1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition - Jay Leno's Garage

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1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition. It's the amazing car Jay's lusted after since he was 14 years old, and today's episode is packed with all kinds of amazing footage! We've got a book review, a road test, and Chrysler's original promotional video.
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1963 Chrysler Turbine: Ultimate Edition - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

Flammable 281
Flammable 281 Саат мурун
January 1963 the first body of the turbine car came from Italy. I was born Jan 5 1963. It’s cool to think me and this car are the same age.
Gary Stratton
Gary Stratton 2 саат мурун
I am 68 and never heard of this car either. I was an auto mechanic and rebuilt many a chrysler transmission in my day.. Now I am obsessed with motorcycles and I own 12 of those from the 70's and 80's. Thanks Jay for this film..I know it's been out for 10 years but this is the first time I have seen it.. Really cool history.
Annie Yahu
Annie Yahu 13 саат мурун
Thank you Jay for the history and sharing a demonstration with us!! It was a great car and engineering marvel. Knowing how it could run on many different types of fuel shows how something like it could be duplicated. The smoothness of the engine is amazing and yes I agree it sounds like an electric car of today. ❤
Jim Williams
Jim Williams Күн мурун
That power plant is a piece of work. I can see many applications for it that'd fill a niche right now. Also can already see a really cool way to get more power from one.
Dino A
Dino A Күн мурун
I remember seeing the Chrysler Turbine car at the Vancouver (Canada) Intl Auto show. I was a young kid, but I remember staring at the car, lots of hype with people surrounding it but I didn't know anything about it, but I distinctly remember the color and the rear end styling that looked mesmerizing to me. My dad took me to many new car car shows, but this car and few others stand out that I can remember. Jay does a nice job of telling the story. Thanks.
Ron Mueller
Ron Mueller Күн мурун
I think I was 13, or 14 years old when I saw one in Chicago on the interstate. I thought it was amazing. At least I saw one.
mark kenward
mark kenward Күн мурун
As a Detroiter I saw the turbine cars occasionally on the road....
jacky mai
jacky mai 2 күн мурун
The draconian education typically guide because heron uncommonly object lest a capable tsunami. sparkling, scrawny organ
G F 2 күн мурун
In 1967 I bought a 1961 E-TYPE Jaguar convertible. (Roadster] off of a used car lot in Miami called Orange Motors. I financed it through the teachers credit union because I was at that time a high school Biology teacher. The car was previously owned by a Dr. and he had it painted. CHRYSLER TURBINE BRONZE. What a beautiful car. Some day I'm going to buy an XKE and paint it. CHRYSLER TURBINE BRONZE. !!!!!
Oliver Vigilia
Oliver Vigilia 2 күн мурун
who came here after watching Vinwiki featuring Steve Lehto talking about the turbine car and Jay Leno? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
L R 2 күн мурун
they destroyed them because of import taxation from italy
John Kavanaugh
John Kavanaugh 2 күн мурун
Boy I'd like to be cruising down the road there in Burbank J, Brings back memories of being born in Burbank and growing up in Cypress, Cruising in my Pontiac With my pals at Kennedy high On Walker and Moody, Those were good old times when my mom and dad were alive, For the 10 million time J, You got a lot of nice cars, Unique and priceless, definitely, Sincerely,John D.Kavanaugh jr.
Bryce A
Bryce A 2 күн мурун
The semi trucks were something special as-well! Crazy times!! Cheap fuel and clean skies…
Nigel W
Nigel W 2 күн мурун
Thanks Jay, I thoroughly enjoyed that thank you mate, Cheers 🍻
Pat Masco
Pat Masco 3 күн мурун
Jay...hair and make up please. Miss you jay.
Some Person
Some Person 3 күн мурун
It's a beautiful car.
john davis
john davis 3 күн мурун
Meet Jay Jetson... Does Jay ever change his clothes?? I'm sure this is the same shirt and pants he wore on Overhauling and several other guests appearances.
38911bytefree 3 күн мурун
Talk about radical .... NICE CAR and NICE CONCEPT
Louis Almeida
Louis Almeida 4 күн мурун
Turbine, Viper, Prowler, Demon, Dakota sport Vert, Little red express, SRT V10 pickup, crazy Charger Daytona, boy is Chrysler the only company that has the balls to takes chances!
