1979 Pontiac Trans Am - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

2 ай мурун

American muscle meets Smokey and The Bandit! Thanks to the Audrain Automobile Museum for sharing this ride with us!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the series explores our obsession with all things automotive. From classic cars to supercars and everything in-between, Jay is hitting the road to discover the most exciting, weird and wonderful vehicles ever made and meet the passionate people behind their wheels. Each one-hour themed episode features a mix of stunts, challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews that showcases the colorful history of the automobile. Whether he’s exploring the story of an iconic brand, road-testing the newest super car, or investigating the latest automotive innovations, there is no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the car.
About Jay Leno: Acclaimed TV late night show host, admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children’s book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist…it’s no wonder that Jay Leno is widely characterized as “the hardest working man in show business.”
1979 Pontiac Trans Am - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Maggie Osterberg
Maggie Osterberg 12 саат мурун
I had an '81 Turbo T/A and man, this one takes me back. I love these Trans Ams.
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg 13 саат мурун
yeah, when 55 mph was the limit on highways and was 'highlighted' on the gauge.... YES , Truckers Still use CB radios, its not As popular gen public but They Still use them ...
Adrian Adrian
Adrian Adrian 17 саат мурун
Terrible car let's be honest...
black6turbo Күн мурун
No thx
letterpool Күн мурун
I have always wanted one of these. This one is a nice example! Birth year too... WANT.
Koexistence13 Күн мурун
Radial tuned,? That a gimmick or did it do somethin
Koexistence13 Күн мурун
Always heard these were nice to dtive and more powerful than 220 horse. Wider tires, thicker sway bars 4 wheel disc and dyno at about 250 horse. Remove the plate covering the hood scoop helped as well.
Rick McGrath
Rick McGrath Күн мурун
They couldn't get out of their own way.
NoLongerHuman13 Күн мурун
Would somebody call James May and tell him to come and get his hair back.
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 2 күн мурун
In 79 this was the car to have. Pontiac was the only manufacture who never stopped making big blocks during the gas crisis and smog years. These cars could still be made to go very fast with mods not approved by the gas mileage regulators. Pontiacs Firebirds were always low revs, they were about torque. They were about handling and braking. I had a 79 Firebird in high school, though not as cool as this one. GM should have killed Buick instead of Pontiac.
Trans Am Depot
Trans Am Depot 2 күн мурун
These cars need no explanation! Love to see them getting driven as they should!
dwevors 2 күн мурун
My friend had one in 79. He let me drive it a lot! It was the baddest car around. It would kill the Camaro's. It has always been said it actually had more horsepower than was rated!
Anthony Seay
Anthony Seay 2 күн мурун
Hey jay send me your email address need to speak with you seayanthony228@yahoo.com from Tennessee
Gil Santos
Gil Santos 2 күн мурун
Camaros look like an incomplete Firebird . Change my mind
JD Project
JD Project 2 күн мурун
had the 76 Firebird Formula 400 4 barrel, I use to say it went 0-60 in 3/4 of a tank. If you pinned the pedal, you could actually see the fuel gauge drop. But, they were fun!
gaguy1967 2 күн мурун
The Pontiac 400 CI engine was left over from 1978. The other 79s had 403CI and were Oldsmobile engines.
raymond adams
raymond adams 3 күн мурун
it's a pretty car, it just looks right
Docinaplane 3 күн мурун
I had a '68 Firebird 400 convertible as my first car. 330 HP, fast and nimble. Saved my life one day as I was going 70 on an expressway at night into a lights out underpass in the right hand lane, when suddenly I saw an 18 wheeler laying on its side obstructing all the lanes except the far left. That sweet machine was able to to a hard left into that open lane. I immediately got off the highway to call the police, but heard the sirens coming that way.
Martin Knoerr
Martin Knoerr 4 күн мурун
Jay. The car is beautiful yet I can't understand for the price it didn't have power windows.
Larry Vaughn
Larry Vaughn 4 күн мурун
I had a black 79 T/A with t-tops, but it was an automatic. I did really enjoy driving it though. A/C didn't work and it would get up to 160 degrees in the Florida sun when parked.
Steve's happy little trees
Steve's happy little trees 4 күн мурун
I was 12 in 1979, and my Uncle Ronald bought one brand new.
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
I am impressed how the TA stops on a dime
Tony Arc
Tony Arc 4 күн мурун
Jay is losing weight! Good! I want him to stay around for a very long time.
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
glass packs am I right Jay?
