- what a hero!
Adlai 8
Adlai 8 Ай мурун
I really love watching your videos jay just so relaxing and I get to learn things about cars to
Lew Google
Lew Google Ай мурун
Maybe like a Saville Row suit? Brooks Bros is or was a symbol of USA quality men's wear. Of course, no longer. I have always loved these cars. Used to own a mint AC Bristol roadster.
Jay Leno , nobody went to the moon , all lies , wake up Man , Blessings
Henry Bowden
Henry Bowden Ай мурун
Apparently there was a saying: If you came into money you bought a Jag or even a Roller but if you had class you ORDERED a Bristol. My dad served his apprenticeship with Bristol and before he was called up into the Royal Navy toward the end of the war, he was making wing and body panels for Bristol cars and Beaufighter aircraft. He told me stories of some of the tricks employed to get the cars past final inspection - such as inflating one front tyre more than the other to compensate for a difference in the height of the wings. His tools were incredible with a huge range of metal planishing tools, hammers with strange heads, 'files' with extremely fine teeth and even wooden tools which he used when going for the high finish required before painting. Most of those skills have been lost now as cars are thrown together.
Ros Perry
Ros Perry Ай мурун
G'day from Down Under (Wollongong NSW) I have seen the twin of this car twice (once about 20 years ago in Wollongong & again about 10 years ago in our Southern Highlands - about 80 kms from here- They are awesome -sex on wheels- Jay could you do a presentation about 'Fronty Fords'? I didn't think there were any in Australia but I saw one 3 years ago and was fascinated by the story of how the Chevrolet Bros made overhead valve heads for T Model Fords that doubled the power. Thanks for good Covid therapy
Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson Ай мурун
D.E.D. lives
The Tooner
The Tooner Ай мурун
I wasn't having a good day but a virtual tour of and ride in your Bristol with you turned it around. Thank you Mr. Leno.
Steven Homan
Steven Homan Ай мурун
lovely car. as a kid in australia a neighbour had an aluminium bodied one, maintained to a high polish. boy i loved that car.
Der ohne Namen
Der ohne Namen Ай мурун
I would love to hear the cars starting!!!
Jj Ай мурун
It's crazy how ugly modern cars are.
Daniel S
Daniel S Ай мурун
Jay Leno is an amazing guy. Honestly.
Brown Green
Brown Green Ай мурун
Brags about the British aircraft company that won WW2, yet it has a German engine, lol.
DJ 1
DJ 1 Ай мурун
Thank you Jay!! Anyone who wants to correct or criticize Jay on any issue should do so with courtesy and respect for what he does in presenting these treasures in a fun and friendly informative manner ..... “Thank you Jay!!”👍
otto von ottsville
otto von ottsville Ай мурун
Anybody wonder if that's asbestos around the battery?
Bill Cobbett
Bill Cobbett Ай мурун
Volkswagen was offered to Lord Nuffield after WW2 and he turned it down. He figured they had nothing to offer. Doh!
Bill Cobbett
Bill Cobbett Ай мурун
Thank you for namechecking Setright, one of the best motoring writers of all time. I still remember his pieces in 'CAR' magazine.
Cornish Rider
Cornish Rider Ай мурун
The cars haunted, they keys in the ignition never stop swinging! Odd that a right hand drive car has a KPH speedo? Beautiful car, about 20 years ago regularly used to see one daily driven here in the UK.
colin warner
colin warner Ай мурун
Hello all, I was born 10 years before this Bristol car, in Bristol which until we joined the E.U had a massive aircraft industry, even for a big city, everyone knew of someone who worked in it. When I was a lad it was not rare to see a great looking Bristol car, the engine on you great car sir, sounds like a small prop engined plane taxiing on the runway. A really wonderful programme. Thanks from Great Britain, sorry I mean the UK.
john carrington
john carrington Ай мурун
who invented it?
Kar P
Kar P Ай мурун
I used to pass their showroom on Kensington High Street every day. Very bespoke.
John Holmes
John Holmes Ай мурун
thhe sporting man's roller
Brock Kilburn
Brock Kilburn Ай мурун
Watched this video 2 weeks ago, saw a Bristol 1 week ago, now they're a favourite of mine.
Bne Logic
Bne Logic Ай мурун
Don't forget that Bristol also built the very successful Pegasus radial engine as well as the Centaurus which used sleeve valves. Also the company developed in conjunction with Armstrong Siddeley the brilliant axial flow jet engine the Olympus. This engine caused Rolls Royce to buy out Bristol Siddeley as RR was not able to build a very good jet engine!! David
VC YT Ай мурун
Bristol still make their Bullet model - tho it costs a fortune !
pinkace Ай мурун
Jay: calmly shows how the hood can be opened from either side of the car. Us: WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT
TheWacoKid1963 Ай мурун
Not bad for someone start out building buses, Mr George White
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