Jay Leno, Danny Trejo and the 1965 Buick Riviera - Jay Leno’s Garage

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Jay Leno's Garage

5 ай мурун

Jay checks out Danny Trejo’s car collection and goes cruising in his 1965 Buick Riviera. Catch an all new episode of Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC!
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Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the new eight-episode hour-long primetime series, covers all things automotive including classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.
Jay Leno, Danny Trejo and the 1965 Buick Riviera - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage

Futuristic homes saving planet Earth World travels
Futuristic homes saving planet Earth World travels 4 саат мурун
This year Riviera were fast and straight cars the modern last generation Riviera became the last luxury American made full size luxury fast nimble touring coupe BEST ever made few remain 1999 Riviera Jay has none I have 4.
Leon Maliniak
Leon Maliniak Күн мурун
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Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana 9 күн мурун
Oh yes i will soon own this car! Oh yes
Domingo De Anda
Domingo De Anda 10 күн мурун
Eres chingon Danny Trejo
Benjamin Gordon
Benjamin Gordon 14 күн мурун
Wanting that Seville, riv is nice too, neighbor sold his 65, never got to fix it up, smh
Curtis ZZZ
Curtis ZZZ 14 күн мурун
Beautiful cars. On my top ten list.
Taxin 24/7
Taxin 24/7 17 күн мурун
Danny hit some switches and show Jay how our slow and low culture really rolls.
Tim Atkinson
Tim Atkinson 18 күн мурун
Great guy great actor. Loved him in Heat opposite Deniro. If you haven’t watch a tv series Kingpin!!!!
Mr. !nProgress
Mr. !nProgress Ай мурун
you almost forget that danny trejo is 4 years away from 80 years old!! crazy.
Futuristic homes saving planet Earth World travels
Futuristic homes saving planet Earth World travels Ай мурун
Last year Last generation BEST Riviera ever built less than 100 exist in the world Jay Leno has none. GM took the fast and straight Riviera created an economical fast supercharged touring full size coupe (3 adults backseat easily) Tweaked all imperfections out of the earlier models then stopped making this marvelous luxury touring coupe with one of the top ten engines ever built. 3800 series II supercharged to 400 hp is a site to be seen. Problem with only 1,787 built for 1999 few have seen this car and even fewer have driven one. In your lifetime you will come to own the last car you will ever own, I have 4 1999 Rivieras Jay Leno has none? and 1 1998 parts from 98 will not fit a 99.
65 Riviera is the sexiest car ever made. Front, Back and Sides. Every angle, every curve. Interior and Exterior. Power, Luxury, Muscle.
minustaco42 zero
minustaco42 zero Ай мурун
Danny has the best smile. It makes me smile
bobby3704 Ай мурун
what up Trejo .. great job brotha
Can't but notice Leno & his chin sticking out trejo car! Haha
sclogse1 Ай мурун
In the film, Under THe Yum Yum Tree, a sexy fun Jack Lemmon film, there's a great night shot with his Buick Riviera pulling up in the big city. I was such a fan of the car since 1963...seeing that was..you know..the old affirmation. Like a Tom Waits song in a movie you don't expect.
indopleaser Ай мурун
more car talk please!
Kunal Mazumdar
Kunal Mazumdar Ай мурун
Damn, Danny went to the university????? Can't belive it!!! He is the guy who can shut any University at any time. 😂😂😂😂😂
RHEC RC Ай мурун
TRUMP 2020
Next go for a ride on motorcycles :)
Jason Swader
Jason Swader Ай мурун
Danny is one of the coolest dudes around.
Philip Vaticano
Philip Vaticano Ай мурун
Great interview but should have been longer...
Ricardo Juliet
Ricardo Juliet 2 ай мурун
Good stuff, Danny! That Riv is BEAUTIFUL.