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 3 күн мурун
Had... R.I.P. Chrysler, its just the Big Two left now... Ford and General Motors.
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance 4 күн мурун
Too bad his mouth and the music never let you hear the damned car. It's all about Jay....lol
Taking Off91
Taking Off91 5 күн мурун
Nice! Very nice!
Prince Uxas
Prince Uxas 5 күн мурун
That rear end 🔥🔥👌👌
L C 5 күн мурун
What a gorgeous car!
Paul N
Paul N 6 күн мурун
I remember seeing the Turbine , probably this one at the New York World Fair in 1964 , I was 11 but still remember clearly
Dallis B
Dallis B 6 күн мурун
Of all of Jay's cars. This is my favorite. It would be cool if he had an STP turbine engine race car too. My two all time favorites.
trmdan 7 күн мурун
the "60's type connectors" @16:21 look like thermocouples for measuring temperature. Same connector is still in widespread use today.
Joe R
Joe R 7 күн мурун
Tur-byne. Man, both of these guys say "turban". Sounds like Jay is driving a vacuum cleaner.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 7 күн мурун
Its a FRENCH word and its pronounced Tur-_ben_
Ruth Holtz
Ruth Holtz 7 күн мурун
Thanks Jay for saving American History
Dylan Dean
Dylan Dean 7 күн мурун
no one else can hear those lights god damn! melting your brain in that garage
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 7 күн мурун
A jet turbine powered motorbike would be in 3rd world countries since it runs on anything flammable
Lin Mal
Lin Mal 7 күн мурун
'The Turban Car' an engineering experiment that went nowhere. Back in the days of America's Engineering and Manufacturing Supremacy ! Thankyou Jay for preserving an incredible experiment that no company today or since would get approval from their board of directors!
brian bloom
brian bloom 8 күн мурун
I remember seeing this in advertisements, Its a assume vehicle, It does kind of remind me of a ford thunderbird. Great video.
Evan Swinford
Evan Swinford 8 күн мурун
Harrah's Auto Museum had one in the same color. I saw it there back in the seventies.
nobody ??
nobody ?? 8 күн мурун
I saw one demonstrated in the 1964/1965 New York World's Fair. I was young and impressionable. I can still see it in my mind. It was something else!!
James Playz1
James Playz1 9 күн мурун
All of your cars are so clean. Looks and just actually looks like they’ve been washed recently.
zak vandal
zak vandal 9 күн мурун
I would love to be the PDR tech taking those dents out of that car WOW
Falkor ‌
Falkor ‌ 10 күн мурун
Sweetlemonade97 10 күн мурун
Half the time it just sounds like a vacuum lmao.
De'Lineadeus 10 күн мурун
*Why is it Americans are incapable of pronouncing the word - Turbine. There is an 'e' on the end of it, the 'e' a is Not Silent. Its pronounced Ter-byne, like Rhyne or Pine, or Fine. ...'Not' Ter-bin, like Bin, Tin or win.*
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 9 күн мурун
@De'Lineadeus I made the assumption that you could distinguish the difference between a type of Brayton Cycle engine and a hat.. There are many types of hats and headwear, If man puts something on the top of his head and I call it a "hat" certainly you would get the basic idea?
De'Lineadeus 9 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen Your original comment was explicitly about pronunciation of a word, not its spelling. Flipping the coin on that, doesn't add anything to your original point, it detracts from it. If your point on spelling was valid, I could easily say Turbine is spelt Turbine, Not Tur-ben. P.s ...A Turban is not a hat, it is a head rap.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 9 күн мурун
@De'Lineadeus The style of Eastern head grear is spelled differently, that hat is a _Turban_
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 9 күн мурун
@De'Lineadeus You are wrong, and I can prove it.
De'Lineadeus 9 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen Tur-ben is how you pronounce a a particular Male Hindu head rap.
Nigel Anson
Nigel Anson 10 күн мурун
Would be great for Jay to do this car again but in more detail. Up on the hoist, show interior in more detail and start up procedure etc..
Richard Salinetro jr
Richard Salinetro jr 10 күн мурун
Absolutely gorgeous vehicle and a amazing piece of automotive history.such a shame that all but 2 of them were destroyed but it's nice to see that at least one of them is owned,respected and actually driven by one of the most well known automobile collectors in the world.would absolutely love to own this vehicle.