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
my mom had a way rest in peace till I get there I tell my mom that passed but she had a way to make the tires smoke she found a way to do it
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
when my mom drove my sisters car she did doughnuts in the parking lots around here
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
my sisters cat Ralphie a tabby cat sat on my sisters lap when she drove her car
Heather Hopfinger
Heather Hopfinger 4 күн мурун
my sister had a fire bird Cardinal edition man I remember riding on my moms lap or my second oldest sisters lap riding through St. Louis Red inside and out comfy the Hearst t tops beautiful cars in the summer it was so hot you had to take the t tops off but great car
Bradley Wegman
Bradley Wegman 4 күн мурун
Bought a new 75 Firebird Formula with 350v8. Speedometer only goes to 100. Still have it. I don’t know what the top speed is
Michael Beers
Michael Beers 4 күн мурун
Great review Jay! I really believe that the Pontiac 400 motor was underrated on the HP to get people cheaper insurance rates...and if you dump that catalytic covertly and put a true dual exhaust you will even get a little more pep out it for sure. And you gotta have the screaming chicken on the hood that’s what makes it so cool! Besides the 4 speed hahah
Tobias Ojeda
Tobias Ojeda 5 күн мурун
I had a 1999 with that same bird cause my brother in law had a 79 and he bought the decal and gave it to me. So I place it to my car it looked awesome. My favorite trans am is the 10th anniversary
Lovejazz01 5 күн мурун
I wish they could bring Pontiac back just to bring the Firebird and Trans Am back (Camaro platform of course)!
Steven Williams
Steven Williams 5 күн мурун
The Pontiac 400 was only available in 1979 with the manual transmission. They were limited as to the number avaialbe as they were 1978 engines. Most 79's with that engine combo were ordered with the WS6. If you had a 1979 Trans Am with an automatic it was with the 403 olds engine.
chris butler
chris butler 5 күн мурун
Damn I had one of those 40 years ago, 454 , 4 barrel carburetor, bought for $1000 , sold it 3 weeks later for $2000 , wish I still had it.Mine was white on white, very nice.
Guy L.
Guy L. 5 күн мурун
Breaker Breaker, Smokie you got a bear on your tail!
The Conservative Millennial Podcast&Vlog
The Conservative Millennial Podcast&Vlog 5 күн мурун
That cop was waiting for him to step on it at 13:51😅😂
Dave Fox
Dave Fox 5 күн мурун
The motor doesn’t sound stock. I’m hearing a ratty cam.
Fatt mouth
Fatt mouth 5 күн мурун
This comment section is fun.
Fatt mouth
Fatt mouth 5 күн мурун
Damn Jimmy Carter.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 6 күн мурун
It's a phoenix. I love it
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 6 күн мурун
If only I could have that car
JT 6 күн мурун
To tell you how popular the early Trans AM were, my cousin is and has been a Corvette person all his life, in 1978 he traded his 76 vet for a black 78 Trans AM, with the gold screaming chicken on the hood and manual transmission. I think he had it less than a year and traded back for a 1978 vet. The one thing I remember about the Trans AM was the roar out the tailpipes, it had a great sound.
Robert Poudrette
Robert Poudrette 6 күн мурун
Firebirds started getting small block chevies since 1982, all the V8 Firebirds were either a 305, 350 LT-1 or LS-1
blh7068 71F-bird
blh7068 71F-bird 5 күн мурун
Earlier than that. GM got into trouble when corporate sharing started by not disclaiming that engines “were produced by various GM divisions”.
GTOberfest 6 күн мурун
FYI...Trans Ams most powerful factory engine of all time was the Ram Air IV in the early 70s. Underrated to ridiculous proportions.
LONNIE N. CLIFTON 111 6 күн мурун
Sean Byron
Sean Byron 6 күн мурун
jay the bird was a f u
Mike Maricle
Mike Maricle 6 күн мурун
I had a 79TA with a 403 Big Block. Not real quick in th 1/4 mile, but give me a mile to wind it out, and was approaching warp speed.
shatchett0 6 күн мурун
This was about the uncoolest car to have back then. When guys we're running around in modified mustangs and novas? This car was for losers.
shatchett0 6 күн мурун
Fast? No, come on.
The MBOD 7 күн мурун
Performance on those was so sluggish and reliability was even worse.
Kevin Bryant
Kevin Bryant 7 күн мурун
Thank you again for another great video! Love it!
CORVAIRWILD 7 күн мурун
No AC no power windows... oyyyyyyy
snipxrPluto X2
snipxrPluto X2 7 күн мурун
me and my step dad are rebuilding one of this baby's
Han Fastolfe
Han Fastolfe 7 күн мурун
I had a blue 79 TA and still hate the day I sold that car. It's like an old girlfriend you never get over.
