1966 Oldsmobile 442 - Jay Leno's Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

23 күн мурун

The original owner’s documentation of this gently restored Oldsmobile is the crown jewel of this legendary muscle car.
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1966 Oldsmobile 442 - Jay Leno's Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Bill Molash
Bill Molash 3 саат мурун
Very nice. Thanks Jay.
CB 8 саат мурун
J Lane
J Lane 9 саат мурун
Jay the Buick 401 and the Olds 400 were different engines both good though😎👍🏻
PauldingCDJR Vehicle Walk-Around
PauldingCDJR Vehicle Walk-Around 10 саат мурун
“ I think that’s original, but I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure it is” 5:46 Which one is it ?
Quincee 33
Quincee 33 23 саат мурун
Nice!! I like the looks of the 68 a little more but love the 442. Great cars.
Susan Bolos
Susan Bolos Күн мурун
Thanks for the review. I had a '67 442, purchased new. At 106 miles, the crankshaft stopped getting oil and the engine kind of "welded" itself and the car stopped. After the dealer or factory "repaired" the motor, it never worked properly. The fellow I sold it to told me that he tweaked the carburetor (s) and then the car really performed. It was my first new car and it cost something like $3,500.
Seven Five
Seven Five Күн мурун
My parents had one of those, I was in the first grade at the time. It and a 57 Chevy was Dad's two favorite cars that he had owned. He would at times still talk about them even when he was in his eighties. My dad traded the Oldsmobile for a 72 Ford LTD when my brother had gotten old enough to drive: My brother liked to drive fast and my dad knew that my brother would be hot-rodding when got his license and was able to drive the car alone. The down side was that my mom loved the Oldsmobile and hated the Ford LTD. But, perhaps my brother is still around because of that trade.
garry jeffries
garry jeffries Күн мурун
I had a 67 olds 442 with two 4 barrel holly's double pumpers. I know about getting pulled over by the cops i ended up changing the 442 emblems to olds 88 emblems and repainting the car to a new color every 6 months so the local cops did not remember it. I was given the car with a blown engine that i completely rebuilt and put the manifold on it for the two 4 barrels. The only thing i did not lie about it was as the speedometer went up the gas gauge went down almost as fast. it did not look that good but made a good sleeper for drag racing.
Larry Green
Larry Green Күн мурун
Great example. Strong 442. My favorite. Oldsmobile was a great marque. Tragic that it's gone.
JIM MEYER Күн мурун
Frank Buscio
Frank Buscio Күн мурун
JIM MEYER Күн мурун
Andy Harman
Andy Harman Күн мурун
It would be very cool if someone would build a 442 cubic inch Olds engine, then put it in a 442. Oldsmobile 442-2X!
Michael Zepp
Michael Zepp 2 күн мурун
Thank you for what you do Jay, can I call you Jay, because I feel like I know you. I love everything about your show, I can't wait for the next car to be shown . You have educated me on numerous automobiles and motorcycle, and it's done in such a way , that I never get bored . Keep up the good work Sir, it's much appreciated!!
Opinionator52 2 күн мурун
That was my favorite 442 "delta body" I worked on one somewhat regularly... Always fun to test drive Irregardless of what i repaired... LOL ;o) . O,,,
Opinionator52 2 күн мурун
I think in1966 Olds was still making their own engines as were the other GMs for another year or two... Those were the days for fast cars right from the factory... (anyway).... :o) . O,,,
Gary Dreyer
Gary Dreyer 2 күн мурун
I believe that the 400 was the correct motor.
eric martin
eric martin 2 күн мурун
My mom had a silver and white top with the automatic on the floor and the light blue naggahide and pine scent air freshener hanging off the mirror.
Jay McD
Jay McD 2 күн мурун
Reminds me a lot of the Impala from the Tv show Supernatural
OLDS98 2 күн мурун
Thank you for sharing this Oldsmobile Jay. I liked the information you shared about the car. I enjoyed watching the footage. It was a luxury sports car.
Too Many Hobbies
Too Many Hobbies 2 күн мурун
I like it! Thanks for making a video.