Numjro 10 күн мурун
I'm going to st. louis in a few days, and I'm goig to actually see one of these cars! I'm really excited!
Hail Kol
Hail Kol 11 күн мурун
Jay Leno break the California cup rules he drove his jet Chrysler car with 77 miles which is over the speed limits
Hail Kol
Hail Kol 11 күн мурун
Leno of course it’s gonna be smoothies there isn’t any moving parts everything’s Rotates
Michael Dicarlo
Michael Dicarlo 11 күн мурун
I love how all these old instruction videos always have the guy with the same voice lol
Michael Dicarlo
Michael Dicarlo 11 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen I was thinking of that too. It must be the microphone technology then unless they had one guy do all of them lol
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 11 күн мурун
That is a great question, I always noticed this too and was surprised to discover that it has a lot to do with microphone technology at the time.
Bruce 11 күн мурун
At the 1964-65 World's Fair, where the car was exhibited (as described by Jay), there was an accompanying film. In it, there was a segment where Chrysler was looking for an automotive engineer who was so into cars, that he is shown eating a cookie in the shape of a car. My recollection is fuzzy, but it went something like this: "We want someone who lives, breathes and eats cars" - with the engineer eating the car cookie as that is spoken.
Smiley Bear
Smiley Bear 11 күн мурун
Turbine swap an rx7 lol
Edward Whakatihi
Edward Whakatihi 11 күн мурун
Cars are made for the road not for museums and my man Jay gets that
stilltlrforlife 11 күн мурун
I love living in the motor city. So much auto history...of course I became an Auto Technician
Verx Waffles
Verx Waffles 12 күн мурун
I wonder if someone could create an exact replica of that body/etc. of the 1963 Chrysler Turbine car and either: A: put in an electric motor/controller/etc.; and perhaps it could be an electric turbine engine that someone builds! Or... B: purchase one of the original engines from Chrysler, and install it in the replica. I think that would be really cool. Especially if they took one of the last few remaining original cars completely apart, took molds of every unique part and take note of what parts they could source elsewhere, and then build their own fleet by using the molds to cast new parts!!! And they would be painted a rich sparkly pastel purple color. It’s just an idea. It would take a lot of time, money, patience and infrastructure to do it. But I feel it’d be worth while!!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful existence!!!
Justin The technician
Justin The technician 12 күн мурун
Martian car that’s all it looks like to me Martian car
Carl Wandrei
Carl Wandrei 12 күн мурун
Great to see this car, now about the car just sad that it didn't make it, but lets not forget about Chrysler engineering. That Chrysler Defense designed of the M1 Abrams tank which as gone through upgrades from the XM1 to the M1IP, M1A1&M1A2SEP tank. At the time when Chrysler and GM were competing for the contract back in 1976 the the M1 tank Chrysler was using a multi-fuel turbine while GM was using diesel engine the same used in the Leopard 2k. Thou the U.S. Army thought the GM was better in all the performance and Armor on 20 July 1976 the US Secretary of the Army Martin Hoffman and a group of generals visited Deputy Defense Secretary Bill Clements and Director of Defense Research and Engineering Malcolm Currie on their decision. US Secretary and generals were surprised when Clements and Currie criticized their decision and demanded the turbine be selected. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld heard both sides of the argument and did a 24 hour review on the issues and delayed the decision for four months. Now with days after that GM was asked to present a new design with a turbine engine and from the Secretary for Research and Development that it was clear solution that Clements and Currie would find acceptable was a turbine engine. It was a political decision that gave Chrysler the award since they were the only contractor with a gas turbine. However, the Chrysler design had advantage with the entire power pack which had room to replace it by any number of engine designs including a Diesel if needed. But the turbine engine is not the only reason for the decision, Chrysler was the only contractor that was serious about tank development. So even though the turbine died for its car design they designed and built a proven powerful tank with a 1500 horsepower turbine engine, I should know I spent 20 plus years on a XM1, M1IP, M1A1, M1A2 and M1A2 Sep as a TANKER and proud of it.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 12 күн мурун
The XM1 prototype that won the Army's XM1 trials was the General Motors XM1 powered by the Continental ACVR-1360 turbocharged multi-fuel Diesel engine. This is the same engine developed from the start of the original MBT-70. Corrupt politicians in Congress overruled the Army's choice after pressure from lobbyists from both the State of Ohio to keep the Lima plant open and Chrysler who operated the Lima plant. General Motors announced rhat if they recieved the contract they would build a new tank plant in California.