Rick Park
Rick Park 7 күн мурун
Hi Jay, Sweet memories! In the early 80's these disco duck cars were very popular to see, ...fading fast in the rearview mirror of my 69 Roadrunner. Meep meep!
T M 8 күн мурун
That was my 1st car, 79' TA 4 speed manual. Of course it was used and abused, broke down every other week, but I loved it.
YakLord 8 күн мурун
Thing of beauty!
Steven Howe
Steven Howe 8 күн мурун
Surprised there wasn't more comments from the ladies. This was one car, you didn't want to pull over for anything. My girlfriend at the time had to go 10-100 worse than Sally Field. She was screaming 😱 that she had to go 10-1000!!!!
efhn 8 күн мурун
CB radio, but no CB radio antenna..
Mr. Will
Mr. Will 8 күн мурун
Jay, please buy the rights to Pontiac and bring the Trans Am back!!!!
TriPyramid Pictures
TriPyramid Pictures 8 күн мурун
Jay, There is one in Florida with 24,000. There is a guy who does videos on cars, and his name is Bill. I really enjoy his videos, and they are funny. The KGglobal is called “Curious Cars”.
Mike Skidmore
Mike Skidmore 8 күн мурун
W-6 Suspension had a little larger sway bars than the Camaro .. 4 wheel disc brakes and 1" wider wheels 8" insterad of the 7" wheels on the Z-28 My '79 Z-28 cost $7,190.00 the Aluminum wheels were $273.00 extra ... Trans Am had a nicer dash and Interior too .. T-Tops were $650 extra .
John M
John M 9 күн мурун
Jay, it's actually a 5000 rpm redline :)
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor 9 күн мурун
Don't forget the Rockford Files Garner always had his gold edition that he did his 180s in.
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres 9 күн мурун
Proud owner of One 😎👍🏼
ril850 9 күн мурун
I really like listening to Jay talk about cars and especially when they're in there original state. Jay is someone I can just talk to about cars all day. What's cool is he not a Ford, Chevy or Mopar kinda of guys. He loves all cars of all makes and models. Thanks for sharing this car Jay
Bandit X114
Bandit X114 9 күн мурун
I wasn't born in the 70s but Smokey and the bandit was my favorite growing up in the late 80s. I would wait for Smokey and the bandit to be shown on tv
Scott Will
Scott Will 9 күн мурун
This car is like a woman running naked down the road full bush
Kryptos4u 10 күн мурун
I used to pick up heaps of chicks in one of these, I used to say I was trans-sexual.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown 10 күн мурун
Nicest car on the road to get roasted by a honda civic....
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 10 күн мурун
Get it
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 10 күн мурун
As soon as I find a good one it’s getting a full cage
Will Sankey
Will Sankey 10 күн мурун
Who else noticed the cop behind him
Seymour Rivers
Seymour Rivers 10 күн мурун
You didn't make one comparison to the McLaren ;) Back in the day I had a 1982 Trans Am and my friend had a 1979 like yours and his was much more powerful and faster. It would just keep giving when you stepped on the gas. I'm surprised that it only had 220hp. I'm sure the one I drove was stock.
Jame's Stuff
Jame's Stuff 10 күн мурун
I love these things. Reminds me of my childhood and my cousin's. He had a yellow with Keystone Classics and white vinyl interior.
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov 10 күн мурун
Jay is that old guy whom is cool to listen... so many stories
Henry Cruz
Henry Cruz 11 күн мурун
That was a resonator NOT a catalytic converter, dummy
Jim Catanzaro
Jim Catanzaro 11 күн мурун
To bad a civic today is faster lol
Nicholas Devine
Nicholas Devine 11 күн мурун
May the car gods bless the man that owned this and kept it safe all these years. Not a bit of oil anywhere. Clean as a whistle... dry as a drum.
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson 11 күн мурун
I bought my 79 nocturne blue t/a new in July 79. I “wrapped” the Speedo back to zero=140 mph. Olds 403, 2.41 freeway gears. 1/4 mile at ocir just a tic under 14 seconds. Would do 60 mph in first gear t/h 350. Drove for 14 years, no tickets and unfortunately no girls. Oh well.
Jason Maddy
Jason Maddy 11 күн мурун
Gotta have the screaming chicken.
crazy horse
crazy horse 11 күн мурун
But all they need to get 400 hp is a set of heads..