David Hutson
David Hutson 2 күн мурун
Really cool, I had never seen a 442 of that body style. Question for you - on all these older cars, do you do anything in particular to run them on modern gas, which oftentimes contains a% of alcohol (methanol or ethanol or whatever)? I’ve heard it eats at the rubber and gaskets in these older cars, but, was curious how you cope with that, or if it’s something just to not worry about.
David Vinzani
David Vinzani 2 күн мурун
Great video Jay.
David Vinzani
David Vinzani 2 күн мурун
I have a 67 442 Spanish red with the 400 engine. It would be great to get a tri power in it.
Nick Weiss
Nick Weiss 2 күн мурун
Ok, that’s it, right there. That’s the coolest car I’ve ever seen.
Peter Sanford
Peter Sanford 3 күн мурун
The engine in that car was an Olds 400 cid which was the maximum size engine the GM Corporate wood permit in the midsized cars. In 1970 GM pulled out all the stops and allowed 455 Cid. The '67 442 (Cutlass) had the same body style and in '68 a whole new body style for the A bodied cars. I don't know what the '66 buick GS had but the '67 Buick GS had new engines. The Base GS was a GS 340 and the other was A GS 400 IN '70 there was the GS 350 , GS 455 , GS 455 Stage I , GSX 455.
Gary Cook
Gary Cook 3 күн мурун
Just found this. Love it! My dad was a hugh Oldsmobile fan. TY
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 3 күн мурун
Pure mechanics, Gotta love that era....
stevenissanz 4 күн мурун
Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed white woman, was killed by a black cop.
Memo Alonso
Memo Alonso 4 күн мурун
Oh yes a 4-Speed gear box what a joy it is Jay, thanks for sharing this great Americana wonder of engineering. I had to buy a C7 Vette with a 7-Speed to keep the dream alive! I don't race I just enjoy driving and feeling that interaction of shifting and the engine RPM concert. Please do more!
Sloppy Jose
Sloppy Jose 4 күн мурун
Thank you Jay :) Beautiful 442 !
Kathleen & Jim Kendler
Kathleen & Jim Kendler 4 күн мурун
I like this format. Keep them coming. Thank-you.
Seth Rylands
Seth Rylands 4 күн мурун
442 thanks
patrick dean
patrick dean 4 күн мурун
they called them the gentleman's muscle car.
Christopher Sciortino
Christopher Sciortino 4 күн мурун
Love the video jay!!
Mr Danny Lane
Mr Danny Lane 4 күн мурун
So technically it’s a 3-242?
RONDO BONDO 4 күн мурун
We love you Jay ... And you know something..... You actually really know your cars ....
James Fraley
James Fraley 5 күн мурун
The 396 was a big block engine that put out around 375 hp officially but could produce well over 400. Huge heads that looked a bit like a 454.
Steve 5 күн мурун
Jay these pandemic versions of your videos are the best because you seem to give a more one on one and complete demonstrative evaluation of each particular vehicle. Great job Jay.
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon 5 күн мурун
I love to hear you talk about cars like they are in old friend or better yet a lover. Great piece!
Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen 5 күн мурун
Thank you Jay !! Love the 66 line up .. Just a great era for muscle cars 💪💪
David olds72
David olds72 5 күн мурун
I'm a olds guy to..mine is a 1972 cutlass convertible.. they are all very cool cars...thanks 😊.
Luzzi 2015
Luzzi 2015 5 күн мурун
What a beauty! 😍
Jimmy Kraktov
Jimmy Kraktov 7 күн мурун
I think 1963 was the year dual-masters were made law.
Shutbyotch 7 күн мурун
An Oldsmobile is like a Lincoln in the way that you always want to get them in black. That thing looks gorgeous and mean at the same time. Great stuff!
MrElapid 7 күн мурун
This pandemic format is just great... Jay is so kmowledgable about cars. Thank you!