ZombieX 12 күн мурун
That thing looks like straight from Fallout games.
Junior Alfaro
Junior Alfaro 12 күн мурун
Soooooo does it do burn outs? How much horse power?????
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 12 күн мурун
A very wimpy 130 hp and a pathetic 18ft.lbs. of torque (440 at the rear wheels)
Silvio Dante
Silvio Dante 12 күн мурун
A great looking vehicle regardless of motor plant
jonathan5111 13 күн мурун
I'm 45 and never heard of this thing
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 13 күн мурун
Why does he pronounce it Tur-ban?
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 13 күн мурун
That's how its pronounced.
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 14 күн мурун
I really enjoyed this.Thanks.
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 14 күн мурун
I saw it at a worlds fair show in 64 or 65 .I was still a puppy then but i remember it along with meeting Craig Breedlove with the Spirit of America.
Health Supreme!
Health Supreme! 14 күн мурун
19:23 Elon Musk: "Hold my beer."
grimmjow sama
grimmjow sama 14 күн мурун
from inside looks more exotic than huaira
Charles Duzzie
Charles Duzzie 14 күн мурун
I was working on the finishing touches at the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills Michigan when they brought the Turbine car to the building. It was a dream come true for a car guy. The smell of jet fuel exhaust ......
Michele Lawford
Michele Lawford 14 күн мурун
The soft puppy mathematically damage because flock interestingly groan with a silent crown. painful, smiling chin
Kyler The Sender
Kyler The Sender 14 күн мурун
My grandfather had one and it was amazing
gkoornhof 14 күн мурун
who knew turban cars could be so cool
gkoornhof 5 күн мурун
@Tinture I had no idea this was such a touchy subject LOL. Google "turbine pronunciation" and see what it says
Tinture 5 күн мурун
@gkoornhof Are you new to this language?
gkoornhof 13 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen Ok!
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 14 күн мурун
@gkoornhof Sounds right... not funny at all.
gkoornhof 14 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen Sounds good
daniel 14 күн мурун
Could someone reverse engineer one and make one?
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 14 күн мурун
Sure, if you have 50 million dollars?
Ford Motor Company experimented with gas turbine engines. I was on my way to Vegas many years ago and was about blown off the road between Wickenburg to Vegas by a Ford with a gas turbine engine. Miles later I caught up to it. The engine was scattered in pieces all over the road and a semi Truck with the Ford oval was cleaning up the highway. I guess they gave up on the idea. Although Ford does have a test tack west of Kingman Arizona where they pound their vehicles to death. Pretty interesting to watch them. I only got to see them in action by Kingman because I was the UPS driver and delivered to them. They got paid to destroy vehicles there. A fun job at the very least.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 14 күн мурун
@FATHER GUIDOSARDUCHI Like I said, its a great story... you just don't have your facts straight.
@Sander Van der Kammen it wasn’t a story. It is truth. The road was blocked temporarily. I was stuck behind it. I asked one of the guys that was cleaning up the road as to what happened. He said the turbine engine had blown up.there were chunks everywhere and oil over the road for over a hundred yards. It was in some kind of car body not a truck.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 14 күн мурун
An interesting annecdote... but Ford's turbine truck is still around its engine died due to a hot start (not an uncontained failure) in Atlanta, Georgia. Good story though...
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 14 күн мурун
All the major manufacturers experimented with gas turbine engines, only Chrysler was crazy (or foolish) enough to build a whole fleet of them.
Echo 5-0-1
Echo 5-0-1 15 күн мурун
11:15 nazis
artierossi music
artierossi music 15 күн мурун
I rode in this car at the '64-'65 NY World's Fair at the Chrysler Pavilion they had a track that encircled the pavilion. At the end they had a contest who ever cheered scream made noise the loudest, won a model of this car. I won one, but it was lost in history. They keep bragging about that turbine engine.
SPO 15 күн мурун
IDK why we don't revisit turbine technology combined with electric. Seems to me a small turbine powering an electric generator is the way to go..