Pete shea
Pete shea 11 күн мурун
Wow, he's clueless about Pontiac engine history! The very car he's taking about has a Pontiac 400 (T/A 6.6 ) in it! Pontiac had a long history of building high performance engines, including the 389, 400, 421, 428 and 455 (all unique Pontiac engines)! Also, the '68 engines (including his 6 cylinder Sprint) were rated under the old Gross system, while this Trans Am (like all 1972 and later American cars) is rated under the "as installed" (SAE Net) standards. In reality, this '79 T/A 6.6 was substantially more powerful than his '68 6 cylinder Firebird Sprint. How can be now know this?!!
Andreas Reif
Andreas Reif 11 күн мурун
Hy Jay- The law was from 1980, 1981 and 1982. Then it changed back. So, the 1979 was OK for 100.
Aaron Payne
Aaron Payne 11 күн мурун
American classic!!!!
P47 Thunderbolt
P47 Thunderbolt 11 күн мурун
I remember a doctor's son went to school. He had of these and a Harley . While in high school he got killed on the Harley. He wasn't as I remember stuck up or gave vibes of thinking he was better than others . His family had money , I wouldn't turn those things down if my parents had the resources to offer it . I often thought about his parents and wondered if they blamed themselves.
P47 Thunderbolt
P47 Thunderbolt 9 күн мурун
@Ralph L they say emergency room attendants say when there's been a motorcycle accident somewhere . " we have an organ donor on the way . My father called them two wheeled coffins .
Ralph L
Ralph L 9 күн мурун
My grandmother said she'd disinherit us if we got a motorcycle. Her older brother had one c.1914 that terrified their widowed mother. He died at 24 from another form of recklessness.
Bultaco Boy
Bultaco Boy 11 күн мурун
Stick a flux capacitor in it and hit 88mph, instead of travelling back in time like the delorean it brings the past to the present 👍
Bultaco Boy
Bultaco Boy 11 күн мурун
Jay you gotta realise most people still will never do 100 mph ever in their lives lol
ordinary average guy
ordinary average guy 11 күн мурун
optional coke mirror .
sokodad 11 күн мурун
This became my dream car after Smokey and the Bandit. Never owned one and never had the money to get one.
Art Lover
Art Lover 12 күн мурун
"Overshadowed by Camaro"? Isn't a Camaro the same car just sold on a different line? So confusing.
Brad 12 күн мурун
Jay says no Firebird ever had close to 400HP? Our 1967 convertible Firebird was 370 HP from the factory. I think the SD 455 Firebirds had even more? Also the Ram Air IV Firebirds were pretty potent. The DKM's also.
Simon99 12 күн мурун
Nobody cares
Go Grape
Go Grape 12 күн мурун
Patrick Merkel
Patrick Merkel 12 күн мурун
Looks like a lot of fun
1967davethewave 13 күн мурун
Someone did a great job on that paint job. I had a '79 10th Anniversary T/A 440/4 speed in high school ('86) and it was a pretty fast car. I also had a '69 GTO, it was faster. C'mon Jay, the '69/'70 Trans Am had the Ram Air IV 400 engine available with 370 hp. And while the Camaro had the 402 optional in '71 and '72 the Trans Am had the 455 H.O. as the only engine option. And let's not forget when the Camaro only had a 350 as the top option the Trans Am had 455's available including the '73/'74 Super Duty 455. And up until '77 Trans Ams all had Pontiac engines. Then the Olds 403 became a California/high altitude option and finally in '79 it became the most popular engine option.
Bob Stacy
Bob Stacy 13 күн мурун
Dolorean I don't care if got in trouble if I had a company you can build me another any day
Paul M
Paul M 13 күн мурун
I had this same car when I was young. It was fun, but in reality it was a piece of crap and I have never missed it.
J R 13 күн мурун
I don't know about everyone else, but I love Jay's show and his taste in cars, and like Jay, I like many foreign and exotic cars just as much as American cars. BUT! I did not like Jay's mockery of the Trans Am Phenix(Not Screaming Chicken). It was A little Snobby and actually kind of pissed me off. That bird on that car is just as iconic as the wing on the Plymouth Super bird, the split window on A 63 Corvette, or the torch on the Statue of Liberty. Now to be fare, I know that was just his personal preference, So I will just say that I think that these Trans Ams would look bare Without the Phenix.
s snerd
s snerd 13 күн мурун
Jay, there were PLENTY of high power Pontiac's and there was a 455 SD and all the stage 3 and stage 4 ram air cars were HOT. One of the most sought after Pontiac cars ever was the 1971-1974 455 SD cars Maybe you should look into them.....
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