William Wyer
William Wyer 7 күн мурун
Love this one 396 ho was 350hp rated from factory
BuzzLOLOL Күн мурун
396s rated 250 - 425 HP... trucks - cars - Corvette...
delosdmi 7 күн мурун
It looks like Senator Ted Kennedy's car ,The one that drove off into the lake.
specs 7 күн мурун
1966 F85, my first car all in blue, Rocket V8.
Joshua Felty
Joshua Felty 8 күн мурун
Back in 1996 when I was 17 my first car was a 1984 Cutlass two-door coupe with a 307 V8 I believe it was a two barrel carburetor automatic on the floor rear drive. It had bucket seats the full instrument cluster and all power except for the passenger side mirror and the seats. It had a tape cassette stereo with an equalizer. I didn't realize what I had at the time unfortunately I lost control of the car and weather and destroyed it. I also thought that I'd get another car like that in the future but I was surprised to find out that that package was kind of hard to find I remember my Cutlass had this notch on the steering column that was generically there for a shifter and when I would put it in the drive on the floor part of the steering column moved I thought that was kind of cool. I had a friend that had a newer version of that car but it was a 442 and 80s version, he was so proud of that car. I wonder if he still has it that he had two exhaust on everything. I believe he dragged it in Maple Grove in Pennsylvania. the reason that I wanted an Oldsmobile was because my grandparents had a 69 Cutlass that was actually my great-grandfather's but when he passed away he wielded to his daughter which was my grandmother. The muffler fell off and a relative of mine put a thrush muffler on this car it was gold inside and out the engine was gold. But it sounded like a monster. My friends used to laugh seeing these old folks getting this car and it sound like a muscle car pulling away. Well as a young teenager I appreciate it Camaros Corvettes and mustangs and later did fall into a Pontiac trans Am I was kind of like those offbeat people were at the time it wasn't cool to like Pontiac or Oldsmobile or even Buick but I loved all those cars I love Mercury cougars and Lamborghinis just I love all kinds of cars still do. I guess that's obvious cuz that's why I watched Jay Leno on benches like he's some kind of alcoholic beverage. She doesn't just show one car he shows all the cars you can possibly show. If you ever see this video comment Mr Leno which you probably won't I appreciate what you're doing especially during the pandemic keeps in what you're doing and God bless and stay healthy. And the same goes for everyone that's here. ❤️👍
Glen Schreiber
Glen Schreiber 8 күн мурун
The 401 is a Buick engine and Olds had the Rocket 400 I had a 66 Buick Electra it had the 401 as well
Paul Arens
Paul Arens 8 күн мурун
Great video as always. Sure is a striking car that was built for the road. Have you ever done a pontiac grand prix? I had a 76gp. Another luxury sport coupe I called it. Keep up the good work.
Timothy Cote
Timothy Cote 8 күн мурун
JAY you are the BEST....about your 65 Buick GS yuo said you had with a 401....from the beginning each GM company had there own engines all the way up untill the late 70s.... buick engines had the distributor on the front of the engine similar to Chrysler and olds had the rear distributor and another tell tale you are looking at an olds is the tall oil fill that goes into the timing cover..... after the oil embargo gm decided to make "corporate" engines and the chevy small block became the universal v8.... the buick v6 lived on in all the product lines and the iron duke 4 cyl.... KEEP IT UP JAY.....LOTS OF LOVE FROM MASSACHUSETTS
Timothy Cote
Timothy Cote 8 күн мурун
the last 442 olds made was a front wheel drive quad 4 engine haha
robert cooper
robert cooper 8 күн мурун
Cool ! Still waiting for a show on the Devin cars Jay.
Jake Vale
Jake Vale 8 күн мурун
I expected it too be much louder...
Paul Paul
Paul Paul 8 күн мурун
Tim Alan’s garage floor Jay. is a lot better than yours
nick parlavecchio
nick parlavecchio 8 күн мурун
One of the only guys that does Oldsmobile stuff coming from a 28 y.o.
M S 8 күн мурун
My dad restored a 1969 442 in late 80's. Drove it a good bit my senior year and into college. What a dream, loved that Olds.
Bob Varrica
Bob Varrica 8 күн мурун
My brother in law has a 66, 442, convertible, in unrestored condition. Unfortunately the chassis is rusting through and will no longer be able to get it inspected. No money to restore it. sad, he enjoyed driving that car every summer.
STICKY FINGAZ 9 күн мурун
I am looking that very car but in kinda ruff shape preferably funked no broke in the struts and carrying spring so I can low ride it....
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 9 күн мурун
This could be the one and only car where I might know more than Jay Leno does, lol Yes, it was a 400 big block, but slightly shorter deck height than the 425 of the same year and the 455 that came after. Yes, the three color emblems are factory correct. Yes, the dual brake booster is correct. The car is absolutely gorgeous through and through. A nice drive down memory lane, for sure!