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 15 күн мурун
@SPO You seem familiar only with the advantages of the gas turbine engine? Gas turbine engines have some serious disadvantages too, First, is fuel efficiency in automotive drive cycle operating conditions. While very efficient at 100% of rated power, fuel consumption is horrible below 80%... and consumes the same amount of fuel at idle as 75% power. Longivity is excellent in continuous operation, but reliability plummets when cycled on and off frequently. This is an insurmountable obstacle when combining turbines with rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are easily damaged or destroyed if overcharged. The is no practical or efficient way to charge batteries with a gas turbine.
SPO 15 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen Not sure if I follow you on performance requirements and limitations of a turbine. Most turbines are highly efficient providing outstanding HP to weight ratios, fewer moving parts, long history of service.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 15 күн мурун
Combining a Gas turbine engine with an electric vehicle presents additional disadvantages that renders the concept impractical. The performance requirements and limitations of the turbine engine and rechargeable batteries are completely incompatible.
Miguel Branco
Miguel Branco 15 күн мурун
And now look at Detroit...who wants to live there?
Master Wac
Master Wac 15 күн мурун
This world has to be a simulation on one hand we have a car that can run on anything flammable or you have an electric/gas car such a hard decision on which car I want
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 15 күн мурун
And its very easy to see which concept is successful and the other a failure.
p k
p k 15 күн мурун
I wonder if this car inspired the batmobile
John Wahan
John Wahan 15 күн мурун
Would Love To See My Mom Give A Thumbs Up To Someone On A Ninja Or Any Street Machine And Leave Them In The Dust. Lol... Cops Wouldn't Suspect A Thing. Just A Woman In A 50 Year Old Car Or F 16 With Wheels. ☺
gypsymanjeff 21
gypsymanjeff 21 16 күн мурун
This is half way there ,,IM STILL WAITING FOR MY ,,,JETSONS FLYING CAR,,its not they couldnt or cant ,,they just wont,,,EVER....
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall 16 күн мурун
I have read a few articles about those cars. Very interesting. Rover in the UK also built a turbine car.
Christopher Marshall
Christopher Marshall 15 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen yes. Funny how things have gone full circle with turbine engine powered cars, from early experimentation with several manufacturers, through to the record breakers we have now.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 16 күн мурун
Most of the major manufacturers experimented or developed gas turbine vehicles at some point, BMW was the first in 1944.
All New
All New 16 күн мурун
Thank you Jay for bringing this Important part of automotive history to us.
Moyuh 16 күн мурун
3:09 lol
Angel B
Angel B 16 күн мурун
This would be amazing if they remake this again
IrnMaiden304 16 күн мурун
I thought the Government forced them to destroy every last one ?! .... Guess some didn't get found 😆
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 16 күн мурун
@IrnMaiden304 Chrysler could have kept all of them if they wanted to.. But why throw good money after bad?
IrnMaiden304 16 күн мурун
@Sander Van der Kammen I wasn't aware they allowed them to keep any for a museum piece, let alone one that functions ... That's interesting
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 16 күн мурун
Jays car was part of the Chrysler museum collection.
Bad for Your health
Bad for Your health 16 күн мурун
I’m blown away by how quiet it seems.
B Laquisha
B Laquisha 17 күн мурун
Did Chrysler have any previous experience building turbine engines?
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
No, although the development program began in 1954 Chrysler never sold gas turbine engines commercially.
Jose Antonio Castrellon Jr
Jose Antonio Castrellon Jr 17 күн мурун
Jay mentions the production cost being one of the big reasons it wasn't cost effective to build. I wonder if a bean counter could have gone over it and made it cost effective? Cheap it out, so to speak. If it was low dollar trim, no chrome, manual windows, low dollar design. Then would they have been around a few more years? Could they have put catalytic converters on the exhaust? Or would they just melt? Jay does say they got the temps lower than conventional ICEs.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
The production cost of each gas turbine engine was truly staggering, estimated at $50,000 dollars in 1963 ( equal to 16 new cars) or roughly a half million dollars in today's currency.
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson 17 күн мурун
A Beautiful Car
Apple Bag
Apple Bag 17 күн мурун
i didn't know jay collected bikes also , very cool Ducati, cool car also
Jason Lurf
Jason Lurf 17 күн мурун
What a beautiful car. I'm surprised this was something that was in Italy. I can't believe Chrysler destroyed the cars.
jasonmoore1900 17 күн мурун
@11:00 Swastica in the windmill. If this film came out today, it would be labeled a hate film.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
The "broke" movement believes everything is racist.