Damian Saldana
Damian Saldana 2 ай мурун
My dad met Danny in Morris town NJ
decembrist 2 ай мурун
Badass car for a badass dude. This video should've been longer. BTW, Loooove Trejo's Tacos. Delicious!
dallas strong
dallas strong 2 ай мурун
Boing...... what a car
Thatmaninrio 2 ай мурун
Too short, need to see more detail of that Riviera (and his other cars too)
MindDezign 2 ай мурун
This was the funniest !!
Ranger 231
Ranger 231 2 ай мурун
I've got Jay Leno in the trunk of my car ... heh, heh, heh. I love the Riviera ... I always thought they were just cool.
BurntRAM 2 ай мурун
jay kinda loosens up here with trejo usually hes stiff as a board
matthew hoover
matthew hoover 2 ай мурун
I thought he was going to make a plush interior joke when talking about women. The problematic scale would have exploded.
twoweeled soto
twoweeled soto 2 ай мурун
" We're you more a low rider guy, or a hot rod guy?" Whatch think, Jay? That Rivera is nice. Looks like it's lifted, but hasn't hit any switches yet, but looks like it. I bet they both had a good time.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 2 ай мурун
I'd like to see Danny go down to the garage with Jay and pick a car from that collection that they take for a drive. Throw that in the suggestion box Jay. Love the show!
ianmedium 3 ай мурун
Gangsters and politicians, same thing, never a truer word said!
18m9 02m7
18m9 02m7 3 ай мурун
Michael Fox
Michael Fox 3 ай мурун
Luv danny and what a great smile and laugh he has
Neil Maza
Neil Maza 3 ай мурун
Coolest guy ever used to see him at big jims in the valley...respect. prolly don't remember me...little filipino guy. Coolest human ever
Smith Classic Cars
Smith Classic Cars 3 ай мурун
Love the Buick! My dad had a '65 Riviera. Unfortunately, you can't keep 'em all, but that would be one to get back. kgglobal.info/film/Rm2nm7j7S7vkwKIhWhu0nA
Shutbyotch 3 ай мурун
Bring him back into the shop for a longer video on his cars.
Glenn Abbott
Glenn Abbott 3 ай мурун
Jonny 33
ron5935 3 ай мурун
My friends father had one and liked everything about it except having to own an oil well to drive the buick
Black Vic
Black Vic 3 ай мурун
Now that's what I call a Thug Mug.
richard isner
richard isner 3 ай мурун
Danny Trejo is so cool. His story is great. And his movies are fun to watch. And then having a part on NCIS Los Angeles. Which I thought was a damn good episode
Billy Nunley
Billy Nunley 3 ай мурун
Danny trejo is cool as hell his movies are awesome wanted to see the rest of his cars and does Jay ever wear different shirts in every video he's always wearing the same shirt
Ghetto Tech
Ghetto Tech 3 ай мурун
This is awsome
Music Man
Music Man 3 ай мурун
Love Danny Trejo.
Crow Weller
Crow Weller 3 ай мурун
A 1965 Buick Riviera one of my very favs, and with Jay Leno and Danny Trejo... Winners all around.
Gus Armstrong
Gus Armstrong 3 ай мурун
I was under the impression the video was about a 1965 Riviera. Silly me. I guess there is no place to go where political correctness lessons are not.
jack shitz
jack shitz 3 ай мурун
65 Riviera is one good looking car.
Hotwheel66 3 ай мурун
Been nice to see the engine
Atrocious Nightmare
Atrocious Nightmare 3 ай мурун
"Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else". Beautiful words from a beautiful person. Love you, Trejo! And DAYUM, nice cars!
Summer Lake Photog
Summer Lake Photog 3 ай мурун
As soon as I saw the pic of the Riviera, I clicked on it singing “Low-Ri-Der.”
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas 3 ай мурун
Mid Sixties Rivies' were some of the sharpest cars to come out of the Bill Mitchel design studio.