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 7 күн мурун
@Basil Carroll I OWNED THE CARS, which had original equipment. The pushrod lengths were different, too. The block is similar; the deck heights aren't.
Basil Carroll
Basil Carroll 7 күн мурун
@ttystikk rocks My best advice to you is go to edelbrock.com and look up intake manifolds for Oldsmobile, there they will show you what fits Olds from 1964 up. Good day.
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 7 күн мурун
@Basil Carroll no, I'm not. I owned both a 400 powered '65 Cutlass and a 425 powered '66 Starfire and the intake manifolds did not swap.
Basil Carroll
Basil Carroll 7 күн мурун
@ttystikk rocks You are mistaken, you may have had a 330 in your 1965. Cutlass.
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 7 күн мурун
@Basil Carroll having owned a 400 powered '65 Cutlass and a 425 powered '66 Starfire, I can confirm that the blocks are the same but the deck heights are different because the intake manifolds won't swap.
Michael Atkin
Michael Atkin 9 күн мурун
Sad that Jay caved to the woke SJWS
lester smith
lester smith 9 күн мурун
jay your a douch period
Georgio B
Georgio B 9 күн мурун
Jay had a Buddie that got said he got a special secret at the time order number that gave him the tri power set up on his 65 442 very limited almost experimental. Lost track of him and his car. I had a 65 GTO tri power at that time . Sadly long gone.
kettleions 9 күн мурун
Ta! 😊
sharp car
Bradley Rubash
Bradley Rubash 9 күн мурун
Fantastic video Jay.
99 SuperCharged Coyote Swap
99 SuperCharged Coyote Swap 9 күн мурун
Thanks Jay
Regular Guy
Regular Guy 9 күн мурун
Jay Leno, Living the Dream for All of Us!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Harmon
Thomas Harmon 10 күн мурун
Thanks Jay
Larry Jenkins
Larry Jenkins 10 күн мурун
Jay do one episode with your p1 This was a good🤞
Terry Forbes
Terry Forbes 10 күн мурун
Great format Jay... Great job brother.. Terry&ThePirates South Florida
Mike Echo November
Mike Echo November 10 күн мурун
It all had to do with the rear end gearing. In a Pontiac GTO 400 or just a Le Mans 350 with a 2 barrel you always had that sensation of being shot out of a cannon. But a 442 was geared more for highway cruising and were pretty much "meh". I owned a 73 442 with a 455 and the most impressive thing was the swivel bucket seats.
matt schenden
matt schenden 10 күн мурун
all good
Steve Lawson
Steve Lawson 10 күн мурун
I graduated from HS in 68. The 442 was definitely the high end mid size muscle car for the preppy rich kids, frat boys, and college football players. After 67 the styling was ruined. This 66 is top shelf. Beautiful car.
donovanf1 10 күн мурун
Another great video Jay, I just love the format that you use to describe a car. I am going to trawl through the internet to find as many of your videos as I can.
Ed C
Ed C 10 күн мурун
In the time, I had a 1964 Olds 98 L/S with the Starfire 394 cu in 4 bbl (345 HP - with 0-60 in 9.1 sec), then a 1968 Olds 98 L/S with a 455 cu in 4 bbl Rocket (365 HP - with a fast 0-60 in 7.3 sec), and then my last Olds was an emissions choked 1972 Olds 98 L/S also with the 455 cu in 4 bbl but it only had 225 HP (with 0-60 in 10.1 sec). They were tanks and amazing land yachts of their time (the '72 Olds 98 was 227.8 in long). Each one was super cool, sturdy, but not cheap.
Keith McKinnon
Keith McKinnon 10 күн мурун
I never owned a fast Olds but an associate from back in the 70s had a 1966 Olds Starfire 425 cu.in. buckets console auto. and it was mean for the size.
Cactus Tweeter
Cactus Tweeter 11 күн мурун
I grew up around these cars. But I never knew what 442 stood for. Learn something new every day.
Dante Damiani
Dante Damiani 11 күн мурун
Thanks for doung the show everyweek, I tune in a day early sometimes, cant wait to see what car is next for a dhow... so thanks for doing it
Fred J. Stephens
Fred J. Stephens 11 күн мурун
Makes me miss my 64 GTO; 4 bbl, 4 sp, 325hp.