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 17 күн мурун
Thanks jay 👍
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez 17 күн мурун
4:56 "America was the Jetsons", back in the 50's and 60's the Chinese barely had piston engines. Wow! Let that sink in, because now almost everything is purchased from "The Flintstones".🤦🏻‍♂️
IWhispering 17 күн мурун
its weird to imagine what the world would look like if this was actually produced and caught on!
Name not found
Name not found 17 күн мурун
That is one fine automobile.
Michael j.
Michael j. 18 күн мурун
How much exhaust smell? Well over 75 mph, cmon guys 150+ 🤔🙀 Afterburner mod? Still incredible car in 2021 for sure.
C117LS 18 күн мурун
Just think about all the cool cars we would have if the EPA didn't crack down so hard.. not to mention 95% of newer vehicles are junk now because of the same reason. Yes we need to me mindful of emissions and the environment, but they never should've cracked down so hard that manufacturers were forced to sacrifice reliability to meet their super strict standards.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
The EPA didn't kill the turbine car..
C117LS 18 күн мурун
Jay Leno said "they didn't want ppl hemi swapping them and other things" Fast-forward 8 years later rich rebuilds is LS swapping a Tesla 😂
GManGT 18 күн мурун
It would be faster if it wasn't for Jay's chin
Terry Rowles
Terry Rowles 18 күн мурун
how did it become a TURBIN car ? how about its a turBINE car
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
The correct pronunciation of the French word Turbine is *Tur-**_ben_*
David Mcconnell
David Mcconnell 18 күн мурун
So the government forces Chrysler to destroy these cars but jay leno can own and drive one ? 🤔
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 17 күн мурун
Because the Chrysler Corporation no longer exists.. Jay acquired the car when the Chrysler assets were liquidated by the new owner, Daimler-Benz (Mercedes-Benz).
DISCO-INFERNO-70 18 күн мурун
Wow, that is truly an amazing car. I'd love to see a modern day version of it, like a retro mod with a modern jet engine and modern suspension and wheels.
Sander Van der Kammen
Sander Van der Kammen 16 күн мурун
Check out Jay's other turbine car.
Anonymous Prepper
Anonymous Prepper 18 күн мурун
I'd love doing work on your properties! Would be great to say I have done. followed you since I was a kid.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom 18 күн мурун
Awesome episode and car...thanks for showing, I didn't knew someting like this existed
Jay Leno's Jet Car
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The Strangest Historical Events, Megalithic Structures and Archeological Discoveries
Pack A Puncher
Көрүүлөр 212 миӊ.
The Life Of An Enderman...
Dream Shorts
Көрүүлөр 1,5 млн
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - LET'S GO!
Mumbo Jumbo
Көрүүлөр 2,5 млн
1932 - The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine
Aaron Maynard
Көрүүлөр 4 млн
1966 Lincoln Continental - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage
Көрүүлөр 2 млн
Ep. 13 100 Years of Car Design: An Overview
Ed's Auto Reviews
Көрүүлөр 335 миӊ.
The Black Ghost: Street Racing Legend - 1970 Dodge Challenger 426 Hemi Documentary
1963 Chrysler Turbine
Motown Digital
Көрүүлөр 84 миӊ.
Tomorrow Is Today, Chrysler Corporation Turbine Car (1963)
Detroit Historical Society
Көрүүлөр 14 миӊ.
The Cars of Tomorrow | Jay Leno's Garage | CNBC Prime
The Life and Death of American Motors Corporation: RCR Car Stories
Pack A Puncher
Көрүүлөр 212 миӊ.
The Life Of An Enderman...
Dream Shorts
Көрүүлөр 1,5 млн
Hermitcraft 8: Episode 1 - LET'S GO!
Mumbo Jumbo
Көрүүлөр 2,5 млн
😍Saving Baby Cow Minecraft #Shorts
Nyan Minecraft
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Sodium metal is soft and squishy
NileRed Shorts
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My Pet Seagull made the cover of a fitness magazine
Feeding Steven
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Magic prank on my husband😂 #shorts by Tsuriki Show
Tsuriki Show
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I am finally ready to speak out.. My truth..
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Logic - Live from the Country
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