Victor Banks
Victor Banks 3 ай мурун
I have an 85 Buick Riviera but man one day I will one of the more classic Rivieras
Dan Vizcar
Dan Vizcar 4 ай мурун
I can't believe he's 76yrs old
Thomas Vinsen
Thomas Vinsen 4 ай мурун
3:37 dumb question to ask a Mexican
Collin Spencer
Collin Spencer 4 ай мурун
“That’s gotta be some kinda record or something?” “I don’t know” 😂😂😂
Phil Lombardi
Phil Lombardi 4 ай мурун
Always liked Danny. He seems like a solid dude🤙🏼💪🏼
TheIntJuggler 4 ай мурун
I saw his head on a turtle.
Matt's Kustom Kreations
Matt's Kustom Kreations 4 ай мурун
I did not know anything about Danny, what a cool cat. Here’s a little trivia on the clamshell headlamp covers on The leading edges of the fenders....1) GM was toying with the idea of bringing the LaSalle marque back, and the Riviera was to be the LaSalle. If you look at the headlamp covers, they resemble miniature 30’s era LaSalle radiator grilles....2) Buick wanted to have the full featured opening headlamp covers on the original ‘63 model but they didn’t have the kinks worked out until ‘65. So they just had fixed headlamps in ‘63 and ‘64 grille.
lucas garcia
lucas garcia 4 ай мурун
I've seen Trejo as a scary man, until I heard him laugh. Damn.
Barnaby Jones
Barnaby Jones 4 ай мурун
I had a black 65 Riviera back in the early 90's when I was 17 years old. The body was in good shape, but I did not have the money to fix the old ailing 401 and sold it. Wish I still had it.
Mike Point
Mike Point 4 ай мурун
Great vid even short as it is . Great guy , great movies and great collection of cars . Cheers
Genaro Ramirez
Genaro Ramirez 4 ай мурун
Lol 👍👍
Governor zzRAY
Governor zzRAY 4 ай мурун
mioryder on CGN p
mioryder on CGN p 4 ай мурун
Nice Buick!! Danny is really a cool nice guy!!👌👍
Katrina Cales
Katrina Cales 4 ай мурун
I know he plays th bad guy but i have a feeling hes a realy good guy at heart would love to have him as a friend over to spend the eve with my family for.dinner and conversation i bet he would be a great friend....Godbless ya brother
Katrina Cales
Katrina Cales 4 ай мурун
@Travel For Food i can see that ....hes a good guy
Travel For Food
Travel For Food 4 ай мурун
I remember him saying somewhere that he plays the bad guy to show that nothing good ever happens being the bad guy in an effort to help deter kids from getting in gangs and doing other bad things...in his roles as the bad guy he gets killed, beat up, tortured etc
Boringo PR
Boringo PR 4 ай мурун
Leno: You got 7 restaurants, you've kind of aah become and old softy! 😇☺ Trejo: GRRRRRRR👹😠😤😡 LENO: Stop doing that! 😱😨😧 Gotta love it 😋
Frank Burns
Frank Burns 4 ай мурун
Come on, you're not gonna let Jay freaking Leno drive your car?
Kenny Sherrill
Kenny Sherrill 4 ай мурун
Let's drive the 56 chop top!!!😀
Insectagon 4 ай мурун
I love the "problematic scale"😂 I wonder how his restaurant is doing these days. This must have been recorded pre pandemic
busara 45 theVillain
busara 45 theVillain 4 ай мурун
Jay is a real car guy. I saw him close his eyes to analyze the ride of the vehicle.
busara 45 theVillain
busara 45 theVillain 4 ай мурун
I know his voice anywhere!
Dylan Pohlmann
Dylan Pohlmann 4 ай мурун
Danny and Jay should do a movie together as two old gangster..
atheia kid
atheia kid 4 ай мурун
Oh man I wanted to see all the cars
Drewcifer 4 ай мурун
Damn cheating Octavio !
chomihai 4 ай мурун
great guy Danny
George Noszagh
George Noszagh 4 ай мурун
What happened, Jay did not get to drive the Buick?