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank 11 күн мурун
Great video,keep it up!
Steveraxx 11 күн мурун
Hilarious to hear this guy expound on aesthetics with the vocabulary of a fourth-grader.
M. Newman
M. Newman 11 күн мурун
My first car was a '67 442. It had the first factory supplied electronic capacitorless discharge ignition system on it. Worked great, but, the Oldsmobile factory car springs were constantly bottoming out. It was a great car to drive, and take on long trips, very comfortable. Eventually sold it to get a 1971 OTAS limited production sports car based on a Fiat 850, which was a blast to drive. Those were the days, cruising on Van Nuys Blvd in the San Fernando Valley. One rarely sees Olds 442's anymore.......
Morgan in WC
Morgan in WC 11 күн мурун
I just saw one of these in Oakland Ca last week some kid got it from his Aunt, and yes the 442 colors were the same as this one. My 2 cents leave off the tachometer, myself I never liked the look as they looked so added on, really hurt the look.
David Efland
David Efland 11 күн мурун
A friend of mine in NC has a 66/442. He also has a 70/442. Brings them to the local car shows. That 6 pack Is rare. I also like the GTO 389 with 6 pack. GTO 400 Ram Air IV even better. It was fast.
Michael Ciha
Michael Ciha 12 күн мурун
Love the 442!
shcbac9914 12 күн мурун
Thanks Jay. Always enjoy your vids. Great car, too bad it has to go back!
Ripstitch Upholstery
Ripstitch Upholstery 12 күн мурун
Hi Jay. The transmission appears to be a Borg Warner T-10, if aluminum case then it's a super T-10, great show as always, thanks.
YJ Wrangler
YJ Wrangler 12 күн мурун
I prefer the pandemic format. Keep it up when it's over! Thanks, Jay!!
policeofficer94 12 күн мурун
4-4-2 = 4-speed, 4-BBL carb, 2 (Dual exhaust) amazing underrated, under appreciated and now Jay has just exponentially increased the desirability and value of them... THANK ALOT JAY!
Wiz Weird
Wiz Weird 12 күн мурун
But of trivia, anyone? They made many many 442's, but they also built one fouranado. A 442 with a toranado drivetrain, front wheel drive and all. It was found a few years back, verified. And restored. Those cars had400 hp, and a chain between the engine and transmission. You could stomp the gas, and let go of the wheel. Those cars went straight. Very awesome j. I worked in my father's service station in the 60's. When we went out of business, I grabbed a 1972 MOTORS manual which I still have. . Dad had a 59 impala, with a 283with dual quads, solid cam, etc that little engine could turn well over 9000 rpm..
Patrick Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer 13 күн мурун
I always love the 442, I owed a 1977 myself my very first car at 16 in 1986 now that I seem a bit dated lol... , but you look like you really enjoyed that Jay and the commentary was excellent... ride on young man ride on...🇺🇸☘☘☘
Gino R
Gino R 13 күн мурун
28 cents a gallon sounds just about right
Doug Williams
Doug Williams 13 күн мурун
a tank
J Pate
J Pate 13 күн мурун
What a cool car. Who could give this a thumbs down?!? Haters.
Tom M
Tom M 13 күн мурун
Cool! Thanks for sharing!
Ed Orleman
Ed Orleman 13 күн мурун
I had one bought new for $2700. No power steering or ac. Mine had drums all around. Perhaps the front discs were an option but I ordered mine to be built rather than off the lot. At speed the brakes would fade and seriously compromised safety. I was working at an Olds dealership at the time and remember wanting a 1967 because of the discs. Mine was 4 barrel Quadrajet (?) not the triples. The colored 442 badge was stock as I recall, but the hurst badging must have been part of the triples pkg as mine didn't have it. The car did have a Hurst shifter and it was smooth as silk. The motor was specific to Olds and it. was the 330 block which they bored out to 400. 350 hp and 400 ft lbs. It was a go-er for sure. I used to eat 396 Chevelles for lunch.
Michael Guerin
Michael Guerin 13 күн мурун
Great classic car. Thank you. Reading about the 442 for decades was not the same as watching this video.
James Myers
James Myers 13 күн мурун
Cool Dude and a cool car.
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