Greg Bloomfield
Greg Bloomfield 4 ай мурун
Wowzwers!!! not only a bee-you-tee-full '65 Riv; but the "king of Mean", Danny Trejo (who, BTW is a truly gentle-man..soft spoken and kind to all; but with one "hairy eyeball" look can strike fer into the hearts of the biggest and baddest Mafia enforcer...)... ...this black beauty represented my personal favorite of the 1st Generation Rivieras... one of my elementary school classmates, Mike McCraken, son of the owner/publisher/editor of Cheyenne's two daily newspapers, Bob, had a '65 in Polar White topped with the alligator black vinyl roof...a novel feature of the day... I loved the hide-away vertically stacked lights, unique at the time...which gave this year model a very refined and elegant presence... ...my favorites, though, were the vinyl deletes, which acted to emphasize the sharp angles featured in this Bill Mitchell GM Design studio product...itself inspired by a trip that Mitchell had made to London, where he viewed a custom-bodied Rolls Royce...that inspiration, combined with the talents of GM Stylist extraordinaire, Ned Nickels resulted in the first Riv in 1963... ....the entire design concept, first dubbed the "Cadillac LaSalle" was nixed by that GM Division; whereupon the savvy senior execs at then-flagging Buick saw an opportunity...and with an inspired ad campaign developed by the McCann-Erickson (the REAL Mad Men...) Ad agency helped Buick launch what was to be, not only a reviver of Buick Division's fortunes; but in later years, recognized as a seminal American car...and the legend was born...
Boosteroids 4 ай мурун
I think Danny is the most genuine celebrity, looks from the way he is laughing with jay.
Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray 5 ай мурун
One of the best videos!
SubsoiledDReDD 5 ай мурун
the only car prettier than a 65 Rivi would be a Boat-tail Rivi
Brian Courtney
Brian Courtney 5 ай мурун
Did you not get to drive? Or did you not have the guts to ask?
Mine Allmine
Mine Allmine 5 ай мурун
My last classic was a black 65 Riviera... damn.. I miss it. Got out of old cars in 2000... just to much time involved.. and to many other activities
Flying Angler
Flying Angler 5 ай мурун
Good Egg
Adam from Iowa
Adam from Iowa 5 ай мурун
How is he 76 years old? He's older than Jay!!!
Vanessa Root
Vanessa Root 5 ай мурун
The Riviera is Buicks best car ever.
La Casa De Los Gatos
La Casa De Los Gatos 5 ай мурун
Danny Trejo: he doesn't let Jay drive.
Maximus Augustus
Maximus Augustus 5 ай мурун
Machete don't text!
Doc Huard
Doc Huard 5 ай мурун
Love the show, like Danny T. That stupid CNBC branding so prominent across the bottom completely sucks!
nandan angadi
nandan angadi 5 ай мурун
I had never ever watched Danny's interviews before. I'm so GLAD that he came on Jay Leno's. He is such a sweet person to talk to, God bless him.
Detective Cazanachas
Detective Cazanachas 5 ай мурун
✌️😀👍👍👍👍that's sick 👍👍👍👍👍👍
brotherjesus 5 ай мурун
what a fun guy. Both of them
Gev Bugh
Gev Bugh 5 ай мурун
1:38 Too bad that rare car is modified.
Bob DeCardenas
Bob DeCardenas 5 ай мурун
Love Johnny Trejo his movies are great and it always portrayed such a bad guy
LS6-SS 5 ай мурун
He was awesome in dusk til Dawn
nomadben 5 ай мурун
That problematic meter hahaha
Manfred Seidler
Manfred Seidler 5 ай мурун
Way to go, Mr. Leno, always leave them wanting more. I've seen encyclopedias that don't hold a candle to your wealth of knowledge and experience. You're an American icon.
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson 5 ай мурун
He's like rocky or some. Not to mention he's in most of my favorite movies.
p kerit
p kerit 5 ай мурун
3:06 It bounces like it has hydraulics
p kerit
p kerit 5 ай мурун
Danny Trejo is awesome!
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